5 Bizarre Illustrations of Contradictions in Human Behavior

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The species known as humanity is one that is illogical, contradictory, and constantly inconsistent.

Because of the complexity and unpredictability of our thoughts, as well as the fact that the majority of our behavior is governed by the depths of our subconscious, we have the tendency to behave in highly peculiar ways that often run counter to what we really feel on a fundamental level.

Not only has the illogical conduct of other people, but also the contradictory behavior that I exhibit, which goes beyond the confines of logic, always fascinated me, since I have come to think of myself as something of a sociologist (albeit I made that up myself).

It is possible that having the insight that nothing, and especially people, is as they seem on the surface to be may be one of the most eye-opening and life-changing moments we can have. Therefore, having the ability to see and appreciate the ambiguity and contradictory nature of everything that is going on around us gives us a far deeper knowledge and respect for the people around us.

Here are five fascinating instances of seeming contradictions that I’ve seen in human behavior: Keep in mind that not all of the following instances of paradox are always true; rather, they are only true sometimes.

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1. Self-confidence that comes off as aggressive is sometimes a mirror of interior emotions of inadequacy or inferiority.

People (often males) tend to overcompensate for feelings of helplessness by replacing them with self-enforced shows of self-confidence, violence, and dominating conduct.

This is generally done in an attempt to feel more in control. Ironically, this leads the individual to believe, at least consciously, that they are an “alpha” male or female, despite their contradictory unconscious dread of being a “weakling” or “little.”

This is due to the fact that they are fooled into feeling that they are an “alpha” male or female. Therefore, if you encounter someone who is continuously attempting to “one-up” you, this is generally a reflection of a deeper inferiority problem inside that individual.

2. Sexual promiscuity is a mirror of the promiscuous person’s internalized emotions of worthlessness and ugliness.

A femme fatale, a nymphomaniac, or a “slut” is generally depicted as someone who sleeps around or is “easy,” particularly when it comes to women. However, beyond that, there are often feelings of extreme insecurity, especially with one’s perception of their own physique and their level of self-esteem.


In a paradoxical sequence of events, the more a person sleeps around, the more desired and hence worthy (and simultaneously unworthy) they feel. In other words, they are able to escape their feelings of worthlessness while simultaneously being drawn back to those sentiments.

3. The more pleasant a person is, the more wild they are as an individual.

The nicer a person is, in general, the more shadow aspects of themselves they try to suppress, but there are exceptions to this rule. People that are nice and easy to live with are not always perfect saints, contrary to what you may believe if you are not educated.

In point of fact, people-pleasers are often the most angry, depressed, and anxious people around because they push their less socially appealing aspects into the shadows, and as a result, they become more internally savage and neurotic. This is because they repress their less socially appealing elements.

4. A person’s volume level increases in direct proportion to their level of silence.

Introversion and extroversion are two polarized personality temperaments that present remarkable instances of contradiction in human conduct. Although extroverts are highly talkative and outgoing in social settings, when they are alone, they are reserved, pessimistic, and agitated.

Their inner worlds are often devoid of content and “silent” because the worlds they present to the public are so ostentatious and hectic. In a similar vein, introverts may seem to be quite reserved and quiet in social settings, yet on the inside, their minds are bustling with lively thinking, vivid imagination, and exciting activity.

5. The funniest individuals are sometimes the most depressed ones.

People that are naturally humorous, such as social clowns and professional comedians, are often portrayed as being cheerful and full of good humor in popular culture.

But, surprisingly enough, the individuals who are the funniest are often the ones who are the most depressed. This is because humor is sometimes employed as a defensive strategy against more negative feelings.

Consider the cases of comedians such as Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Spike Milligan, Stephen Fry, Bill Hicks, Peter Sellers, and a great number of others who have either committed suicide or suffered from significant mental diseases such as depression or other serious mental disorders.

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Comedians are typically extremely intelligent people who are able to easily see through the lies and illusions that society creates. They use cutting wit to captivate their audiences while revealing the nature of humanity’s true insanity, and this is in addition to the fact that humor can be used to cover up more serious issues.


Only five instances of paradoxes that may be found in humanity have been discussed in this article. However, there are many more examples of paradoxes in existence that I have not covered.

It is a sobering realization to come to terms with the fact that you cannot truly accept anything or anybody at face value since there are often a great number of underlying factors at play.

What specific instances of seeming contradiction in human conduct have you witnessed?

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