WAKE UP in the Matrix: The BLUE PILL and the RED PILL.. (You’ll be AMAZED!)

matrix red pill blue pill

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WAKE UP in the Matrix by reading this blog (no going back)

By: Aaron Doughty

matrix red pill blue pill

There’s two choices you can make. On one hand, we have what is called the blue pill. The blue pill is blue, but you know what else? The blue represents autopilot, mind being asleep, blissful ignorance, listening to the media in the news. These are all things that the blue pill taking. The blue pill will put you back. Wouldn’t you it’ll put you back in that state of comfort. You want to be comfortable, even though it’s the autopilot mind.

It just might be comfortable, even though there’s nothing exciting about it, even though you might even be in fear, that fear may be actually comfortable. On the other hand, we have that of Zen red pill. The red pill is uncomfortable. It’s an uncomfortable truth about reality. In the red pill, you go down the rabbit hole. You see how far down that rabbit hole goes in the red pill.

You are waking up to the truth about who you are to the truth about the way reality works, and you are becoming free. The difference between the blue pill and the red pill and whatever choice you make, understand this, whatever choice you make, there’s no going back. I know it sounds very cheesy when I first took the red pill back in 2012. By the way, red pill, blue pill, I’m not talking about politics here. One time I posted on my Instagram, I posted something about the movie, the Matrix, there’s a scene from the Matrix. I talked about the blue pill versus the red pill.

First off, we have that of the blue pill and then the red pill, like I would say now, why is the choice permanent? There’s no going back. I remember this back in 2012, I was at a place many of you know, my story if you’ve been watching my YouTube videos, but at the time I had ADHD, I had a painful past that I felt a lot of emotional burden with. I was working a nine to five job that I absolutely hated, but I was doing it because I thought I should, because my dad wanted me to go to college and do this. I felt very stuck. Then what happened is I learned meditation. When I learned meditation, I learned how to observe my thoughts, observe the autopilot mind. I learned how it put me into a new state of consciousness because here’s the thing that happens when we come into this reality, this is getting a little bit more esoteric for y’all.

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When we come into this reality, we completely forget who we are. We are these eternal spiritual beings that have logged into this reality. It’s almost like the movie, the Matrix. The movie, the Matrix, they have this AI twist to it. They have it where they’re in this like gel poo stuff. Then they come out of it. It looks like really disgusting. Maybe that’s not the way it really is, but that’s like a symbol. It’s like a metaphor. What we do is we come into this reality. One of the rules of this reality, just like the, like the movie, the Matrix is people forget who they are. We forget who we are. Then part of the purpose of life is so that we remember who we are now, what happens is many of us have come here during this time to go through the process of awakening, the process of awakening, I attribute to that, of the red pill.

Because the red pill is where you realize that the truth. I think about the movie, the Matrix, the movie, the Matrix Morpheus, who is coming to him in his dreams. There’s like a deep symbolism here. Then it gives them the option of either taking the blue pill, which is where he wakes up in his bed. He goes about his nine to five life, which is very boring or the red pill, which he goes down the rabbit hole. He learns the truth about who he is. It may be uncomfortable, but he had the two options. Then when he chooses the red pill, he goes down this, this part of reprogramming himself of letting go of everything he thinks he knows so that he can become invincible. He can then overcome his belief system so that he becomes free. Then at the end of the movie, what is he doing?

He’s flying around and stuff. He realized that part of the whole movie is him learning to believe in himself by unbelieving and things that weren’t him. The thing with the blue pill is the blue pill is very comfortable. The blue pill is stuck inside that belief system and the rigid belief system is what keeps people in that mode. Once you’re given the option, some people would happen as they start to go through a spiritual awakening and they then start to go into, they start to take the red pill and they start to have these like perceptions about themselves. They start to maybe even share that with family. You know what sometimes happens. People didn’t get afraid cause their family starts to judge them.

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They get afraid of the unknown and they try to go back into the, like the blue pill mentality. The problem is that there really is no going back. Even if you pretend to go back deep underneath you, you know that deep down, there’s something that’s not authentic about that. Some people will go for years and kind of like shove down what they are learning when they started to take the red pill. If you are reading this blog right now, I’m sorry but you most likely already resonate with some of this ideology of the red pill. You’re realizing that the way reality is set up. Even when we talk about the great awakening and what has happened in this reality, there have been a certain group of people, we call them the elites. They have kept and have a system set up just like in the movie “The Matrix”. A system set up that then keeps people in a certain state of consciousness and that has to do with feared anger. When people aren’t fearing anger, they’re easier to be able to control. They’re much more likely to look to authority for certainty.

What happens is the resources can continue to get funneled to them and part of that is that there’s a lot of stimulation that keeps people distracted and then what happens is people beginning to break out of the autopilot mind believing everything they’re told about the media. Believing everything that they’re told about the way the reality like the way the system works so then they can become free. But, the bitter pill to swallow is that it’s acknowledging that a lot of reality has been set up and a lot of what you believe to be true has been a lie. Even when we look in our society, how much of our own history do we know for sure is true? How much of it could be fabricated so that we have a certain belief system. They’ve shown there was a documentary that came out that was called “Out of the Shadows”. It’s very hard to find in YouTube for some reason even though there’s over like 7 million views on it. It talks about how back in the day, the CIA infiltrated Hollywood so that then it could control the belief system of millions of people that watch these Hollywood films, which then controls the belief system of the people.

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One of the biggest part of this process, is that we talk about blue pill, red bill which has nothing to do with politics. The blue pill people, they want to conserve their reality and their belief system. When we talk about this, understand that you have a choice. You can either choose the blue or red pill. Either one is a choice. As you start to uncover the truth that you are an eternal spiritual being having a temporary human experience that everything you believe to be true is a belief system that most likely was regurgitated to you. That’s when it starts to become a little bit more interesting. In my own life, I started going back through it in 2012 and it just keeps on going. I ain’t got it figured out yet. Beliefs are the program. Whatever we believe to be true, that is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The craziest thing about this whole problem thing is that everything in our reality is fundamentally neutral except for the meaning we give it.

It’s all about choosing. Always be choosing. If you treat everything in your life as if you chose it, you will start to find that things in your life happen very magically because you let go of resistance. But, remember everything is flexible. It’s all up to you. The key is becoming aware of these self-fulfilling prophecies and then realize that you can choose something new. It’s about waking up and if you didn’t know, right now, a lot of what’s happening in the planet is people are waking up out of the blue pill mentality. Part of this is us teaming up our energy together to visualize, this is called the meditation effect when many of us get together and we visualize a certain outcome it has such a powerful effect on us.

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