5 Reasons to Explore Uncharted Territory Before You Feel Prepared

5 Reasons to Explore Uncharted Territory Before You Feel Prepared

Exceptional individuals take action before they feel fully prepared. They accomplish tasks before realizing their own capabilities. And through this action, they are validated in their beliefs. ~Amy Poehler

Being prepared is not just about being physically ready but also about having the right mindset. Perhaps it’s unnecessary to meet any specific criteria in order to be considered prepared for something. Instead, it’s a matter of adopting a mindset that welcomes the unfamiliar. Here’s how my story begins:.

After some introspection, I came to the realization that a change of location was necessary. Far from my monotonous job, far from the detrimental habits influenced by my urban lifestyle, far from my total lack of progress. However, this also entailed leaving behind close friends, beloved family members, and a priceless sense of security.

I realized I needed to make a significant enough transformation in my life in order to experience a fresh beginning. I desired to reside in a place where my identity remained unfamiliar to all, or even better, where no one had any connections to those who were acquainted with my name. I clearly expressed my certainty about needing that change, without any ambiguity or hesitation. Was I frightened? Absolutely. But was I aware that it was exactly what I longed for and required on a profound level? Indeed, absolutely. A resounding affirmation.

I began researching various towns in the western part of the country. The mountains beckoned, offering a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of city life on the east coast. I had no clue about the challenges of living in such extreme weather conditions, let alone which towns would suit my preferences.

After conducting thorough research, I came across an apartment complex that caught my attention. I decided to add myself to the waitlist. This occurred in January, and my existing lease wouldn’t expire until October. I was not prepared to pay three times the monthly rent to terminate my lease.

So, when September rolled around, it was time for me to make a decision about moving out. Should I stay or should I leave? Every fiber of my being urged me to seize the opportunity and embark on the adventure. However, I didn’t feel prepared. The flood of “what ifs” began to overwhelm… What happens if I submit my notice and then have a change of heart? What happens if I decide not to submit my notice and then have a change of heart?

Eventually, I tuned out all distractions and listened to my inner voice, which calmly and confidently urged me to move forward. Without knowing my next destination, I made the decision to submit my notice and terminate my lease.

This was the initial step in a series of actions I chose to undertake before I felt fully prepared. Our hearts often recognize what is right before our minds catch on.

And guess what? Following my resignation, I received an email from the apartment out west that I had applied to nearly a year ago. They had a unit available just two weeks after my lease was set to end. I was taken aback. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

This initial step has proven to be a remarkable choice, as it has introduced me to a plethora of extraordinary experiences and relationships that would have otherwise been inaccessible. I discovered a place that was unlike any home I had ever known before. It gave me a sense of unparalleled independence and allowed me to connect with some incredible individuals who I am confident will remain lifelong friends.

The initial experience taught me that venturing into uncharted territory can be incredibly daunting, but if you decide to embrace it, it can lead to tremendous personal development.

Here’s what I’ve discovered from taking on new challenges before feeling fully prepared:.

It Assists in the Development of Self-Confidence

It enables you to gain insights about yourself that may not be apparent in your everyday routine. By challenging yourself with unfamiliar and difficult situations, you can witness your ability to navigate and succeed in new circumstances. Through this experience, you not only acquire new skills but also gain a deeper understanding of your own potential. This fosters a stronger sense of trust in your emotions and instincts.

You Forge a Fresh Foundation of Courage

As you begin to develop confidence in your capacity to navigate a range of unfamiliar circumstances, it establishes a fresh foundation. A fresh and exceptional benchmark that you set for yourself. As you become aware of your increased capabilities, you naturally begin to hold higher expectations for yourself and operate with a higher level of courage. Put simply, it requires a lot to intimidate you. You are easily frightened. Which implies you have the ability to accomplish additional tasks.

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You Discover Innovative Approaches to Tasks

It’s fascinating how the mind can adapt. At times, when we become fixated on a particular plan, it can impede the final result. Take a moment to consider this: If we become fixated on the idea that we must spend an entire year studying art history before we can start painting, we end up sacrificing a significant amount of our time and enjoyment, don’t we?

When you realize your own capabilities, the “how” becomes less significant. You embrace a wider range of possibilities and innovative approaches to accomplishing tasks. In the painting example, perhaps consider being more open-minded and less critical of yourself. You don’t necessarily need to be well-versed in history to appreciate the activity. Perhaps you’ve discovered the joy of finger painting, even though most renowned artists prefer traditional paint brushes.

You Discover a Greater Sense of Satisfaction

You are able to explore new and uncharted territory thanks to the inherent openness that comes from deliberately and consistently believing in yourself. You discover it’s simpler to pursue your own curiosity, and ideas that were once dismissed now hold a certain allure.

Despite my lack of knowledge about Reiki, it seemed as though an inner calling was leading me to enroll in training. This has resulted in a mediumship practice that has been beneficial for both myself and others, aiding in healing. When you focus on building upon your own personal interests and passions, it naturally leads to an increased sense of joy and fulfillment.

You Become Unparalleled

You begin to notice this newfound assurance permeating every aspect of your life. When you have confidence in your own abilities and instincts, you become more resilient in the face of life’s challenges. That doesn’t mean it’s always a walk in the park. At times, it becomes necessary to make choices that align with your personal values, even if they are challenging. Occasionally, it becomes necessary to take certain measures to initiate a sense of happiness in order to alleviate feelings of sadness.

Feelings can be quite complex, but when you reach a stage where you can embrace them, you open yourself up to gaining wisdom and collaborating with them, which is undeniably impactful.

“Your MASTERY OF LIFE begins the moment you break through your prisons of self-created limitations and enter the inner worlds where creation begins.”

Dr. Jonathan Parker

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