You are the Universe, Expressing Itself as a Human

you are the universe as a human

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Enlightenment: You are the One – the Universe is Moving Within You

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Great shifts of consciousness are happening out there in the field, and felt deeply within our very cells too. A Great Realignment is taking place, that evolving people are experiencing in every aspect of their lives: in relationships, careers and general living circumstances. Everything is of consciousness, and so as we emerge from the old paradigm, the very fabric upon which our lives have been founded is unravelling. As we process karma, it can often feel like being pulled through the eye of a needle, as first you contract into the density, and then emerge gloriously out the other side. How do you best ride this phenomenal rollercoaster?

Remember, at the core of it, you are the One, and everything moves within you…

Feeling fully into your very own story

Life is a glorious paradox. You’re having a journey, as the soul, through a microcosym of existence. It’s your unique story within the grand mozaic, where every single piece is required to complete the masterpiece. The point is, you can’t fully taste of the apple, embrace love and the bounteous wonders of nature, unless you embrace the relativity – you as a unique story of life. 

It’s about feeling fully into your very own story. What makes you tick, what brings you alive, what fires your passion, filling you will the energetic wonders of the Universe?

Ego has owned plenty of these boundless experiences; bottled them up, drained¬†the very life juice from them, and then sold us a dim shadow. But that doesn’t mean to ditch the experience altogether.¬†By feeling into the ego’s contraction, we can peel off the dross, and once more set the real fruit free.

You are the Universe, Expressing Itself as a Human

Embracing the Glorious Paradox

And here’s the divine paradox – when you own your unique experience, when you settle into the mainstream of your soul, it’s like riding a wave all the way back to the One. Let’s be clear, you can’t intentionally aim for that hallowed presence, because the very intention already establishes separation. But in riding the wave of your soul, you come naturally into alignment with the Universal Torus, and thus realise everything is moving within you.

And that’s a crucial key to riding the waves of the shift right now. Yes, things will get intense out there. We’re passing through the Inflexion Point between the old paradigm and the new. At times, you may feel like an old jumper, being pulled every which way, before unravelling in glorious surrender, and returning once more the wholeness that you are.

It’s essential we process what comes up, not to defer or deflect in fuzzy denial. But neither would it be good to get swallowed into endless processing – it will be essential to keep coming up for a breather, to draw in some expansively welcoming air. What does it for you? What causes you to let go for a few invaluable moments of sheer joy and bliss? Maybe it’s nature, maybe meditation, yoga or dance. It could be the creative arts, painting just for the fun of it. Whatever crumbles your divine cookie, keep doing it, as often as you can!

You are the Universe, Expressing Itself as a Human

In the Unresolution lies the Resolution

Especially remember, when you’re in the height of some challenge, some deep conundrum that seems intractable and almost impossible to unwind, that you are the One.

It’s the paradox: you’re in the microcosym having a unique experience, that sometimes doubles you up, but, AT THE SAME TIME, you are the One, where everything is moving and flowing within you.

So often, when I couldn’t make sense of a particular situation in the microcosym of my life, I found that if I simply surrendered, expanded out and held the unresolution within me, firstly I’d experience the infinite peace of the One, I’d become the macrocosym as an experience; but then also, somehow, the unresolution in the microcosym would simply unwind and resolve itself. The expansive consciousness of surrender simply finds a way.

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Kick off your shoes, stretch out your arms, breathe…

Something like this happened for me the other day, when this stunning time lapse video came my way of shifting energies in the Atacama Desert. So do yourself a favour. Take just 5 minutes out, kick off your shoes, stretch out your arms, put the video on widescreen with your best headphones, breathe, and feel yourself expanding all the way back to the One. Let it all move within you…

And when you’ve finished, let it become a way of life…
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In loving support

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