Atlantis – A Lost Continent

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There are many different types of legends about Atlantis. Some say that it was a city located in the Atlantic Ocean, others that it was a continent that existed before the Great Flood. Others still claim that it was the capital of the world. Some even say that Atlantis was a land bridge to Antarctica.

It has been said that Atlantis was located in the Mediterranean Sea and that it was a great city that was destroyed by an earthquake or a volcanic eruption. Still, other stories tell us that Atlantis was actually a lost continent that was discovered by Columbus and Magellan.

The fact is that no one really knows where Atlantis was. There are many different versions of the story of Atlantis, but no one can agree on which version is correct. However, there are some things that are known about Atlantis. For instance, it is said that Atlantis was an island and that it was ruled by a king named Poseidon.

The people of Atlantis were said to be very advanced, and they built great cities with walls that were made out of gold. These people also had a system of writing, and it was said that they used this writing system to communicate with each other across vast distances.

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It is also believed that the people of Atlantis were very tall. They were said to have been seven feet tall, and they were considered to be the tallest people in the world. Their hair was said to be long, and they were known for their blue eyes.

It is believed that the people of Atlantis ate a lot of seafood and that they were vegetarians. They were also said to have had a very advanced medical system, and that they could heal any disease within minutes.

Another interesting thing that is known about Atlantis is that it was said to be located in the center of the earth. It is believed that Atlantis was located at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and that it was surrounded by a huge wall.

This wall was said to be so high that it would have blocked out the sun, and that the people of Atlantis were forced to live underground.

Atlantis is a legend that has fascinated people for centuries. Many people believe that Atlantis was a real place, but no one really knows where it was located.


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