How to Activate the Throat Chakra? Speak Your Truth!

diagram of a yogi with colored chakras in a meditation position

The process of opening your Throat Chakra by Communicating the Truth

Our center for communication is located in the throat chakra. It is a representation of what we say into the world as well as what we take in and process via the mental and emotional bodies we possess. The term “activating the throat chakra” refers to the process of opening up this energy center and enabling your life force energy to move through it unimpeded by freely using the power of one’s voice. This is also referred to as “opening the throat chakra.”

Chanting, singing, and practicing yoga breathing are just a few examples of activities that might help strengthen one’s throat chakra. The way in which we communicate and whether or not we feel confident enough to speak out when we have something significant to say are both aspects that are affected by the activation of the throat chakra. For some of us, the whole of our path consists of a sequence of lessons and events that teach us how to speak our truth when the stakes are high or when we get the impression that we have something to lose by doing so.

It is at times like these when it is most crucial to utilize your voice because by doing so, you demonstrate to yourself that regardless of the situation, you value your truth more than anything else. We are living our lives as the truest, most genuine versions of ourselves when we respect our own honesty and don’t let fear stop us from speaking it. Because you are allowing yourself to be completely seen and heard in this place, there is nothing behind which you may hide.

Furthermore, the boundaries of your voice are not being controlled by anybody or anything else in this area. Your expression is neither hampered or enhanced by the approval or influence of other individuals.

It is necessary to have a level of familiarity with one’s own voice before one may reach a level of self-assurance that allows them to tell their truth. The vast majority of individuals struggle to express themselves, which includes articulating their preferences, standing up for themselves, and establishing and maintaining boundaries. Even exercising the ability to say “no” to some things is a kind of self-love.

This stems from the unease we have as a result of our inability to tell our truth. When our throat center is blocked, we find it much easier to give up our boundaries since we aren’t really trying to enforce them to begin with. This makes it much more likely that others will violate them. One of the most effective throat clearings that can be performed is the simple act of saying the word “No.” In a culture in which conformity, acquiescence, and a veneer of civility are the norm, this phrase is more than simply a defensive one; rather, it affirms personal sovereignty.

When we continue to express ourselves until we are no longer self-conscious, we activate our throat chakra and keep it flowing. This occurs when we establish boundaries, assert ourselves, stand up for ourselves, and express ourselves when we are uncomfortable.

The next level of throat activation may be recognized by the degree to which we feel at ease while we are expressing our truth. The most effective method to utilize your voice is to simply state what you know to be true. You are not just opening your throat chakra when you express what you believe to be true; you are also reclaiming any part of yourself that has ever been suppressed or made to feel as if it lacked strength.

When we speak our truth, we are speaking for all of the versions of ourselves, both in the past and in the present, including the inner child who was never given the chance to do so. This wound may be healed by persevering through the uncomfortable phase that often comes with venturing into uncharted terrain and using our voice in contexts where it was previously silenced.

yoga position showing the chakras illustration

Because our voice is the source of our most significant authority, once it is made audible, it will inevitably give rise to debate due to the fact that it is a power center. When we convince ourselves that what we have to say is unimportant, we often minimize the significance of utilizing our voice, which is counterproductive.

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It may feel safer to be hidden and unnoticed, but in reality, this makes the inner child feel even more threatened, abandoned, and unsafe because they continue to be silenced and are never set free by the power of their own voice. Being hidden and unnoticed may feel safer in the moment, but it actually makes the inner child feel even more threatened, abandoned, and unsafe over time. Instead, maintaining silence sends the message that “my truth does not matter,” “I am not free to stand in my authority,” and “my truth is not safe.”

It is quite natural to have fear or anxiety while expressing your truth, particularly when you are just beginning to embrace your voice and your power. When we regain a significant part of who we are, our bodies are the first to notice the change. This may manifest itself as dread, excitement, or worry. All three are possible. These sensations have to go via the doorway of the throat chakra in order to be processed. It is very uncommon for a person to acquire throat troubles such as continuous coughing and sore throats when they repress their feelings and emotions for an extended period of time.

Because they have literally never used their voice before, there are certain persons whose voice visibly shakes when they speak because they are so terrified of using it. If you have never felt secure enough to utilize your voice, you could discover that you struggle with public speaking and have anxiety about being assertive when it comes to establishing limits for yourself. Sometimes the physical body is able to sense that the aspect of the soul that is being reclaimed is such a significant part of the soul that it can feel daunted by the prospect of feeling whole again.

This is because the physical body has never felt as though it was safe enough to get to that part of the story. This is one of the primary reasons why it is essential for you to reclaim your voice; it is about reaching to the point in the narrative when you feel that you are deserving enough to accept yourself in your whole.

When did we decide that we would no longer speak our truth? The majority of us can trace our roots all the way back to our youth. Between the ages of one and seven, we go through a period of socialization. We are instructed on the kinds of things that are suitable for public speech and those that are not.

After receiving, in essence, the programming of our parents, we next start the process of being indoctrinated into society via our educational experiences. We begin to shut down and our subconscious begins to record and associate shame, punishment, embarrassment, and conditioning as a block to our self-expression when we are subjected to excessive punishment, verbal abuse, or an indiscriminate “no.”

When we are subjected to these types of experiences, we subconsciously begin to record and associate these types of experiences as a block to our self-expression. Because “rules” or “normative” behaviors are ingrained throughout the process of religious indoctrination, this practice may also be considered a type of silence. When we reach adulthood and are suddenly thrust into a challenging environment where we are expected to be self-reliant and self-assured, it may be difficult to show up confidently since this aspect of ourselves has either not been fully developed or has been entirely shut off.

It is not always the case that an outside entity is attempting to stifle our voice. Sometimes, out of dread of being seen, fear of being punished, not trusting ourselves, not feeling comfortable enough to talk, or even a fear of being exposed, we prefer to remain hidden in life and keep our mouths shut rather than expose ourselves to potential danger. When you don’t speak out for yourself, you relegate yourself to a supporting role in your own narrative.

Your views, your knowledge, and your experiences do not have as much weight as what the world has to say about what your experience ought to be. Despite the fact that you are meant to develop to your full potential, you stifle your individuality and the talents that you are here to contribute because it is easier to blend in and avoid deviating from the rules and standards that are generally acceptable in society.

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We have the ability to differentiate ourselves from others via our speech, or we may utilize it to maintain the status quo. It is possible to fool yourself into believing that you are safer if you fit in, yet doing so requires you to silence yourself, which weakens a person’s will, the truth, and their authenticity.

A significant number of us are making use of this existence to restore our power. The voice is the vehicle via which power may be recovered; this can take place in the form of speaking out against oppressive authority, leaving violent relationships, or establishing boundaries with people who are close to us.

The voice is the guardian of our truth and the vehicle through which we convey our requirements, our aims, and who we are as individuals. The soul need the body in order to have access to this physical reality, and the body, in turn, requires the voice in order to establish the boundaries within which it may safely exist and traverse this world.

Reclaiming power starts with using our voices. What we talk into the world is powerful, but when we speak for ourselves, we have the ability to regain whatever that we may have ever lost as a result of our silence. This may be achieved by making our voices heard on matters that we consider to be significant.

If you have ever felt powerless because of a system, using your voice and exercising your right to protest may give you the ability to truly make a difference in the world while also giving you back a significant portion of the power that was taken from you.

When we speak our truth, we are so seldom acknowledged for doing so that it may be downright terrifying to do so. When one speaks their mind on something that is divisive, they put themselves at danger of being marginalized or silenced. However, pushing through the agony to share your thoughts really makes it simpler to do so in the future.

Your voice is similar to a muscle that has to be trained and exercised until you feel that you can stand firmly and confidently in your truth no matter how you’re accepted. This may take a significant amount of time and effort. Any kind of speech may seem like a struggle if you were never permitted to speak your truth or if you were scolded, embarrassed, or penalized for doing so.

On the other hand, you could have purposefully set yourself this obstacle in order to recover your voice and your authority during this incarnation. Anxiety over a problem may also be caused by a lack of experience in communicating your requirements or establishing limits, but the best way to learn how to master these attributes is by giving yourself the experiences you need to break through and freely exercise your voice. Training your voice today will help you to calmly and clearly express yourself from a position of confidence when you are ready to speak on the issues you care about in the future when the world is only going to grow more chaotic.

A typical example of being hushed is when others tell you to “shut up” over the course of your life, particularly if they start doing so when you are a toddler. Even the strongest-willed individual would become unable to cope after being exposed to this for an extended period of time. Reclaiming this portion of your voice requires nothing more than a commitment to be outspoken.

When you have been muzzled for such a significant amount of time, the only way to restore equilibrium is to go in the complete opposite direction with all of your might. Be brave, be forbidden. Make the noise you’ve always wanted to make but were forbidden to. In this situation, you need to become really off-kilter in order to get back on track, so give yourself permission to go about things in an unorthodox manner.

We have also been trained to keep our expressions civil so as not to “rock the boat.” It is possible to reclaim one’s voice by participating in a ritual that involves voicing disagreement, particularly in the public arena of politics. When we are brave enough to tell our truth, we provide hope to others by demonstrating that they, too, can recover their power.

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There is a sufficient amount of power reclamation for everyone. When a person is able to transcend their constraints and discover their voice, they are able to learn how to use their own version of the truth as opposed to accepting the version of the reality that society utilizes to oppress them.

It’s possible that women, in particular, may find it challenging to use their voices. In the course of human history, women have never had positions of authority from which they could freely express themselves without fear of being persecuted, nor have they ever had a platform from which they could do so.

It is for this reason that it is more powerful when women voice opposition, since they are breaking the pattern of what has traditionally been expected from them. In the course of history, women have not often been regarded as fighters or in prominent positions unless they fit into a particular religious narrative, such as Joan of Arc. When ever women have sought to live outside what the patriarchy permitted for them, they have been subjected to controversy, abuse, being labeled witches, and even being put to death.

When I do Quantum Sphere Healing sessions with clients, one of the topics we cover is “past lives.” What I’ve discovered is that the trauma that clients have endured in “past lives” gets imprinted and stored within their cellular debris, but most notably in the throat chakra.

This trauma manifests as energetic blocks, holes, and even nooses that tightly constrict the throat. Because of this, some customers report having real discomfort in their throats, while others report having the sensation of having something “blocked” in their throat. Because of the trauma that has been stored in their throat chakras, they are unable to speak or the tone of their voice shakes and they can only emit it in lower octaves.

When they use their voices, the fear, trauma, or cellular memory connected with doing so is activated. As a result, they feel a false feeling of comfort when they remain quiet for the sake of safety and protection, which ultimately prevents them from expressing themselves fully. As power conflicts and abuse are not something that just affects women, this also applies to males.

As you can see, suppressing your expression may have ramifications not just physically, but also spiritually and emotionally. Simply making use of one’s voice is all that is required to overcome this obstacle. When we speak our truth, we are speaking on behalf of all versions of ourselves that have ever been oppressed and suppressed by society; we are speaking on behalf of any part of us that has ever lacked courage and worthiness; and we are speaking on behalf of our inner child.

When we speak our truth, we are speaking on behalf of all of these versions of ourselves. Trust in your intrinsic capacity to start utilizing your voice and activate the lifetimes of power waiting to be recovered, integrated, and ultimately celebrated as you embark on this process. Have faith in your ability to do both of these things.

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