What Are Binaural Beats? How Do They Work? What Can They Do For You?

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Heinrich Wilhelm Dove was the first to discover binaural beats in 1839. Dove, on the other hand, did not comprehend the full potential of this technology; he only saw that it happened.

Gerald Oster’s paper “Auditory Beats in the Brain” was published in Scientific American in 1973, after another 134 years.

It is believed that a binaural beat develops in the brain when slightly different frequency sine waves are applied to each ear independently yet concurrently. The brain makes this beat effect, which is mostly because of how the brain is wired inside.

In the superior olivary nucleus of each hemisphere of the brain, there are two different impulses that work together to make these binaural beats.

The two tones have a frequency range of one to thirty Hertz. Assume that the frequency difference between the two tones is 10 Hz. This 10 Hz difference is felt as a beat inside the superior olivary nuclei.

The frequency-following response of the brain causes it to vibrate at the same frequency as the auditory stimuli being delivered.

In our case, this would be 10 Hz, the frequency of the Alpha state. If we give the brain a binaural frequency of 5 Hz, it will begin to resonate with it and create Theta brainwaves. Delta brainwaves are observed when a binaural beat of 3 Hz is presented.

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Alpha, Theta, and Delta brainwaves are linked to altered states of consciousness, which can be used to reprogram the subconscious mind, get rid of bad thinking patterns, and get rid of emotional attachments to memories.

Simply put, you can relax, put on some stereo headphones, and allow your mind to synchronize with the binaural beat frequency in order to produce genuine, quantifiable changes in your mind and body.

The use of these beats has immediate effects, such as the formation of calm moods, improved sleep, and even energy increases. However, binaural beat technology does not stop there.

As well as lucid dreaming, creativity, out-of-body experiences, and transcendental meditation are just some of the unique states of consciousness that can be achieved.

However, there are some very significant long-term advantages to adopting binaural beat technology. This technology has resulted in some extremely profound life transformations.

The Monroe Institute has over four decades of expertise in modifying states of consciousness via the use of binaural beats in its audio sound patterns, known as Hemi-Sync. Centerpointe has also done extensive studies on the usage of binaural beats.

They developed software called Holosync, which focuses on self-improvement and obtaining a higher degree of conscious engagement by causing desired emotional, bodily, and environmental changes by lowering your anxiety threshold.

They employ their technology to rewire your brain, removing outdated emotional thinking and bad emotional attachments to long-buried memories. Later in the course, you may even design your own affirmations to alter your thoughts.

These technologies are not cheap, but the total advantages of using them are incalculable. However, there are low-cost alternatives to both of the aforementioned options.

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Binaural beats in audio technology are now available in low-cost one-CD packages. These can be used right away to get into different states like sleep, meditation, creativity, lucid dreaming, and so on.

You can also acquire software to make your own binaural beats, but when it comes to brain entrainment, I feel this should be left to people with more expertise.

The technology is intriguing and functional, but you won’t know that unless you experience it for yourself.

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See also  Binaural Beats: Using Just Your Headphones to Optimize Your Brain is Simple!

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