Understanding the 5D Shift. What is Ascension into the New 5D Paradigm?

5d shift

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Understanding the 5D Shift

By Open

the 5D shift

It’s clear that profound shifts of consciousness are taking place to sentient life on Planet Earth. The old reality is beginning to draw to a close; it’s necessary that we unfold into a new vibrational paradigm of being – the next evolutionary chapter. What is that exactly? How does it work, and how do you join it? Ascension is actually quite a natural phenomenon of life – the underlying driving force, encouraging souls to unveil ever more of themselves. Here is an understanding of the overall process from the book 5GATEWAYS, together with a short doco film…

What is Ascension? – from the book 5GATEWAYS

Our planetary system is undergoing an entirely natural evolutionary process called “Ascension”. In other words, it is moving from a lower vibrational reality into a higher one. It is an underlying flow of energy, which is affecting every single thought, emotion and feeling we are currently having. Whether we know it or not, how we process this inner movement of consciousness, influences every choice we make, and shapes the outer circumstances of our lives in a most profound way. The experiences on the inside, although frequently quite subtle, are nevertheless having an instrumental effect in our outer world. Our spiritual evolution – our Ascension – is not something we can conveniently sweep under the carpet whilst we get on with the day-job; in every moment, the underlying flow of energy is influencing and shaping our lives in an amazingly profound way.

So what is Ascension? Imagine, for one moment, the creation of the universe observed as the Big Bang with a radiant explosion of light. With subdivision, relativity happens, and with that, conscious awareness, what we might call “Separation Consciousness”. As the light spreads outwards from the centre, its vibrational energy decreases, whereupon the pull of “Unity Consciousness” drawing back to the centre, intensifies. The resultant dynamic causes the Separation Consciousness to condense into waves of form; in other words ‘densities of consciousness’.

We could perhaps imagine ourselves as “The Source” of a universal pond, with waves spreading outwards from the centre. We might consider each wave represents a density (what some call a “dimension”), clustered into realms of existence. Humanity currently lives in the Lower Realm, a particularly dense collection of vibrations at the outer edge of the pond, quite removed from The Source. On the surface of our imaginary pond, it appears as though the water is flowing outwards – in fact it is only the disturbance of the waves flowing, the water itself moves only up and down. You might consider the water to be held in place by an undertow to counterbalance the outward flow. Again, this phenomenon represents a wonderful analogy for the universe as a whole, where on the surface (in physical time-space), it appears as if the universe is spreading outwards to ever greater separation, which we experience as greater disconnection from the Source and therefore greater ‘dis-ease’.

It is probably this feeling of separation for example, which causes ignorance and the inconsiderate exploitation of other sentient life forms, such as Mother Earth. Quantum science observes this as an increase in ‘dis-order’ known as an increase in “positive entropy” meaning the flow from a higher, more harmonious vibrational state, to a lower, more scattered one. However, ‘under the surface of the universe’ in what we might call “Unity Consciousness space” (quantum science calls it “negative time-space”), there is a flow back to The Source to ever greater degrees of order, harmony and ease. We can actually feel this pull when we get out of the mind and into the heart, which guides us in a way that brings increasing inner peace, greater self acceptance, ever expanding joy and at-one-ment with all life. Science refers to this as an “increase in negative entropy”, but to me, “unconditional love” seems a much more appropriate description!

This ‘condensation’ of consciousness, has formed the known universe into the shape of what science and spirituality call “The Torus”. It approximates to the shape of an apple, with an axial core, around which the dimensional layers of reality are formed. Within this universal Torus, the flow back to core – to The Source – is called Ascension. Specifically, it is where the centre of consciousness of a sentient being is flowing to ever higher vibrational states of existence. Using our pond analogy, it is moving from one wave at the edge of the pond to those closer to the centre. It is a heavenly process which is naturally unfolding for all sentient life forms including “Gaia” – the Soul of the Earth herself. The problem for humanity right now, is that resistance to this process, is causing immeasurable pain and suffering, from poverty and disease, to isolation, fear and despair.

Why is it that society seems not to accept, or even observe, the process of Ascension? Why is it that so many people are resisting the movement to ever higher vibrations of love, harmony and at-one-ment with all life? Why is it that most people do not currently experience this expanded reality, which can be sensed and felt in Unity Consciousness space?

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It is because the physical aspect of the human being, which many identify with, is only designed to tune into the lower densities of reality. We are each bombarded with literally billions of bits of information about our reality every second, and yet the average human brain can only process a very tiny proportion of this. To cope with the overload, the brain forms a map of the reality it has come to expect, and filters out the rest of the information. Since our outer world is shaped by our inner configuration of consciousness, our experience of reality can become severely limited. In other words, the risk is, we confine ourselves only to what we experience at the edge of the pond.

3D to 5D Consciousness

However, when we let go of our conditioned thinking and programmed behaviours, then our soul unfolds into other layers of consciousness and we become increasingly able to tune into a much wider array of the available information. We get to experience higher densities beyond what we are used to. This is not theory; people right across our planet today are experiencing many of these other densities. It is like tuning into different stations on the radio. All radio bands exist in the same space and time, but at different frequencies. The problem for humanity right now, is that most have become too used to just one frequency – one station on the radio.

If you want to experience the full complement of life, and prosper in this great shift that is now taking place, then you have to tune the dial to get to the higher vibrations.

As you access more of this expanded reality, it often comes with profound joy as you rediscover your interconnectedness with the whole of life. It is then that you may get tastes of the Fifth Density, which is a part of the next higher realm of existence and is mankind’s immediate destiny. In short, the more familiar you become with the guiding patterning of all events, the more it dawns on you that we are not living in one world, but two. There is a higher realm of existence overlapping this one. Whilst your day-to-day, five-sense experience, still resides in the lower physical realm, your psychic and intuitive senses enable you to interpret physical phenomena as symbolic representations of the next higher one. Some people are already able to centre their consciousness in the new realm and taste the flow of divine oneness and unconditional love that is omnipresent there. Others have profoundly clear visions of this ‘New World’ (perhaps more appropriately ‘Renewed World’).

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This new reality can only be accessed however, when you have found a good degree of inner stillness, which in itself arises from becoming more surrendered and at one with our natural planetary ecosystem. When you do this, Gaia begins to speak to you, quietly at first, but as you tune in more consistently, her sweet voice becomes increasingly clear and undeniable. Your consciousness is drawn to the underlying – pre-eminent – message of our times, and a story begins to unfold before your very eyes.

The story is a double-sided coin: on the one side, there is the beauty, joy and harmony of the unfolding higher existence; on the other, there is the fear, pain and struggle of the lower reality crumbling all around us. The two strongly contrasting stories are happening in the same place, at the same time, and you have a choice as to which one you invest your energy into.

Currently, society’s approach to humanity’s problems is one of technological evolution, but the evolution of consciousness is our natural pathway, unfolding skills and sensitivity many people never dreamed possible. It happens when you surrender and let go of the conditioned reality you have come to expect – the darker side of the coin. As you do so, slowly but surely, you are guided to the higher story – the brighter side. More of the universe unfolds before your eyes or, put more appropriately, you unfold into the new realm; you reconnect with your inherent divinity and rediscover yourself as a multi-dimensional being.

3D to 5D Consciousness

When you become fully multi-dimensional, you are no longer constrained by the crumbling old world reality. No matter what distortion and darkness is taking place, you are centred in the New Paradigm of expanded consciousness. You become a beacon of light, influencing everything around you, catalysing the shift for those also ready to experience it. You are breaking down the matrix of conditioned thinking, so that…

Slowly, but surely, the higher vibrational paradigm will dawn all around; the old world reality will be peeled away, just like a worn out skin.

In order to raise your consciousness to the required vibrational frequency, you must go inwards and ‘open up’ by acknowledging your genuine feelings, releasing tightness and tension caused by your attachment to the physical drama of life. It is where the soul has identified with life’s illusion…

Fragments have broken away from the soul’s mainstream and shipwrecked themselves on the beach of some broken reality. You have to get into this wreckage by honouring the experience of it, owning up to it, and becoming as one with it. It is only then that you can reclaim the lost fragments of soul that became detached and abandoned.

The more you open into these blockages and feel the unconditional love, joy and harmony, the more you understand what distortions of consciousness are limiting your Ascension and how to process them out. As you do so, your vibration rises and you transition through the Five Gateways of inner consciousness.

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So when you have passed through these Gateways, does that mean you automatically leave the physical body? The answer to this question depends on what your purpose here is. Many people are here to assist in the Ascension of others, so may still remain in physical incarnation to be able to help more effectively. Although we still maintain physical presence in the lower world, our soul is centered in the higher one. In short, we are already ascended.

Gaia continues to live in the two realms (for a while longer), although her centre of consciousness has shifted into the Fifth Density, a process which completed with the galactic alignment of 2012. It was a profound shift of energy, which catalysed her rebirth. Following this completion, she is now steadily unfolding the new reality. What’s crucial for evolving people to understand, is that her energies are now being progressively drawn into the higher density, which will, over time, fracture and fragment our fragile 3D reality. Humanity is being compelled to ascend ‘upwards’ (actually inwards). Although gathering in strength the movement of energy is still compassionate. However, because many are still resisting this natural flow, there is a growing polarity between the higher and lower realms. This is why those who are still locked in the old fear-based mentality, are experiencing increasing doubt, fear and worry, as they try to manipulate and control ever dwindling natural resources in the lower realm. This is why resentment, frustration and bigotry are also on the increase, as people struggle for security. Instinctively, they can feel the draining away of energy. This fear-based reality cannot exist indefinitely. That would be to contradict the natural evolutionary flow of the universe. Hence humanity is being invited inwards, through the internal layers of consciousness – the Five Gateways – to the next chapter of the human story.


What is Ascension into the New Paradigm? short doco film…

Here is a short, inspirational film we made some time back which we’ve recently remastered…

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