Category: FENG SHUI


The Feng Shui of the Soul

Known as “wind and water” in the Chinese language, Feng Shui is an age-old Chinese art form. In a poetic way, the term “Feng Shui” expresses the essence of this age-old technique. There is...


Money in the Bathroom with Feng Shui

There are proven wealth solutions based on Feng Shui elements that have been tested and proven. The secret keys to long-term wealth are hidden in Feng Shui hues and instruments like the Feng Shui...


Feng Shui Study

Feng Shui relates to anybody. You can practice Feng Shui in any circumstance and living environment.  Anybody interested in understanding nature and is interested in enhancing the lifestyle for self and others makes sure...


Lucky Bamboo plant: Bring good luck and fortune

Lucky Bamboo Plant is an auspicious tree and attracts prosperity, health and good fortune for your home or business. This is the most favored choices among Feng Shui plants

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