Clearing of Karmic Patterns: How To Do It?

How to Remove Negative Karmic Traces.

What is the meaning of karmic pattern clearing? Karmic pattern cleaning is purifying deep, habitual reactions that govern how we respond to various circumstances.

This post explains how I see karmic pattern cleansing.

There are several clearing tools and ways that I am aware of. The one I’m describing here is only one of several.

Karmic pattern cleaning often results in the emergence and unveiling of inclinations and thought patterns that have been stored in our subconscious minds.

Meditation and knowledge of our dreams, for that matter, are valuable tools in regulating the process.

Karmic energies are neither positive nor negative. It’s simply the way it is with energy.

However, attitudes and influences, which we may have picked up as children or in prior lifetimes, may cause us to see particular “characteristics” as either favorable or undesirable.

This inclination to pass judgment is virtually instinctive and quick.

Energy (reaction) must often be allowed to take its entire course for the “cause” to be “found” and subsequently “comprehended.”

When the first response occurs, a second reaction analyzes the first and determines if the former is excellent or negative.

If the previous response is negative or unwanted, our personality will attempt to “repair” the situation by avoiding (blocking) it from recurring.

So far, we’ve seen a rise in the number of responses, which might make things worse at times.

A Technique for Clearing

This is one approach I take:

Usually, I will categorize all of the responses that come to my attention.

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I’m teaching myself to recognize my inclinations. This is something I do in circumstances when I have a strong response.

How should these responses be defined? There are several methods to do this. Here are a few examples:

1. Expressing “my feelings.” Make them known.

2. Keeping track of them in a record book or notebook.

What is the point of all of this? As a result, they (the thinking patterns) become known to our conscious selves.

More and more of our karmic inclinations will be revealed when we exhibit them (and eventually be understood).

This will continue until the emotional energy in the responses wears out. We’ll be less interested in them after they’ve lost their emotional charge.

As a result, I believe this to have ‘removed the karmic pattern.’

Oh, there’s one more thing. The “external” scenario is really “made” to reveal something about ourselves.

We may need to use the “mirroring” idea at times. For example, when we meet someone we don’t like, check to discover whether we share the same pattern deep inside our unconscious or subconscious.

This is the most challenging element for me to accept.

Is there a fast and painless method to get rid of this karma? Not that I’m aware of.

In addition, dream interpretation might help us with our karmic pattern cleansing efforts.

Dreams often disclose elements of our unconscious and subconscious selves to us.

As a result, being able to analyze dreams is a huge help in knowing who we are and how our minds work.

Thank you for your time.

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