The Violet Flame of Transmutation: This Will Really Change Your Life!

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People Are Starting To Look Inwards

We are living at an unbelievable time and anybody that is following the spiritual course understands that the earth is altering, which in result, moves people to evolve/change too. There is no getting away.

Those that are withstanding the modifications due to the fact that they are not knowledgeable about what is going on, their lives will reveal much chaos and mayhem.

All one needs to do is to look outward and see this on their own. This is not supersecret, it is get up time. The inner search has actually lastly been taken into high equipment for lots of!

Individuals no longer think of other human beings who are based on high pedestals, as those pedestals are collapsing underneath their feet.

Lots of people are lastly turning inward to look for the reality within their own beings, rather of counting on and relying on external sources. Discovering brand-new spiritual tools to assist us upon our journey is at a perpetuity high.

The Violet Flame of Transmutation

I think that a person of the most effective tools we have today is a spiritual energy called The Violet Flame of Transmutation. Utilizing the Violet Flame together with energy work is an outstanding and extremely effective mix.

Although the Violet Flame has actually been around for several years, we are lastly discovering methods to utilize it to alter all locations of our lives psychologically, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

In this short article I will share an extremely self-empowering manner in which you too can utilize the Violet Flame in your life.

How To Utilize The Violet Flame In Your Life

The understanding of the Violet Flame was produced to us by Ascended Master St. Germain. For 7 years, Lightworkers around the globe have actually been conjuring up the Violet Flame for numerous causes.

The Violet Flame has the capability to change all worry based ideas and feelings into love based ideas and feelings. It can change stress and anxiety into peace, hatred into love and fear into bravery.

The Violet Flame is a tool that can assist launch karma, raise your vibration and consciousness, speed up spiritual development and trigger your DNA.

If you utilize energetic launching programs to assist you clean out your concerns much faster, such as the Lightarian Clearing Program or the Practical Mastery Series that I use, in addition to the Violet Flame, you have an amazing self-empowering tool to assist change the quality of your life.

The Violet Flame can assist you with all emotional and psychological issues if you think in its power! It can assist to ease tension, anger, unhappiness, anxiety etc. It is a present that transmutes human mis-creations that we have actually developed through the power and abuse of our own ideas and sensations.

My Recovery Journey

When I initially began my recovery journey, I like many people went to group conferences to discover how to transform myself for the better.

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I was taught in this group that when you stated or did something unfavorable, if you understood instantly that this is not the energy you wished to put out to deep space, you might state Cancel, Cancel, Cancel and the energy of that idea or action would be removed, as fast as snapping your fingers.

In the start I thought this was a fact and yes I started utilizing it! The reality was when I initially began my own recovery journey my life was a total mess, so any technique considered that might alter my life I was going to execute.

After investing a long time within this group I observed this in action with those that utilized it often and questioned how one could put out unfavorable energy and after that depend upon stating the words cancel, cancel, cancel and anticipate all to be ok?

From whatever that I had actually been studying on my own I was under the impression that if one followed a spiritual course, a life of delight and joy would quickly appear. I would witness individuals stating cancel all the time!

I too would have an idea appear in my head and instantly state cancel! I was just doing what I was taught and trust to be real. The distinction with me though, I needed to understand why my life was not altering to pleasure and joy although I was executing the grand cancellation policy!?

It was making no sense to me, what I mean is I was utilizing the cancel tool! Then it truly struck me. Why was this group of individuals that I was investing my energy and time with not delighting in the quality of their lives either?

This cancel element started not agreeing with me so I needed to find out how this might be possible that stating the words cancel stopped the unfavorable circulation of energy.

What I found Out!

I found 2 things throughout my research study. Firstly, of all those that were teaching me the cancel policy were just half best. They were teaching from the belief that we are the developers of our life, and yes this is what I still think.

Upon investigating, I found the crucial part that they didn’t teach, comprehend or maybe didn’t learn about which is, there is no such thing as damaging energy. It is difficult.

The only thing an individual can do is alter the energy into a various kind. You can not state cancel, cancel, cancel and anticipate it to disappear! If you sent out the energy out, you are accountable for it and it will return to you.

That seeks all the law of attraction! With this brand-new understanding I found out why my life wasn’t altering! I was still sending the lower vibrational frequencies despite the fact that I preferred a much better life.

Utilizing the Violet Flame as a tool can permit us to rapidly transmute the negativeness from our lives, however, just if used properly.

Yes, We Are The Creators Of Our Own Realities!

Now that we know our producing powers, and yes each and everybody among us is an effective developer! We should operate at managing our ideas and feelings and focus our attention on what it is that we wish to develop or manifest in our lives.

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We are magnetic energetic beings and our vibrational frequency is what pulls or brings in to us the very same or really comparable vibrational frequency that we are putting out.

For that reason, the cycle, boomerang result, or what happens, walks around. Put out any sensations of negativeness and negativeness will come right back to you. Put out any sensations of absence, absence comes right back to you.

The opposite of the coin, alter the frequency to a greater vibrational idea or feeling. If you put out the sensation of love, love comes right back to you. If you put out the sensation of abundance, abundance comes right back to you.

Do you see how effective we truly are? Our ideas created with our feelings produce our method of day-to-day living. So begin today by altering your ideas and feelings, to produce the modification within your world!

We can conjure up the Violet Flame to transmute our misqualified ideas and sensations from the past, and we can empower our efforts with utilizing affirmations to prosper in the life we want to develop.

You are the just one that has power over your life. You produce your tomorrow by your everyday ideas and feelings that you reveal today. You are the developer!

I utilize the Violet Flame when I am doing recovery in dealing with myself. I likewise recommend to my customers that they too conjure up the Violet Flame to transmute all they are letting out when they concern me for the Lightarian Programs that I provide.

The Violet Flame has qualities of grace, forgiveness, liberty and transmutation. The Violet Flame has the power to remove, or transmute the cause, the result, and even the memory of our previous errors! This is an extraordinary tool!

The Lightarian Programs are unbelievable methods in themselves, assisting one to raise their vibration and move them even more along their spiritual course.

I have actually discovered that by asking my customers to conjure up the Violet Flame on their own when they utilize the Lightarian programs, it makes a substantial distinction in their recovery procedure.

Utilizing the Lightarian Programs or the Practical Mastery Series as an example, when we purposely select to carry out energetic recovery programs in our life to accelerate the clearing/releasing/healing procedure, we understand and prepared to make favorable options throughout the letting out procedure.

For that reason, when I ask my customers to empower themselves and utilize the Violet Flame, they are prepared and ready to take favorable action.

For those people that are being tossed into the letting out procedure, triggered by viewed outside scenarios, we require a tool to assist ease the unfavorable energy/feelings we are releasing/experiencing.

I’m going to utilize anger as our example since at the time of this composing, it prevails upon the earth.

At any point in our life we constantly have an abundance of feelings streaming through us. As described earlier, we are magnetic beings.

That indicates that whatever energy/emotion we drain from our being, we draw in back to ourselves. Yes, feelings are energy! So lets state one day you seethe and you forecast that anger at your spouse, kid, colleague etc.

This anger that you have actually now predicted out WILL return to you; remember What walks around occurs! It does not always return from those that you forecasted it too. It might return to you by the man that cuts you off on the highway!

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In order to stop the anger boomerang result, execute this tool. As quickly as the sensations of anger start, instantly stop, breathe and state (in your mind is great), I hire the Violet Flame to transmute the cause, core, impact, record and memory of these anger sensations Now!

Take another breath and within a matter of seconds these sensations of anger will have been transmuted and feel much less effective than they did just seconds prior to. For that reason, the venom/karma that you might have possibly directed towards another person has actually been stopped dead in its track!

You took instant action and empowered yourself by refraining to provide into the desire of revealing your anger in an unfavorable method. Congratulations, however, you are refrained from doing! You require to instantly raise the anger vibration, which is an extremely thick, heavy energy into a greater vibrational feeling.

Reroute your ideas to something that makes you feel pleasure! Something that makes you smile from ear to ear. If you do not execute the greater vibrational feeling, you will remain stuck in the lower, denser vibratory frequency.

It is essential to raise your frequency if you prefer to develop a favorable, cheerful presence. Favorable ideas and feelings bring in favorable experiences!

You can utilize this method for every single unfavorable feeling that enters your life. If you are not revealing love, than you are revealing worry. Love based feelings are sensations of delight, joy, happiness, peace, calm etc.

Worry based feelings are the reverse of love which are hate, anger, unhappiness, confusion, depressed, and so on. Whenever a worry based feeling approaches on you, right away utilize the Violet Flame to transmute the energy.

Ultimately, with work, these sensations of worry will show up less and less in your life since you have actually discovered a tool to let go them favorably rather of needing to recycle them and discover once again by the boomerang!

You will likewise see after duplicated usage your life altering for the favorable due to the fact that you are raising your own vibrational energetic frequency!

Constantly keep in mind the law of attraction. What you put out you will draw in back.

I welcome you to begin producing the life you want today!

Up until our courses cross once again, keep smiling and play in love!

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