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Clearing of Karmic Patterns

What is the meaning of karmic pattern clearing? Karmic pattern cleaning is purifying deep, habitual reactions that govern how we respond to various circumstances. This post explains how I see karmic pattern cleansing. There...


The Yin and Yang of the Human Mind

In Chinese philosophy, there are two opposing forces called yin and yang. They create a harmonious balance, just like a circle. Our planet operates optimally when in balance. When too many people are stressed...


What Is Karma?

Karma is a term used to describe the consequences of an action or deed. Karma is usually defined as the result of an action that will affect one’s future, in this case, your future....


Atlantis – A Lost Continent

There are many different types of legends about Atlantis. Some say that it was a city located in the Atlantic Ocean, others that it was a continent that existed before the Great Flood. Others...


Atlantis and Lemuria

I have just completed reading a book that claims to be the history of Lemuria. It was written by an American author and published in 2006. The book is called “The Lost Continent of...

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