The Chinese Astrology: A Simple Explanation


Do you have questions regarding the meanings of Chinese astrology? Do you want to learn more about this 5000-year-old art form?

The lunar calendar is the foundation of Chinese astrology. Horoscopes are made by finding out where each of the stars and planets is in relation to each of the twelve zodiac signs based on when you were born.

This is how other cultures use astrology.

The Chinese Zodiac Signs


Rats are enticing and appealing to the opposite sex. But, contrary to appearances, they are restless, and this might come off as hostility.

Rats are brilliant with money and eager to take advantage of opportunities. They are also quite kind to their buddies.

They like people and huge parties, and they are constantly surrounded by others. They also have numerous personal circles and prefer to be active in all they can, which sometimes leads them to try to do too much.

They are excellent writers and speakers, and they enjoy a high level of success.


Oxen seem peaceful on the outside, yet they have hidden tempers. They are diligent workers who are tenacious to the point of obstinacy.

However, this makes them one of the most reliable indicators. They are dependable and can quickly advance in the workplace.

If they don’t keep an eye on things, they may not have much of social life. They are not particularly good at mind tricks and might be easily misled in romantic situations. They are steadfast and faithful once they discover someone.


Tigers are ferocious and unpredictable. Because of their wild side, they like being the focus of attention. They are outspoken and are constantly seeking the next amazing party or idea.

They are also highly committed to donating their time and money to organizations they care about. They are generous and truthful.

They are, nevertheless, rebels. They seek ideas and will revolt against a society they believe is wrong. They are sensitive and impetuous, and they are prone to both romance and jealousy.

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Rabbits are kind and courteous. They appreciate peace and quiet and prefer a good book to a night out on the town.

Their sensitivity might contribute to moodiness, although rabbits are generally good at preserving peace. While they seem to be calm on the surface, rabbits are adept at locating bargains.

They are charming and may easily persuade others to support their position on an issue. While they are wary, if they feel comfortable, they can be pleasant and welcoming.


Dragons can breathe fire. They are full of energy and a desire to enjoy their lives to the utmost. They are perfectionists who place high expectations on themselves and others.

They frighten people who disagree with them, yet they are very devoted to their pals. They might be obstinate, yet they will express their feelings.

They think they are powerful and lovable, and they try to make others want to live up to their standards.


Snakes are enigmatic, often enticing the opposite sex. They have an elegant demeanor and a penchant for all things great and cultural.

They are secretive, rely on their own self-esteem, and are superstitious about everything. They are not frugal, yet they always have money on hand.

When snakes meet a partner, they get envious and will become frigid, virtually on a whim.


Horses in general are friendly. They like being the center of attention and will captivate others with their quick wit.

They do, however, have changeable alliances and will have numerous fleeting relationships and friendships. They like the change and live exciting lives.

They dislike being tied down and want to work out and spend time outside. They dislike following a plan and often take on too much. They may get irritated with those who they consider being going too slowly.


Sheep are calm creatures. They understand the anguish of others and are easy to speak to. They dislike being rushed and will snap if pushed.

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They dislike harsh remarks and like to be led softly. They are docile, but they are also patient, and they usually get their way.

They are always considerate in their offerings to their friends and family. They are often concerned with what others think of them and have a tendency to overspend.


Monkeys are perceptive and intelligent. They are hands-on problem solvers with a lot of self-assurance. They like completing challenging jobs and do not need to be persuaded to do so.

Their exceptional memory is the root of their success. They are diligent workers who are unconcerned about what others think of them.

They don’t normally have many friends, despite the fact that their success draws others to them.


The Rooster is a romantic. They are both perfectionists and daydreamers. They are detail-oriented and enjoy tasks, even if they seem difficult at first.

They take tremendous delight in learning about every aspect of a topic that fascinates them, and as a result, they are excellent debaters.

They will, however, never acknowledge being incorrect. They also have a tendency to jump in and fix other people’s issues, whether or not they have been requested to do so.

They want to keep themselves occupied and will work for everything they want.


Dogs are friendly and always express their emotions openly. They are particularly family-oriented and devoted to their friends.

They will battle for what they believe to be a worthy cause. They are not at ease in the presence of ostentatious luxury and would want a caring environment regardless of their social standing.

Once you’ve made a buddy out of a dog, they’ll stick by your side for the rest of your life. They are monogamous and choose their partners carefully.

They work hard and play hard, and they understand when it is proper to do one or the other. They are excellent providers for the people they care about.

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Pigs like socializing. They have numerous friends and like to avoid hot disputes and disagreements. It’s not that they don’t have an opinion; they just enjoy themselves too much to risk destroying it.

They are terrific listeners, yet they may be naive at times and easily taken advantage of. This may occasionally cause problems in their relationships.

They are loyal and trustworthy, and they stand by their friends. They are kind to people that matter to them.

The Five Elements

Another aspect of Chinese astrology that is less widely known than the Chinese signs is the Chinese zodiac. Chinese astrologers use a 60-year cycle comprised of five groups of twelve signs.

The animal has more depth because each of the five signs is repeated five times.

Metal, water, wood, fire, and earth are the five elements.

In Chinese astrology, the elements are part of a cycle; one is not superior to another. They do, in reality, have a cyclical connection, both positively and negatively, such that:

Water creates wood, which creates fire, which creates earth, which creates metal, which creates water.


Water extinguishes fire; fire extinguishes metal; metal extinguishes wood; wood extinguishes the earth, and the earth extinguishes water.

They may also be overtly belligerent and hostile.

Water is resistant to fire.

Fire is resistant to metal, which is resistant to wood, which is resistant to earth, which is resistant to water.

So you’ve learned the fundamentals of Chinese astrology. Have fun discovering your Chinese zodiac sign!

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