Higher Consciousness: What You Need to Know

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In the spiritual community, the phrase “higher consciousness” is often used to describe significant yet difficult mental states.

It is well known that meditative practices, fasting, and pilgrimages may lead to times of heightened awareness.

A lot of secular folks are set on edge by the way spiritual individuals talk about their experiences of higher awareness.

As a result, it might sound like a jumble of meaningless words that are impossible to understand.

It’s hard to understand what these gurus are saying. Because we aren’t drawn to the ethereal or enigmatic in the first place, we feel your pain.

There is a fascinating concept of greater consciousness, however, that has nothing to do with spirituality and can be explained in simple, reasonable terms.

This is our take on things. In our capacity as human beings, We live most of our lives in states of lower awareness when our primary concern is our own well-being, survival, and narrowly defined achievement in the material world we inhabit.

Lower awareness is rewarded in everyday life with practical and introspective views that self-justify.

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Neuroscientists refer to this lower part of the brain as the reptilian mind, and they tell us that under the influence of this lower part of the brain, we strike back when we blame others, quell any stray questions that lack immediate relevance, and stick closely to a flattering image of ourselves and our future.

In rare periods, maybe at night or early in the morning, when our bodies and emotions are relaxed and quiet, we can reach the higher mind, which neuroscientists name the neocortex, the seat of imagination, empathy, and objective judgment.

Our pride and nervous self-justification crumble under the weight of our own emaciated egos, and we get a broader, more objective viewpoint.

During these moods, the mind shifts from focusing on one’s own desires to thinking about others in a more creative manner.

Let us suppose that their conduct is guided by the demands to ride that come from the primitive minds of those who are not in a position to inform us about them. Rather than condemn and attack. “

When we look at someone’s rage or viciousness, we’re really seeing the effects of their pain.

Incredibly, the capacity to understand other people’s conduct in terms of their anguish, rather than just how it impacts us, is a slow progression.

Fear, cynicism, or violence aren’t seen as suitable responses to humanity, but when we can control them, we believe that they are.

It’s at these times that the world looks very different. People are trying to be heard and lash out at each other, but there is also tenderness and longing, beauty and touching vulnerability, appropriate responses to universal sympathy and kindness, and one’s own life feels less precious, so one can think about not being present peacefully.

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When one’s priorities are set aside, one might see themselves as trees, wind, moth clouds, or waves breaking on the coast, among other ephemeral or natural phenomena.

From this perspective, position and goods are of little importance. There is less urgency in grievances.

People who come across us now and see how we’ve changed will be astonished by our newfound compassion and sensitivity. Higher levels of awareness are, of course, quite transient.

Since they don’t fit so well with the numerous crucial practical chores that we all have to attend to, we shouldn’t even consider making them permanent.

Taking advantage of these opportunities when they happen is a great victory against the primitive mind, which is incapable of imagining such possibilities. Therefore, we should make the most of them.

If we were more aware of the benefits of higher thinking, we should try to make our ocean encounters less random and less mysterious.

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