Cancer Zodiac Sign Personality Traits

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Cancer is a primary water sign. Represented by the crab, this oceanic shellfish effortlessly weaves in between the sea and coast, representing Cancer’s capability to existing in both psychological and material worlds.

Cancers are extremely instinctive and their psychic capabilities manifest in concrete areas: For circumstances, Cancers can easily get the energies in a space. These crabs are extremely conscious of their environments, along with incredibly self-protective.

Just like their celestial spirit animal, Cancers are protected by hard, external shells. In the beginning, these crabs might be viewed as cold or remote.

With time, however, Cancers expose their mild nature, authentic empathy, and magical abilities. Simply do not be amazed if it takes a while to be familiar with them.

Cancer is ruled by the moon, the heavenly body that represents convenience, self-care, and maternal energies. Appropriately, Cancers tend to be locally oriented.

They enjoy developing relaxing, safe areas that act as their individual sanctuaries, then invest great deals of time in them. Cancers care deeply about their households and fast to embrace caretaker functions.

However these crabs need to beware: When Cancers buy somebody mentally, they run the risk of blurring the line in between mindful nurturing and managing habits.

Cancers bring in good friends and enthusiasts through their commitment, dedication, and psychological depth.

These shellfishes make exceptional hosts and delight in amusing with home cooking and free-flowing libations. (Cancer guidelines the stomach, so there’s absolutely nothing these crabs like more than a home-cooked meal.)

If you’re not a fan of Cancer’s accessory to the house, that might be a little an issue. Though these celestial crabs prevent direct dispute by strolling at an angle, they can cause an extreme pinch with their unique brand name of passive-aggressiveness.

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It might be hard to encourage a Cancer to talk freely about what’s troubling them, however, if you can do it without making them feel threatened, you’ll develop lasting trust.

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