How To Achieve Higher Consciousness? Read This!

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What is higher consciousness– and how can you raise yourself to a greater level?

Higher consciousness has numerous names: cumulative consciousness, Christ consciousness, Buddha consciousness, superconsciousness and God-consciousness. Those names summon pictures of divinity and incredibly high states of spiritual advancement or energetic vibration.

Higher consciousness is spiritual or energetic awareness that goes beyond the mind’s typical fixation with the past and the future.

As you raise your consciousness, you awaken to the everlasting, unrestricted nature of your being.

Higher consciousness is ever-increasing awareness of the significance of presence, your spiritual essence, and of the spiritual or energetic nature in all things.

Now, you might question if it’s possible to accomplish higher consciousness, provided the genuinely extraordinary nature of individuals we connect with it. Well, the response is, yes, you can.

However mastering the mind and recognizing our oneness with the unlimited ocean of energy is difficult.


Initially we see, and after that we do believe.

However rising to a higher consciousness can just take place when we believe … and after that, see.

What Are The Three Different Levels Of Consciousness?

If we wish to achieve greater levels of consciousness, we require to comprehend how the various levels of consciousness are classified.

One analysis, according to Sigmund Freud, is that there are 3 various levels of consciousness:

  • Mindful
  • Preconscious
  • Unconscious

The most typical illustration utilized to portray these 3 levels of consciousness is an iceberg.

What we see above the surface area of the water is the mindful mind. And what lies listed below the surface area is the preconscious and unconscious mind.

These are likewise called the Id, Ego, and SuperEgo.

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What is increased consciousness?

Increased consciousness is something that exceeds our normal, mindful mind.

It’s the supreme consciousness, the consciousness of greater self, universe, and God.

It’s something we’re all efficient in attaining, if we can find out to move our consciousness.

What is a shift in consciousness?

A shift in consciousness is the motion from one level of mindful awareness to another.

Think it or not, this phenomenon happens regularly in our every day lives. We move from one state to another, from greater to lower levels of mindful awareness, depending upon our situations.

How We Get Stuck In Low Consciousness?

We do believe we are different from whatever else, alone and susceptible. And we get stuck in low consciousness due to the fact that we are encouraged that we are alone, different, and detached.

However, are we?

Envision an ocean of pure, caring energy. It is limitless and everlasting.

As part of that ocean, where do you start and end?

What are your borders?

Take a look at the image of the bead of water above and see if you can identify it once it gets in the higher body of water.

You can’t.

And when it pertains to the universal energy field, there is no surface area, no limits– therefore we can never ever, ever be different from it. We (each and every person) are the ocean of mindful energy!

At the greater levels of consciousness, we no longer feel different. We feel, understand, and experience oneness with the universal energy field.

We are points of energy, however energy has no limitations, just attributes.

How To Elevate Your Consciousness

Through meditation and other spiritual practices consisting of awareness (mindfulness), advancement of instinct, and the mentors of the ancient spiritual masters, you can raise your consciousness to a greater level.

The charm of spiritual awakening is that you are not “ending up being” anything– you are just awakening to your real nature and awakening your inactive professors.

Spiritual instructors make us mindful that we are running as just partly mindful beings due to our inexperienced minds in addition to a fixation with more base desires (fixation with the physical experience and its discomfort, suffering, wants, and impermanence).

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Many people remain in a state of being asleep even when awake, indicating we are blind to the real nature of presence.

We see what we view to be truth, however what we view is translucented the unconscious lenses of our previous conditioning, which is totally various from that of any other person.

That indicates that for every single individual alive today, there is a various truth, a various fact.

It’s no surprise we battle a lot!

And, on a much deeper level, it indicates that every one person develops his/her own truth and his/her own universe.

Picture if you stopped seeing yourself as different.

How in a different way you would feel?

You would see your face in the face of a complete stranger or an opponent.

You would end up being serene, kind, and caring towards all beings.

This is the start of awakening to your real nature as an unlimited, everlasting point of consciousness.

When you find out self-mastery (proficiency of ideas and feelings) and welcome and embody the ideas of empathy, understanding, forgiveness, appreciation, genuine love, persistence, compassion, truthfulness, and humbleness (to name a few), you will reach a greater level of consciousness.

How To Transcend Your Thoughts For Higher Consciousness

However that is not completion of awakening. At the incredibly high levels of consciousness, you do not master your ideas any longer; you transcend them.

You end up being extremely knowledgeable about the real nature of truth, without the consistent psychological chatter and review of “what is.”

This level of self-discipline is tough however definitely possible to accomplish.

Anybody who is severe about going beyond the mind and raising themselves to that high consciousness, can do so.

Why is it a procedure of actions?

The mind is tough to master and it takes little incremental actions to master and after that transcend it. You need to discover to master ideas; feelings; your body; your mind’s roaming methods; and your tendency to psychologically live in the past and the future.

When you have the ability to see truth as it genuinely is– not through the lenses of your conditioning; and when you have the ability to raise your energetic vibration through the best ideas, words, and actions, then you continue raising yourself to a higher consciousness.

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What Сan You Do To Achieve Higher Consciousness?

You can modify your state of consciousness anytime when you practice meditation or hope, take part in yoga or other spiritual practice, have a “spiritual experience,” or take part in activities that cause a hypnotic trance.

In these states, you can experience a similarly genuine, parallel world (likewise of your own developing).

One method to start your ascension to higher consciousness right this minute is to believe, state and do things that feel excellent and best and prevent things that feel awful and incorrect.

You will start vibrating at a greater rate, the immediate you do that; and you will bring in alike high-vibrating energies.

Even a look of your real nature is engaging enough to wish to handle this spiritual journey. As you do, the lead to your physical experience will be definitely incredible!

If you are inspired on the article above, I will share with you an amazing program that can accompany you as you embark on your spiritual awakening and enlightenment journey.

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