How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides? 5 Astonishing Ways!


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5 Profound Ways to Connect With Your Spirit Guides

by Jessica Dimas

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Learning to connect with spirit guides has been a very special experience for me. As someone who didn’t know of the existence of guides for most of her life, I now hold no doubt of this energetic presence that is always with me.

From the moment your soul incarnates into this physical reality until the moment you cross back over, you are assisted, supported, and watched over by spirit guides. In this article, we’ll discuss the who’s, what’s, and how’s of connecting with our guides.

Table of Contents

  • What is a spirit guide?
  • Who is my spirit guide?
  • How are spirit guides assigned? 
  • Connecting with spirit guides
    • 1. Inner senses
    • 2. Meditation 
    • 3. Dreams
    • 4. Automatic writing
    • 5. Signs

What is a spirit guide?

What is a spirit guide and where does this information come from? I have found this topic very fascinating so let’s discuss this before we get into how we communicate with them.

Through many different modalities, such as near death and out of body experiences, past life and between life hypnosis sessions, channelings and intuitives, we have literally countless similar recordings of the existences of spirit guides.

One of the most interesting books I’ve read to date on spirit guides came from the work of Dr. Michael Newton who accidentally stumbled into this research as an atheist hypnotherapist. Over the span of 35 years and over 7,000 clients, he was able to weave together a more clear idea of our true nonphysical reality.

I devoured his books within a few weeks and what blew my mind the most was how thousands of people from all over the world say the same things about the “afterlife” while under hypnosis. And one of the things that was a given with his clients across the board was the existence of spirit guides. 

Dr. Michael Newton quote on spirit guides
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They are with us when we come here and they are there immediately when we cross back over. A spirit guide, from my interpretation, is a soul that has been assigned to you, almost like a mentor of sorts. They’re typically with you for many lifetimes and are a soul you fully recognize and remember when you cross back over. 

They assist and support you, here and in the nonphysical. They’re loving, wise, and all of them have very different personalities, just as we do. Some are more serious and hands off, and others are more warm and involved. Either way, their connection with you is no mistake.

Who is my spirit guide?

Your spirit guide is woven into the ideas you have that light you up, the intuitive nudges you receive that usually don’t ever get a second thought, the higher awareness that washes over you in moments of stillness, and the symbolic messages that are delivered in your dreams.

Working in concert with your higher self, your spirit guide is essentially your nonphysical mentor, whether you are consciously aware of them or not while you are incarnated here.

When it comes to knowing more about your spirit guide, all you need to do is ask. Ask for knowledge of your spirit guide and the answer will come to you in many ways. You might get an emotion, thought, or memory. A name might stick out to you or you’ll have a dream that will give you clues.

Your intuition and trust in the images or impressions you receive will lead you to more awareness of your guide’s presence. 

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How are spirit guides assigned? 

Who is my spirit guide quote
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Of course I feel like this isn’t something that is very clear or something we can fully understand while incarnated here in the physical (barring direct communication through hypnosis, dreams, etc), but it does seem that guides are assigned to us based on where we are developmentally and what we’re wanting to learn. 

It’s also known that temporary spirit guides will come into your experience when you’re in a unique situation, such as going through a health challenge or other challenging event in your life. I’ve also read that as we grow through lifetimes, we turn towards different areas of expertise and when this happens, we may then be assigned to new spirit guides who are well-versed in that area. 

Connecting with spirit guides

Connecting with your spirit guide is very personal and also simple. If you can practice trusting your intuitive hunches, you will have no problem being in conscious communication with your spirit guides. 

One of the coolest things I read in Dr. Michael Newton’s book was the way in which spirit guides can receive our requests. Our thoughts have a unique energetic fingerprint that our guides can easily pick up on when we are requesting them. Beyond this, our communications with the nonphysical are much like a radio dial, coming in and out, all without time or space. 

The messages, signs, and amount of information will deepen as you practice
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Just as you are in more than one place right now without realizing it (you’re always anchored in nonphysical, for instance), your guide’s conscious awareness is also in more than one place. All communication you have over a lifetime essentially happens all at once, although here in physical reality, it will appear to happen now and again over decades. 

Here are 5 ways to experience a profound connection with your spirit guide.

1. Inner senses

We live in a thought responsive universe. It’s how we communicate and no thoughts are private. Just as I stated above that it has been recorded that your thoughts have their very own energetic blueprint that your guide picks up, you can communicate simply through thought to your spirit guide.

Ask them their name, ask them for assistance, ask them for an idea or clarity, and then remain open. An intuitive once told me that as you keep practicing and trusting the thoughts and images that come, you will begin to distinguish which are yours and which are coming from the nonphysical.

In the Seth books, he talks a lot about our inner senses. These are receptors we have that aren’t physical in nature, but that are constantly in contact with nonphysical. He said this communication usually occurs unconsciously because we are so focused on this physical reality before us, but that we can consciously begin tuning into the data coming in to us through these senses. 

Communication with spirit guides is subtle
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Seth gave a simple exercise to begin with, and this is an excellent way to tune into your spirit guide. 

“Pretend that you are on a lighted stage, the stage being the room in which you now sit. Close your eyes and pretend that the lights have gone out, the setting has disappeared and you are alone.

Everything is dark. Be quiet. Imagine as vividly as you can the existence of inner senses. For now pretend that they correspond to your physical ones. Clear from your mind all thoughts and worries. Be receptive. Very gently listen, not to physical sounds, but to sounds that come through the inner senses.

Images may begin to appear. Accept them as sights quite as valid as those you see physically. Pretend that there is an inner world, and that it will be revealed to you as you learn to perceive it with these inner senses. 

Pretend that you have been blind to this world all your life, and are now slowly gaining sight within it. Do not judge the whole inner world by the disjointed images that you may at first perceive, or by the sounds that you may at first hear, for you will still be using your inner senses quite imperfectly. 

Do this simple exercise for a few moments before sleep or in the resting state. It may also be done even in the midst of an ordinary task that does not take all of your attention…ten minutes a day to begin with is quite sufficient.”

Use this exercise as a way to begin conscious communication with your spirit guide. While most of us would prefer concrete, direct communication from our spirit guide like we receive in the physical, we must understand that most communication between us and the nonphysical is done through our inner senses and is very subtle.

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Cultivate trust in this form of communication and practice. You will be pleasantly surprised by what you begin to receive back. 

2. Meditation 

Meditation is a powerful way to communicate with and channel your spirit guide. When you are still and vibrationally open, it is much easier to consciously receive blocks of thought from nonphysical. 

During meditation we let go of resistance, raise our frequency, and become more receptive. If you were in spirit, wouldn’t this be an ideal time to communicate with your physically incarnated loved one? You’ve got their attention. 

Tune in and listen for messages from your spirit guide
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As always, it helps to set the intention that you are seeking communication with them. Sit or lie down in a quiet place and begin with taking deep breaths. Focus on your breathing and allow the body to drift off while remaining consciously aware. You’ll get to this state of weightlessness and vibration of love that feels absolutely wonderful. 

Imagine your crown chakra opening in order to receive communication from your guide. As stated previously, remember that blocks of thought and images are the ways your guide will communicate with you. Allow whatever comes to you to flow, without questioning or doubting it. 

It helps to have a notepad nearby in order to write down what came to you after you come out of meditation. 

3. Dreams

If you have an interest in communicating with spirit guides, I highly suggest learning more about your dreams! I have read so much fascinating material on the subject and have come to realize that our dreams are much more than we think they are.

From “regular” dreams, to lucid dreams (realizing you’re in the dream) to astral projection (consciously exploring outside of the body during sleep), your consciousness is doing anything but dozing every night.

Our society doesn’t take dreams very seriously. At most, dreams are believed to be reflections of what we’re feeling or processing, and at their least, they’re simply odd little stories created by the brain at night. 

Yet it’s theorized by many dream experts and hypnotherapists that we are in contact with the nonphysical every night while our bodies sleep. You attend classes, touch base with your spirit guide and fellow soul group members, and take a break from the “actor” that is this incarnated personality you think of as you. 

Spirit guides send messages in very subtle ways
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I encourage you to investigate your dreams further and find out for yourself. Take them more seriously. Ask your guide to communicate with you during your dreams on a particular subject, and to help you to remember the next day. 

Keep a notepad or use your phone recorder in the morning as soon as you wake up in order to remember as much of your dream as possible. Ponder on the messages and symbols received in your dreams. 

4. Automatic writing

This method is a very powerful form of divination that most people aren’t aware of. You simply pose a question or intention and begin writing. 

I have always been a big proponent of journaling in general. It helps to release pent up energy and suppressed emotions. Journaling has always helped me to untangle my mind and hand it back to me with a higher understanding of whatever I’m going through.

Messages from spirit guides come through creative endeavors and moments of inspiration
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To connect with your guide through automatic writing, simply request this of your guide and intend to communicate through your written words. Ask your questions and begin writing without worrying about misspelled words and readability. 

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As with the above exercises, practice trusting what comes to you. This is all psychics are ever doing…they are trusting what they are receiving.

They don’t have anymore concrete, hard evidence than you do. It’s all trust, and since we are all multidimensional spiritual beings, we all have communication going on at all times with our nonphysical support system.

5. Signs

I love asking for signs because I always receive them. They are more informal ways of communicating with your guide–little ways that your guide can let you know they are in contact. 

You can be specific (name the color and the object) or leave it open for surprise. You can ask for numbers, colors, objects, words, etc. If you open yourself up and have fun with this, you will be so delightfully amazed at what shows up. 

Last summer, I had been thinking about my grandfather a lot. Through thought, I told him that I wanted him to give me a sign that it was really him I was feeling. I asked him to show me purple flowers, but I needed to know it was definitely from him and not just some random purple flowers.

The request left my mind and a few hours later, my husband suggested we go walk around a park after lunch with the kids. I picked a park nearby and we went to it. We’d never been here before but found a little trail that looked nice and off we went. 

As we came out of a wooded area, there was a clearing with a pond on one side and some large, old pipes on the other.

I immediately thought, “Pawpaw would know what those are.” My grandfather was a handyman and could always my questions about how things worked and what they were used for. 

Beautiful little dragonflies buzzing around the flowers caught my attention, so I went to get a photo with my phone. I thought the old piping in the background would make a pretty photograph. As I was standing there, I realized that the flowers I was taking photos of were a muted purple. 

Signs from spirit guides
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I had thought of him before I ever saw the flowers. He made sure those purple flowers were undeniably from him. When you ask, it is universal law that you will receive. 

Ask your spirit guide for signs and then enjoy watching them roll in. We are never alone and when we open ourselves up, nothing short of impossible can be revealed to us. 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this article and found something to take away with you.

With love,


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