Communicate with Nature with These 7 Easy & Simple Steps!

Communicating with Nature

Here Are Seven Easy Steps That Will Get You Started Communicating with Nature

Communicating with Nature

As soon as you walk out your front door, you will be surrounded by the natural environment in every direction. Even if you live in a bustling metropolis, you may still find signs of life in the crevices of the sidewalks and in the weeds that grow in the vacant lots. You don’t need to be in a particularly beautiful or quiet spot in order to communicate with nature; in fact, it’s simpler than you may think to communicate with the natural world.

However, in order to begin, there is one basic idea that you need to comprehend, and that is the idea of oneness. The majority of us find it far simpler to speak with animals than with plants, streams, or trees. As we make our way back to the original source of our energy, every living thing is one with all of the other living things since we all originate from the same energy source. Once you have an understanding of the interconnectedness of the natural world, it is not too much of a stretch to understand that the world around you may have a consciousness of its own – one with which you can have a “conversation” of sorts. When you have this knowledge, it is not too much of a reach to comprehend 

You may be asking yourself why you would wish to converse with the natural world. In addition to the fact that it is a pleasurable, energizing, and life-affirming activity, you may seek to communicate with nature for the purpose of improving your mental health, for instance, or to seek answers to questions in which your own intuition and higher consciousness could use a boost. Both of these reasons are obvious. Be conscious of the fact, however, that communication with nature ought to be a two-way street, much like the most fruitful talks that take place between humans. You should provide some advantage to nature in the same way that you provide value to yourself. But before we get to it, let’s have a look at the first step you need to take in order to get started with this process.

1. Select Your Preferred Location

If you are just starting to interact with the natural world, it will be much simpler for you to do so if you choose a natural area that is calm and serene. Certainly, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to accomplish this even in the heart of a busy metropolitan life, but for your initial tests, you should choose a situation that is more peaceful. It doesn’t even have to be in a very far-flung location; a secluded portion of the countryside in any of the states would suffice. When I say “silence,” I’m referring to the absence of human activity. The greatest locations to study and practice nature communication are really pretty alive in terms of natural noises; thus, if you have the option, choose a location that is adjacent to flowing water, where there is a lot of birdsong, or where the ground is rather crunchy underfoot.

2. Select the Terms That Apply to You

When you’re just getting started, it can be easier to pick a day when the natural elements are out in force. Choose a day when it’s windy, or a day when it’s raining, or a day when it’s icy, when the very sounds of the weather itself can factor into your communication. You may prefer to be outside when the weather is fine and sunny, but when you’re just getting started, it can be easier to pick a day when the natural elements are in force.

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3. Make an effort to Communicate

When you have arrived at the location you have selected, be still and silent for a few seconds. The next step is to make a mental request to communicate with the natural environment around you. At first, you may find that doing this makes you feel weird and ridiculous, but after some time, it will become natural to you. Just carry on a conversation with yourself in your brain as if you were having it with another person. ‘Hey, I’m Nikki. How are things going for you today? Have you got a moment to have a little talk with me?’ It doesn’t matter what you say, as long as you say it with an open heart and make it abundantly apparent that you’re encouraging conversation. That’s all that matters.

4. Choose Simple Questions, or No Questions at All

You are not there to question the natural world in search of solutions to the mysteries of existence, the cosmos, and everything else. You are there to listen to or pick up on whatever it is that you can hear or feel, to accept it, and to gain knowledge from it. If you do decide to ask questions, make sure they are not leading in any way and are straightforward. For example, you may ask, “What do I need to know today?” Alternately, you might refrain from asking any questions at all. Simply extend your energy hand and keep a space in your heart for nature. You could try meditating, or you could just let your thoughts wander.

5. Be Open to Possible Responses

How will you be able to tell whether the natural world reacts to what you do? a gazillion different ways. You can become aware of a certain animal or bug coming closer to you and engaging in energy communication with you. It’s possible that the sound of the waves or the gusts of wind may seem to have a rhythm or pattern to them. It’s possible that all of a sudden you’ll become aware of anything, like a blade of grass tickling your thigh or the movement of a pinecone in the wind. Although the majority of individuals do not experience this, it is possible to hear a voice in your head if you have some degree of clairaudience. If you pay attention to what is happening around you, if you allow yourself to be a part of the natural world, and if you are willing to be open to the natural world’s oneness with you, then you will quickly become aware of the myriad of ways in which your answers or your conversation may arrive. Allow your senses to come to their own conclusions about what is going on. You’ll start to recognize signs in communication as time and experience go on; for instance, maybe the wind kicks up while you concentrate on a certain issue, or maybe a spider constantly emerges whenever you’re feeling sad. These signatures will become more apparent to you.

6. This is a Project with a Protracted Timeframe

When you do this exercise for the first few times, it is quite likely that you won’t see, hear, or notice anything that you may decide to interpret as communication. It’s all good. It doesn’t happen overnight. You will, however, start to get the hang of things if you consistently put in the effort to do this. You won’t be able to avoid sensing and comprehending the minuscule adjustments that will take place throughout your so-called “conversations” as your level of attunement to the oneness that exists between you and the universe around you rises.

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7. Express Your Gratitude

Do you remember when I stated that a discussion that went in both directions should be beneficial to the natural world as well as to you? Say “thank you” not just verbally and mentally after your allotted time has expired and you are getting ready to go, but also in a manner that shows your gratitude in a tangible sense. It is courteous to leave the location in better condition than you found it in, such as by cleaning up rubbish on the way out of there.

Once you get accustomed to talking to the natural world in this manner, you’ll want to do it more and more frequently, and you’ll be shocked by how deeply touching some of your “conversations” will be. Once you get used to talking to the natural world in this way, you’ll want to do it more and more often.

Do you have any kind of relationship with the natural world that surrounds you? Do you have any suggestions or thoughts that you might share? Tell us the details!

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