Aura Color Meanings: 12 Hues Explained (Interesting!)

12 aura colors detailed explanation

An Explanation of the Meanings Behind Each Color of the Aura

There are several interpretations associated with each hue of the aura. A person’s life experiences, sentiments, physical health, and chakras are all encoded in the spectrum of colors that make up their aura.

The spectrum of hues that make up an aura extends from the main colors, like red and blue, to the metallic tones, like gold. Auras are also capable of reflecting achromatic hues like black and gray.

These colors may seem more or less intense depending on the lighting, and each of the color meanings for the aura has its own distinctive interpretation.

When you’re in a terrible mood, people will inevitably comment that your aura gives off a “scary” vibe. You’ve probably heard this comment before. Auras are more than simply sensations, despite the fact that we tend to make a tenuous connection between them and moods.

They are known as mental energy fields and are created by the vibrations that our bodies and souls send out into the world. After that, the brain interprets these vibrations as different colors.

What Each Color of the Aura Means

A person’s spiritual practice and philosophical orientation have a significant impact on how accurately they interpret the significance of the colors in their aura. The manner in which the aura is experienced is also an important factor to consider.

When it comes to detecting people’s auras, psychics, healers, and empaths have a heightened level of sensitivity. They have the ability to perceive an aura even before they actually see it. On the other hand, some individuals may choose to record auras via the use of photographic techniques such as Kirlian photography.

Listed below are the 12 most prevalent interpretations of each aura color:

#1: The Meaning of the Red Aura

The root chakra of a person is represented by the color red in their aura. This indicates that it is linked to our basic drives, as well as our physical health and our perception of life in general.

The color red in a person’s aura reveals a lot about their physical health, their general energy flow, and the status of their heart, both literally and symbolically. Because it has such a powerful aura, it is able to either attract or repel other vibrations in the area.

When it is at its strongest, the crimson aura might be seen as a symbol of passion, power, and ambition. People with red auras are renowned for being successful and determined when it comes to accomplishing their objectives.

However, when this aura becomes stronger, the individual may find that they are unable to maintain control of their desire, which may quickly escalate into hostility and rage.

#2: The Meaning of the Green Aura

The spiritual link between the heart and the green aura is more metaphorical than the relationship between the red aura and the heart. It demonstrates compassion, empathy, love, and selflessness all at the same time. People with green auras are some of the most charitable individuals you will ever come across.

They are the kind of people who are willing to go above and beyond to assist other people. Their love does not need any conditions, and they do not want anything in return for their giving.

Those with green auras, on the other hand, are more likely to suffer from emotions of inadequacy and envy. They may receive the impression that they are being exploited and taken for granted due to the fact that they spread themselves so widely to everyone.

Their ability to cure others may also lead to a messiah complex, in which they believe they have the power to rescue everyone. However, due to the fact that individuals with green auras have open hearts, these issues may be readily resolved by having the appropriate discourse with these individuals.

#3: The Meaning of the Blue Aura

A calm and collected disposition is represented by blue auras. People who are in close proximity to a person who has a blue aura report that this individual’s energy has a relaxing effect on them. These individuals are not readily provoked and are difficult to unsettle. They are the masters of their own realities.

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How spiritually knowledgeable someone is may be inferred from both their words and their conduct. They are particularly good at navigating life on their own because they have a clear understanding of the mission that their soul was meant to do.

It is possible that the individual has a fear of confrontation if the color of their aura is dirty blue. People who have this sort of aura may decide not to reveal their genuine emotions if doing so would allow them to sidestep potential problems. A muddy blue aura may also be interpreted as a sign of anxiety towards the future and the unknown.

#4: Orange Aura Definition

Orange-colored auras indicate emotionally active personalities. This hue of the aura is often connected with the realms of the emotions, creativity, and sexual energy. It’s possible that someone with an orange aura is kind and outgoing.

On the other hand, they could also have certain introverted characteristics. Due to the fact that these individuals place a high value on preserving connections, they are exceptionally kind and attuned to the requirements of others.

Clinginess and overdependence are two of the possible negative connotations associated with orange auras. These are the types of individuals that have a tendency to form unhealthy attachments to both objects and other people.

#5: The Meaning of the Yellow Aura

A person who exudes a yellow aura exudes positivity, excitement, and even a sense of humor. Individuals who have yellow auras have reached a high level of spiritual development. They are at peace with themselves, and as a result, they do not take things too seriously.

They do not buckle under pressure readily. They are the kind of folks who can bring humor to otherwise stressful circumstances. Their capacity for mental clarity is unbreakable.

In addition, those who have yellow auras have a keen sense of observation. They are observant enough to notice even the minute things that other people are likely to overlook. However, they have a tendency to be much too judgmental of others around them. The propensity to overanalyze situations and individuals is one of the drawbacks associated with having a yellow aura.

#6: What Does the Purple Aura Mean?

The most potent psychic energy is contained inside the purple aura. People who have this hue of an aura are very perceptive and are often believed to be at the pinnacle of spiritual development.

This is due to the fact that the third eye chakra and the purple aura have a very strong connection. These individuals possess amazing levels of insight. Their skills include lucid dreaming, telepathy, and the ability to travel via astral planes.

People with purple auras are not only endowed with psychic powers, but they also know how to strike the ideal balance between the spiritual world and the physical domain. They think not just with their heads but also with their hearts.

#7: The Meaning of a White Aura

An aura that is white indicates that a person is leading a life that is unclouded by negativity and is balanced. It’s possible that this individual has a new soul, or it may signify that they’ve resolved all of their old karma and can start again with a blank slate. Either explanation is possible.

These individuals have a deep and meaningful relationship with the Divine. They have characteristics similar to angels. They exude an aura that makes others who are in close proximity to them feel protected. One may even call them watchdogs or protectors.

If you perceive a filthy white aura around someone, this may be a sign that they are now unwell or that they will get sick soon.

#8: Symbolism of Gray Aura

It is not uncommon to see some drab or dreary patches in the aura of a person. The presence of a barrier in one’s energy field is represented by their aura taking on a gray tone.

Negative experiences that a person has had but is unable to let go of may sometimes be the source of blockages in their lives. It’s possible that a hole may form in our energy fields if we are unable to recover from the things that harm us and go on with our lives.

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Spiritual purification is yet another meaning that may be attributed to a gray aura. It is possible that the individual’s impure energies may emerge in their auras as they work to clear them out of their system if the person is presently going through some process of awakening.

#9: The Meaning of the Gold Aura

Divine illumination and spiritual awakening are both associated with having a golden glow. A person who has a golden aura is always surrounded by the protection and direction of heavenly knowledge. Their souls are reawakened, and as a result, they conduct themselves in the world with the utmost integrity.

Their speech and deeds are not limited by their ego in any way. These individuals are deeply moved and committed on a spiritual level. As a result of this, their brains possess the most profound comprehension of the patterns that exist throughout the cosmos. They often discover the solutions to life’s “how” and “why” questions.

#10: Pink Aura and Its Significance

A pink aura is a representation of gentleness and purity. People with pink auras are often extremely kind and have a charming, innocent quality about them. They have a highly loving disposition and are known for their abundant displays of love.

Their manner of expressing themselves may be considered reserved, yet they are always honest about how they feel. Their love is of the unassuming kind.

An aura that is a murky shade of pink is indicative of immaturity and emotional instability. When people show love to another person, they do it in the expectation of receiving it in return. If the other party does not do so, it may lead to feelings of insecurity and behavior that is less than mature on the individual’s part.

#11: The Meaning of the Brown Aura

If you look at a person’s aura and notice hues of brown, it indicates that they are individuals who are preoccupied with themselves. They are filled to the brim with jealousy, which is why their aura comes across as murky. Their acts almost always have hidden motivations behind them, such as greed.

They are even able to subtly adjust their vibrations in order to conform to the characteristics of a certain persona that they want to portray. They act in this manner almost always with the intention of gaining everyone’s approval in their immediate environment.

#12: The Meaning of the Black Aura

A negative energy is represented by a black aura. It is a strong indication of difficulties from the past that have not been addressed, trauma, troubles in the present, and even health risks.

When someone has a dark aura, it is obvious that they have a health problem that needs to be addressed. They are now held captive by their own feelings and cannot escape. This might be sadness, rage, or even a yearning for something. The only way for the aura to become clear again is if each of their problems is treated individually.

If the aura is very black, it may indicate major issues with one’s health.

Seeing Auras Versus Sensing Auras

Now that you are more acquainted with the many meanings that are associated with the colors of the aura, it is time to go more into the various ways in which each hue is experienced. Examining a person’s aura using one’s unaided natural vision is the most typical approach.

Even though this approach still requires sufficient training, the vast majority of people find it to be far simpler than the other way, which is aura sensing. The ability to see a person’s aura is not shared by everybody. Before you can achieve this, you need to first make significant progress in your spiritual and mental development.

So, how exactly do these strategies come into play?

Seeing Auras

The first step, especially important for newcomers, is to rid your head of any mental clutter and distractions. It is also essential that the setting you practice in is one that encourages and supports your efforts. It’s possible that this is a calm and well-lit room.


Make the individual stand in front of a white backdrop as per your request. Pay close attention to the person’s face. Pick a place to focus your attention—the forehead being the obvious choice.

While focusing on the person’s forehead, do a thorough examination of the areas immediately around the upper body. Keep in mind that you must do this action without moving your eyes off the forehead at any point. Simply examine the parts of their body that are exposed.

If the person’s peripheral regions seem brighter than usual, this indicates that their aura is present. In most cases, the color doesn’t become apparent on the very first attempt. Therefore, do not let this deter you. If the individual seems to be shining in front of your very eyes, then you have seen the person’s aura. The next step may be to decide on the hue.

It is quite OK if you didn’t see anything at all. Seeing auras requires a lot of patience and practice. Simply maintain a regular practice schedule.

Sensing Auras

Even though some may claim that experiencing the aura is a simpler approach than viewing it, the vast majority of people do not seem to be familiar with this technique. You have to be in close proximity to a person in order to pick up on their aura. Face-to-face contact is required.

Put your palms approximately eight inches away from their body as you communicate with them. Move your hands slowly while giving the impression that you are inspecting their whole body. Continue doing this until you can see an effect similar to fluff on your hands.

This is the energy field that the individual has. When exposed to electromagnetic radiation, some individuals may even experience a tingling feeling.

If I can just feel the aura, how can I tell what hue it is? This is probably something that’s going through your head right now.

This is when your understanding of the many meanings associated with the colors of the aura comes into play. The procedures are simply performed in reverse order: first, you identify the features of the aura, and then you place it in the appropriate color group.

Do you get the sense that the aura is calming? It’s possible that they have a blue aura. Does it make you feel weighed down and pessimistic? There is a good chance that it has a gray, brown, or black aura.

If reading people’s auras is something you want to do professionally, you need to get acquainted with the numerous meanings associated with each hue.

The Last Word

At first, reading auras can seem like a challenging endeavor, but in reality, it’s not. You only need to make the commitment to research the connotations of each hue and then choose the approach that most appeals to you.

You might also combine the practice of reading auras with other methods of developing your psychic abilities, such as meditation. This will assist you in strengthening your psychic powers and obtaining more success.

Be aware, while attempting to read someone’s aura, that it is possible for them to give off more than one hue. Aura hues are not permanent. They will evolve in tandem with the changes that occur in our lives.

When dealing with a person who exudes a negative aura, it is important to keep in mind that this is something that may still be changed. As an aura reader, you have the ability to bring about healing in others.

What hue does your aura have? Leave a comment below and tell us about it!

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