7 Seals of Consciousness: Reveals Your True Nature

woman meditating and the 7 seals of higher consciousness

These days, the word “consciousness” is often used, and people from many walks of life, including spiritual leaders, yoga instructors, and healing practitioners, are spreading the message that it is necessary to “raise your awareness.”

Do you even understand what it is to be conscious? In the last post, we discussed how YOU, and only YOU, are capable of elevating your awareness; you cannot depend on anybody else to accomplish this for you.

Thought constitutes consciousness. It all depends on how you think. It is the vantage point that you have. Consciousness is present in every single person.

Consciousness is the building block of everything. Every single person experiences both low and high phases of awareness throughout their lifetimes. These are just diverse perspectives on a notion, and different perspectives carry distinct vibrations.

The majority of individuals on this planet want to entertain the idea that they have a very high level of awareness, or at the very least, that they have a far greater level of consciousness than the vast majority of other people. But how exactly can you have such absolute certainty? Please allow us to impart to you some of the wisdom that we have about the Seven Seals of Consciousness.

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Consciousness and energy, often known as thinking and feeling, are the two components that combine to produce all of reality. The way a person lives their life is a reflection of their state of mind and the feelings they experience.

There are seven basic vantage points or views through which one might build their own reality while going through the human experience.

Each of these seven levels, also known as “seals,” has a unique set of qualities and attributes, as well as a distinct style of behavior or being.

A Guide to Finding Your Inner Self

The Seals are explanations of vantage points in your life that have either kept you enslaved in resistance or have the potential to set you free into a life of complete affluence and creative expression.

Humans, for the most part, are not taught (or don’t remember) that they have the power to travel through the many Seals of Consciousness in order to resolve difficulties in their lives and to master the physical human experience in such a way that everything flows smoothly.

This skill is necessary for humans to be able to resolve issues in their lives and to make everything in their lives flow more smoothly.

If you pay attention to what the Seven Seals of Consciousness have to say and put their advice into practice, you will eventually be able to figure out who you are.

This is the illusive solution that a great number of people on earth are looking for. Once you have made that decision, you are free to go in whatever direction YOU want going forward.

Nobody else makes that decision for you. You have the ability to make the changes that need to be made in your life.

The Seven Seals are a roadmap; more specifically, they are a roadmap that leads within and ultimately puts you in touch with your soul.

We give instruction that is both in-depth and all-encompassing on the Seven Seals of Consciousness. But before we get into it, let’s take a quick look at some of the most distinguishing features of each of the seals. In addition, there is a hue that corresponds to each seal.

The colors that make up the Seal of Consciousness are not the same as the colors that make up the energy frequency bands, which are often referred to as the aura. But before we get into it, let’s go through each of the Seven Seals one more time. We will talk more about that in a later conversation.

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The Opening of the First Seal of Consciousness

  • Brown is the color.
  • Subconsciousness is the name of the seal.
  • Important Characteristics: Reproduction and the Maintenance of Life
  • Description: The majority of the thoughts and behaviors shown by humans who are located in the first seal of consciousness are centered on topics like surviving, looking out for number one, reproduction, preoccupation with mating and bloodlines, rituals or superstition, competitiveness, and the drive to be the best. Reactive behavior is the result of being disconnected from the source. The First Seal is home to 40 percent of the human population.

The Second Protective Seal of the Mind

  • The color is red.
  • The term for this is “social consciousness.”
  • Control, tyranny, and herd-like behavior are key characteristics.
  • In this Seal, people still have a strong notion that they are disconnected from the source of all life. exhibiting an attitude that might be described as “safety in numbers,” which means not thinking for oneself and instead accepting the viewpoints of the majority. observing the norms and standards that have been established by the local community, the church, the government, and the educational system. The Second Seal is home to thirty percent of the human population.

The Third Seal That Encircles Consciousness

  • Yellow is the color.
  • The term for this is “conscious awareness.”
  • Pain and suffering are defining characteristics.
  • They are beginning to realize that their relationship with their religion is not productive for them. Opening oneself to the idea that there may be more and discovering the light that is inside oneself Finding methods to show one’s uniqueness while both appreciating and being attached to the misery and grief that exist on this planet may be a challenge. The only way for creative people to express themselves is to go into the shadows and terrible memories of their past. Moving on to discuss the Yin and Yang idea of duality

Because of the first three (lesser) Seals of Consciousness, we are confined to the 3D (physical) domain of existence, and we accept the notion that everything found in this area is genuine.

In the Realm of Consciousness: The Fourth Seal

  • Blue is the color.
  • known as the bridge. Consciousness
  • Key Attributes: Unconditional Love and Complete Permission
  • Description: The forgiving and non-judgmental attitudes are the focus of the fourth and final seal. You look at things from a perspective that is accepting of everything (called “is-ness”). This perspective is applicable to everything that exists inside this domain, including one’s own being. allowing oneself to love without restriction and seeing oneself and all other people as gods who have lost themselves

The lower three physical Seals of Consciousness are connected to the light-based, higher three Seals of Consciousness through the “Bridge,” which is the fourth Seal of Consciousness.

Awakening of the Fifth Consciousness Seal

  • Rose is the color.
  • Name: “Super Consciousness”
  • The ability to speak and live the truth without any element of duality
  • This is the level of awareness that is concerned with living truthfully and walking it without the influence of duality (e.g., good and evil, dark and light). complete acknowledgment that you are the source. The vitality of your ideas and imagination is no longer capable of accommodating judgment and opinion. This is a condition in which one’s mind is completely open to any and all possibilities.

Awakening of the Sixth Level of Consciousness

  • Gold is the color.
  • The state is known as hyper-consciousness.
  • Essential Qualities: Veils re-open. Complete access to encoding in Kundalini This is the condition of Christ consciousness, which is described by the energy here. When one has attained this seal, they have progressed to the point where they can become all things that are thought about and create quickly from thought out of “thin air.” a pristine realization that you are Source itself, moving across the world. the ability to go beyond both matter and time. One’s appearance changes to become translucent, and they get the capacity to ascend entirely both within and outside of their physical body.
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The Seventh Seal on the Door to Consciousness

  • Rose-gold is the color.
  • Name: Ultra Consciousness
  • Important Characteristic: Complete mastery of enlightenment and ascension outside of this domain.
  • Definition: Completion of the process of being enlightened. having an experience of the existence of Source that is beyond explanation.

Which of the Seven Seals of Awareness Do You Now Occupy?

In light of the fact that you now have a fundamental comprehension of the seven viewpoints, you are able to examine their distinct characteristics in order to locate your position within the Seals of Consciousness. Take a close look at your current situation. What is it that you value the most?

What factors have an influence on the choices you make on a daily basis? Do you live your life according to the teachings of a church or guru?

Are you worried about what other people, such as your employer, your partner, your children, or your neighbors, may think about the things that you say or do? Do you assign moral value to anything, including yourself or anybody else?

If you find out that you belong in one of the lowest three seals—as around ninety percent of all human beings do—you could find yourself wondering how it is possible to move.

Please keep in mind that there is no such thing as a good or bad seal. Everything boils down to a matter of point of view. However, if progressing through the Seals is something you want to do, the quality of judgment is the one you should focus on developing the most.

When it comes to the process of advancement, judgment will always serve to slow you down or even set you back.

When you attach judgment to your ideas, you prevent yourself from moving ahead. It makes no difference how diligently you work on improving your frequency (a topic that is popular among practitioners) if you continue to criticize the things that are occurring in your environment.

Our perspective is that you are the gods who have forgotten how powerful you really are. You already own all that you could ever need. Acquire knowledge, make progress, broaden your horizons, and find pleasure in your life. Discover how strong you are capable of becoming.

Your MASTERY OF LIFE begins the moment you break through your prisons of self-created limitations and enter the inner worlds where creation begins.

-Dr. Jonathan Parker-

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