The Best Crystals to Raise Your Vibration and Consciousness

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Our planet has blessed us with some of the most beautiful gifts ever.

With these powerful spiritual tools, you can boost your energy, protect yourself from the psychic dangers of other people, and bring your chakras into balance.

To get the benefits of high-vibration crystals, you need to know how they work and how to use them.

Before I go any further, let me first explain what high vibration crystals are.

Are High Vibration Crystals the Same Thing?

Crystals that have a high vibration may be able to store more powerful energies, like those that heal or protect.

It is because of their chemical and physical makeup as well as their energy qualities that they vibrate at a greater frequency than the Earth does.

Spiritual beings and guides that are connected to the crystals influence the crystal’s energy qualities.

High-vibrational crystals can be used for spiritual things like raising the vibrational level, healing and purifying the energy body, and more.

The 15 Best Crystals for High Vibration

You may use any high-vibration crystal, but I’ve found the following 15 to be very useful in spiritual work:

Rose Quartz

An excellent gemstone, Rose Quartz is recognized for bringing and reviving love.

A big benefit of this gem is that it can heal your heart chakra, which is in charge of love and emotions, and get rid of all the bad feelings that are blocking it.

You will feel a lot lighter and more at peace after the bad sensations (such as anger, sorrow, humiliation, and fear) are removed from your heart chakra.

As a result of this, love, forgiveness, and compassion will become easier for you to experience and manifest in your life as a result of this.

Lapis Lazuli Gemstone

In addition to boosting and expanding psychic powers, lapis lazuli is also recognized for purging the mind of bad ideas and improving all cognitive functions.

Lapis Lazuli has a profound influence on the Third Eye Chakra, which regulates the ability to think and see the world around you.

For these and other reasons, this stone may help you think more positively, improve your imagination and creativity, make you smarter, and use any psychic skill, from intuition to the ability to see or hear into the future.

Lapis Lazuli is an excellent gem to use if you want to increase your mental or psychic talents so that you may do better in school or at work.

Blue Kyanite Stone

The Throat Chakra, also known as the Chakra of Communication, might benefit from the healing properties of blue kyanite.

If your Throat Chakra is blocked or not working at all, Blue Kyanite is the best crystal for you to use.

If your Throat Chakra is blocked, you might not want to tell people how you really feel, you might not be able to say “no,” you might not be creative, you might be afraid of public speaking, you might be nervous, or you might have other wrong ideas about how to talk to people.

The Throat Chakra may be cleansed, healed, and restored with the use of Blue Kyanite (although if your Throat Chakra is very hurt, you may want to try some Reiki cleanses as well).

These skills can help you improve your communication and creativity, as well as your ability to establish limits in a healthy way.

Crystalline or Clear Quartz

High-vibrational Clear Quartz is known as “The Jack of all trades” among crystals because of its versatility.

Using it in energy work or spiritual healing is thus an option.

Use it to help your other stones “work” by bringing out their best qualities and giving them energy support.

Clear Quartz also has other special qualities, like bringing mental and emotional clarity, cleaning your aura spiritually, and making your wishes come true.

Black Obsidian

Healing Crystal Black Obsidian has the capacity to absorb negative energy from the surrounding environment.

Because it tends to soak up bad energy, this crystal needs to be cleaned more often and more thoroughly than other crystals.

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Getting rid of bad energy is easy when you use Black Obsidian to cleanse yourself and your surroundings.

Black Obsidian can ground you and protect your mind, and it can also build a barrier around you or your home.

Black Obsidian helps you feel more grounded because it has a strong, heavy energy that is similar to the energy of the Earth.

As a result, you’ll experience a sense of stability, clarity, and serenity as your root chakra is reconnected to the Earth.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is another strong stone that has certain qualities that can help you find direction, stay grounded, and protect your mind.

Many cultures throughout the globe have employed this gem in esoteric ceremonies for ages.

This is a great supplement to take if you want to improve your intuition and other psychic abilities.


Amethyst is a powerful gemstone that has been used in a wide range of occult practices for thousands of years because of its spiritual and magical properties.

Balance your crown chakra with amethyst, which aids in connecting you to the Divine.

So, Amethyst provides you with knowledge and spiritual intelligence, as well as clarity and serenity of thought.

Overall, amethyst is a wonderful stone for spiritual healing and for guiding you toward your most meaningful and fulfilling life purpose.

Amethyst’s ability to harmonize your crown chakra might also aid in enhancing your psychic talents.

Emotional healing and the release of negative emotions are also possible with amethyst.


Many people believe that selenite is one of the most potent crystals on the whole planet.

High-frequency Selenite may be used to remove and mend old and stagnant energies that might leave you feeling exhausted, worn out, or sick.

Because it has a lot of energy, Selenite also helps bring out intuition and helps you make things happen.

Selenite is your crystal of choice if you’ve been attempting to heal or materialize something for a long time and haven’t been able to do it.


High-vibrational minerals like hematite may help regulate the root chakra.

Because of its association with these values, hematite is a stone of stability, balance, and plenty.

If you’re feeling detached, disoriented, and ungrounded because your root chakra is out of whack, you may benefit from using hematite to bring it back into balance.

As a result, meditating with hematite may help you feel more grounded, stable, and wealthy in your life.


You may use malachite to bring harmony to your heart chakra and deepen your spiritual connection to the Earth.

When it comes to the heart chakra, malachite is an excellent healer because of its green tint.

Malachite can be used to get rid of any lingering bad feelings, such as anger, sadness, or shame.

Malachite is excellent at removing the energetic imprints that trauma creates in the body’s energy system.

Also, Malachite might encourage you to spend more time in nature, which in the long run will improve your general health and happiness.


You may use Kyanite, or “the dreamy crystal,” as I like to refer to it, to harness the Third Eye Chakra’s incredible powers.

This stone is full of soothing and healing energies, so it seems to have a calm color and look.

You may have prophetic or spiritual dreams with Kyanite, and it can make it easier to enter contemplative states.

Using this stone can allow you to release any tension, anxiety, fear, or concern you may be feeling.


Labradorite is different from other crystals because it can balance both the Throat and Third Eye Chakras.

Essentially, what makes Labradorite unique is that it’s designed to clear obstructions.

If you’re having trouble talking, thinking, or comprehending effectively, Labradorite may help.

The Throat and Third Eye Chakras are responsible for how we communicate, how we comprehend and grasp what is transmitted to us, and also how we think.

If you have any leftover energy tied to you, you may not be able to speak or think effectively.

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It removes leftover energy, leaving you clear-headed, free of obstructions, and able to freely express yourself.


Both its energy qualities and its lovely beauty make fluorite a unique crystal.

Fluorite is a semi-transparent stone that beautifully glows in the light. A variety of forms and colors are available, each with a unique set of features.

On the other hand, fluorite has been shown to aid in spiritual purification as well as boost energy levels.

The Heart Chakra is better served by green fluorite, whereas the Crown Chakra is better served by purple fluorite.

The Throat Chakra is better served by Blue Flourite, whereas the Solar Plexus Chakra benefits more from Yellow Flourite.

These color-related advantages only add up to the major functions of fluorite, which is a wonderful crystal to have in your family.


One of the best crystals for wealth and financial healing is citrine, which has a high vibrational frequency.

As the center of sexual energy, the sacral chakra is also where money and creativity come from.

Citrine is the right stone for you if you want to make more money, spread the word about your business, or just have more luck in all areas of your life.

You may increase your creativity and sex life by using citrine since it cures the sacral chakra.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline has the ability to transform negative energy into good energy by absorbing it from the surrounding environment.

Your energy body will be fed and your general well-being will improve if you wear Black Tourmaline.

Black tourmaline is also excellent for protecting one’s psychic and energy self.

Black Tourmaline may be programmed to shield and protect you from any bad energy that may be coming your way if you believe that someone is intentionally or inadvertently trying to harm you.

High Vibration Crystals: How to Use Them

In order to make high vibration crystals “work” for you, there are three methods to try:

With the Aid of Crystals, You May Practice a Kind of Meditation

As a first step toward self-healing and making things happen, you should meditate with crystals.

With the crystal in your palm, you may hold a visualization of the result you want to achieve in your mind.

The act of holding your crystal in your hand allows you to direct your purpose via the crystal and ask the crystal to be of assistance.

In order to do this, you must choose the ideal crystal—a crystal that has the appropriate attributes for your specific objective in mind.

In order for this crystal-assisted manifestation meditation to be successful, it should be performed as often as possible—maybe even on a daily basis.

Crystals may be “Programmed”

Using strong meditation, you may instruct a crystal to carry out your instructions. In this meditation, you give the crystal the “job” of doing the energy work required for your goal.

Creating an energetic program is another name for this process.

One technique to develop an energy program is to use a crystal, but it’s not the only one.

Once you have programmed the crystal, it is not necessary to do this meditation repeatedly.

It’s possible that the energetic program will lose part of its potency if you’re exposed to a lot of negative energy, for example.

Your instinct will be to start all over again when this occurs.

When you feel this way, I recommend that you re-do and improve the software.

Making a Grid of Crystals

To make a crystal grid, you’ll follow steps very similar to those outlined in the preceding paragraph.

The more crystals you use in a grid, the more effective it will be.

Before you start making the grid, you’ll need to find a place where it won’t be damaged by dogs or children.

Before you begin to build your grid, you must physically and energetically cleanse the area.

To make a grid, think of each crystal as a person or a scenario that’s important to your mission.

Before putting together crystals to make a crystal grid, you must first figure out what each crystal does.

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It’s possible to have a crystal for every aspect of your life to make it better in the long run, such as money, love, a job you like, health, and other interests.

Then you gather them in a circle and enable their energies to mix and work together. You establish the purpose for each of them—to have that area operating as well as possible.

Another way it could help is if you used a crystal grid to make your family happier.

Using a crystal to represent each member of your family, fill the crystal with good and harmonious energy and place it on the grid (grandparents in the back, parents in the center, and children in the front).

Depending on your intended use, there are a plethora of grids to choose from.

There is nothing more to it than doing some research and deciding which form of grid is ideal for your purpose.

Your High Vibration Crystals: How to Take Care of Them

Taking care of your crystals requires only a few simple steps:

Keep them in a secure place

It’s important to keep your crystals out of the reach of intruders and other powerful energies. Therefore, store them safely.

Also, be sure that temperature or weather fluctuations will not harm them.

In your home, a crystal, glass, silver, or wooden box is the best way to display them.

Conduct energy and physical cleanse on them

Every time you use your crystals, be sure to do energy and physical cleaning.

Using a dry, clean towel is all that is needed to physically clean them.

In order to purify them, you may put them in saltwater (water with unprocessed salt) or cleanse them with Reiki power.

Give them a powerful burst of energy

It is possible to charge crystals with Reiki, Pranic energy, or the energy of the moon and the sun, depending on your specific intention.

Consider Reiki and Pranic energy as a source of healing energy.

If you want to use them for psychic powers or rituals to bring things into your life, let the moonlight shine on them.

You may use them to boost your vitality and well-being if you leave them in the sun.

F.A.Q. on Vibration Crystals

If you’re new to the field of high vibration crystals, you’re probably curious about a few common queries that people have.

To assist you, I’ve addressed the most frequently asked questions about high vibration crystals in the following section:

Do High Vibration Crystals Seem to be a Rarity?

Because of its rarity, it’s unlikely that you’ll come across a High Vibration Crystal lying about in the wild.

This does not necessarily mean that they are in short supply; rather, they are not so unusual that you will not be able to locate one for sale.

Where Can You Acquire Crystals of High Vibration?

High Vibration Crystals should be purchased from a reputable crystal shop.

Nowadays, crystals may be found just about everywhere, including in gift stores.

People who want to use crystals for spiritual purposes, on the other hand, should look for crystals that haven’t been treated or mixed with filler materials.

As a result, I recommend that you always purchase crystals from reputable shops and never be hesitant to inquire about the stones’ purity.

High Vibration Crystals are Worth What?

For example, crystals with a higher purity level cost more than those with a lower one.

Hence, it’s difficult to provide a response to this. However, if you don’t plan on purchasing a large crystal, the pricing should be reasonable.

If you’re a spiritual person, you should employ crystals in your manifesting or healing work as a strong tool.

However, you must take into consideration how to choose your crystal, how to utilize it, and how to care for it.

Your feedback on this post is much appreciated, and if you have any more questions concerning high vibration crystals, please feel free to ask them in the comments box below.

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