What are Nature Spirits or Elementals & How to Communicate With Them

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Working With The Magic of Nature Spirits

Deep in the forest or even in your own garden exists a world of fairies, elves, and gnomes. This is nothing of a storybook, but rather the world of the Nature Spirits or elementals.

It can be hard to wrap your head around the fact that these Nature Spirits really do exist. In fact, the average person would deny the fact that fairies and goblins exist.

But for those who are open, for those who are curious, it is possible to see these beings as they tend to their work amongst the trees.

Nature Spirits or Elementals are the guardians of Mother Earth. Just like we have guardian angels and spirit guides looking out for us, Mother Earth has elementals who tend to her and help protect her.

These include fairies, gnomes, goblins, mermaids, pixies, elves, and others who are in charge of different elements in nature.

Nature Spirits are believed to exist in a different dimension than the one we live in however, they can travel freely into our dimension as and when they choose to.

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This usually occurs around Spring or Fall when Mother Earth is in a stage of transition.

The famous physician and alchemist, Paracelsus was one of the first people to make the idea of Elementals well known. He stated-

“The Elementals are not properly spirits, because they have flesh, blood, and bones; they live and propagate offspring; they eat, talk, act and sleep. They are beings occupying a space between men and spirits, resembling men and women in their organization and form and resembling spirits in the rapidity of their locomotion.”

Along with protecting the Earth, Nature Spirits bring joy, creation, and laughter into the physical world. They love to celebrate and play and can often be mischievous.

How to See Elementals/Nature Spirits

Have you ever seen a glimmer of a flicker out of the corner of your eye?

Have you ever seen twinkling lights dance across the room? Or felt a giddy calmness when you go outside?

These are all signs of nature spirits or elementals.

Often you will see them moving quickly, either low to the ground or in the air or water.

Of course, elementals love to hang out outside in the forest and in other areas of nature.

To see them, simply sit outside in a quiet place where you can’t be disturbed. Ask them to come forward and then sit and wait patiently, keeping your gaze soft as you observe.

Elementals are usually pretty hesitant to show themselves to humans, so remain patient and calm and know that if they want you to see them, they will appear.

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How to Welcome Elementals/Nature Spirits into your Garden 

There are a few ways you can welcome Nature Spirits into your living environment such as-

  • Building a fairy house or fairy oasis
  • Hanging crystals or prisms in the garden so they can catch the light
  • Planting lots of colorful flowers and plants, especially ferns
  • Openly welcoming Nature Spirits into your garden/space
  • Creating a safe space for Nature Spirits to dwell
  • Performing a nature worship ritual (best done in the Spring or Summer)

Working with Nature Spirits/Elemental Magic

While Nature Spirits are gentle beings their presence should definitely not be taken lightly. They can also be quite mischievous and are not afraid to show you they are upset if you mistreat them.

It is also recommended to avoid asking Nature Spirits for specific guidance or help. Rather, simply invite them into your garden or safe space and then let them know that they can dwell there in peace.

You may also want to be mindful of what Nature Spirits you are inviting in and ensure that you have the proper habitat for them.

For example-

  • Pixies love being in a place where hummingbirds and dragonflies dwell
  • Fairies love being around flowers
  • Gnomes love being in earthy spots, around trees, or near water

Over time, the Nature Spirits will warm up to you and bring a sense of joy, laughter, and play into your home.

They can also make your garden a place of high vibration and inspiration, making it a perfect place to do creative work, manifestation rituals, exercise, or meditation.

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Will you invite Nature Spirits into your life?

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