The Healing Properties of a Desert Rose


The Desert Rose crystal and everything it has to offer will be the subject of our discussion in today’s post.

As its name suggests, this semiprecious rock is found mostly in desert regions, including Mexico, Moroccana, Australiaiana, Tunisian, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan.

The Desert Rose crystal is mostly made of selenite gypsum, which is found all over the world.

Selenite and barite combine to make it, and moisture condensation is the only step involved in its formation.

In the Desert Rose, wind, sand, and erosion combine to produce a mass of selenite, and this mass is exposed to these forces.

The crystal seems to be a collection of tiny fragments, like a dazzling version of a desert cactus.

It has been shown that these clusters may grow to a height of 99cm (39 inches) and a weight of 453kg (1000 lbs).

Collectors prize large clusters of desert roses because they are so uncommon.

As a result, these geodes are often sold in single pieces, broken down into small pieces that look like rosebuds.

What Is the Symbolism of the Desert Rose Stone?

The Sand Rose, Selenite Rose, and Gypsum Rose are also named for this gem.

This crystal is thought to have a unique spirit guardian since it can only be discovered in deserts and other places devoid of water.

This crystal, which is essentially a kind of selenite, has a strong connection to the Lunar Mansion, which is home to many of the world’s guardian angels and spirit guides.

For centuries, this gem has been worn as an amulet to ward off irrational fears and anxieties.

Belief in one’s own abilities is also claimed to be boosted as a result. It aids in the perception of the presence and assistance of one’s own guardian angel or spirit guide.

The principal meanings of the Desert Rose crystal revolve around its purification and protection capabilities, as well as its ability to boost the wearer’s self-esteem.

Additionally, this crystal is capable of recharging any other crystals that are put on top of it or nearby.

This unique crystal is made up of sand, wind, and water and so contains three of the four fundamental elements.

Because this energy is so rare and unique, it may help the chakras of the solar plexus, heart, throat, and crown open and work properly.

What Are The Properties Of The Desert Rose Crystal?

The Desert Rose crystal is known to help people remember their past lives and have vivid dreams.

People who engage in shamanic or spiritual rituals can greatly benefit from this gem (like Reiki, Theta Healing, and PEAT, for example).

When Desert Rose is used, it cleans and activates the crown chakra and pineal gland, which are both important for past-life regression, astral travel, and becoming more aware.

Raising Vibrations and Higher Truth

As awakened people know, raising the frequency of everyone and everything around us is critical in the 3D reality where our inherent vibration has already been decreased by occupying the suit of flesh.

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This crystal’s ability to help us return to a higher level of awareness makes it clear that there are more dimensions and more than our senses can detect.

It aids us in tuning in to and aligning with our greater truth and purpose.

“Restoring equilibrium and boosting consciousness

restores harmony to the chakras and has a positive impact on the health of our “flesh suit.”

When our chakras are balanced and optimized, the Desert Rose crystal has an impact on the entire health of the body and helps alleviate symptoms that are directly linked to the underlying metaphysical issue.

Minerals and elements aren’t what make this stone valuable; rather, its ability to help people see the world in different ways is what makes it worth having in your home.

As a result, we are less likely to take ourselves too seriously, which elevates our mood and heightens our ability to laugh at ourselves.

“Soothing and calming

A good thing about the Desert Rose crystal is that it can calm the mind.

It is a symbol of resoluteness and the ability to defend one’s position.

Desert Rose encourages heart-centered thinking and compassion, and it helps one better comprehend one’s emotional body.

As it links cosmic currents with your own biorhythm, Desert Rose increases the appropriate flow of global life energy, strengthening your bond with those you care about most.

Rowdy homes benefit greatly from the use of Desert Rose crystal, which may be used to defuse arguments amongst roommates.

Equal amounts of peaceful energy are made by balancing out the forces and different types of energy.

To show that you are willing to listen, Desert Rose is a good desk accessory for meetings and brainstorming sessions.

“Moreover, it shapes their personalities and entices them

This is a very potent gem since it has the ability to shape a person’s personality.

When you’re a young person or teen, this practice will help you a lot because it raises your vibration and connects you to the source of the universe, which helps you learn empathy and compassion.

Using crystals, like the Desert Rose, may help the elderly rediscover their zest for life, feel spiritually renewed, awakened, and open to the new things that life has to offer them.

It’s a great stone for retirees who wish to rediscover the pleasures of life.

Now that you’re familiar with the four primary features of Desert Rose Crystal, let’s talk about how you may put it to use in your life.

Instructions for Making and Utilizing Desert Rose Crystal

Desert Rose may be used for a variety of things.

Since it’s a diversified crystal with a wide range of unique qualities, as you can see below, it may be used in many different ways.

*In and around the home*

A protection grid can be made by putting it in the four corners of your bedroom.

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In addition, this will help you recall your dreams when you wake up, and it will improve your dreams and astral travel.

*In the Sleeping Area*

For psychic dreams, keep it close to your bedside so it may work as a guardian of your sleep cycle.

Keeping a Desert Rose near or under your pillow will help develop your 3rd eye and crown chakras, all of which are associated with foresight and intuition.

*In the Cooking Area*

Your kitchen will be filled with riches and success if you put it near the fire or in the corners.

Invoking a sense of tranquility, harmony, and wealth into a person’s house is what this stone does best.

*You May Carry it with You at All Times*

Desert Rose may help keep a person or animal safe and protected by keeping it on your person or putting it on a photograph of the person or animal.

Those who keep this crystal near or have it put on their photo will feel its effects since it has the ability to communicate with entities from higher planes of existence, such as lunar mansions, guardian angels, and ghosts.

*In the Light of the Full Moon*

You may “water” your Desert Rose crystal by putting it in the moonlight. This will help it absorb good energy.

Because Desert Rose should never come into contact with water, keeping it in the moonlight is like charging it with great energy and providing it with a boost.

*As a Spellbinding Accessory*

Using dried herbs and flowers (such as sage, chamomile, thyme…) and bits of clear quartz, you may build an energy matrix that acts as a doorway to the higher dimensions in your house, and you can anticipate tremendous creative and protective energies entering your home.

*Adding the Element of Fire to it*

To enhance the power of a Desert Rose crystal, place it next to a white or beige candle that is burning at night. Always use care while working with open flames!

This is particularly effective on Mondays and Fridays, when people are more likely to be looking for long-term relationships and meaningful connections.

*Combining it with White as a Base Color*

White surfaces in the bathroom are good for clearing out your aura and relieving tension, particularly while you’re in the middle of a cleaning bath.

You should, however, take care to protect your Desert Rose crystal from water damage.

*Lunar Phases, as well as Reiki Charges*

With the help of Reiki, you can make this gem into an important charm or talisman. You can do this with a specific goal in mind.

You should avoid doing so on Mondays during the moon hour and during the full moon.

Desert Rose crystals are claimed to bring wishes to fruition if held in the palm and wished upon during the New Moon.

On Friday, you may also make a wish related to fertility or love.

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You may make it through Monday if your request has anything to do with family or safety.

When it comes to making a wish that is tied to your aims and desires, Tuesday is the day.

Wednesday is the day to accomplish it if it has anything to do with academics or writing.

It should be on Thursday if it has anything to do with sports or good fortune.

Make it on Saturday if it’s related to farming or long-term company success.

Desert Rose crystals are blessed on Sunday, and it’s supposed that everything you wish for will come true quickly and in the greatest possible way for everyone involved.

*Placing it Next To or on Top of the Art*

This crystal has the power of a spirit guardian, so putting a child’s drawings or wishes under it and then leaving it to do its work is a good idea.

Keeping a Desert Rose in your atelier or working space may have a huge impact on the quality of your work.

This stone is supposed to be able to remove any kind of creative blockage, including writer’s block.

Desert Rose Crystal Cleaning Instructions

In contrast to most other crystals, the Desert Rose does not need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

If you keep it in a dry place, it will last longer and be more stable.

By smudging, using Tibetan singing bowls, keeping it in moonlight, and putting it next to clear quartz or amethyst, you may purify this magnificent stone.

You may use Reiki, particularly the cleaning varieties, in order to remove any bad energies and restore the crystal’s equilibrium.

Crystal of the Desert Rose

The desert rose crystal has a wide range of therapeutic abilities and uses, just like the gem itself.

This stone has the ability to boost vibration, restore equilibrium, soothe the mind, and even shape the character of those who use it.

As a multifunctional tool, you may use it around your house or on yourself to get its numerous advantages.

To find a stone that may help you connect with your greater truth and bring about harmony in your life, look no further than the desert rose crystal.

Questions about the Desert Rose Crystal

Is Desert Rose Crystal Water Resistant?

The Desert Rose crystal is a water-sensitive stone and should never be submerged in water. Otherwise, it will break down.

How Do You Clean a Desert Rose Crystal?

Maintain it in the moonlight or near clear quartz or amethyst to keep it in balance. Smudge it. Ring bells over it. It is also possible for Reiki practitioners to perform “cleaning Reiki” on it.

Which Chakra works best with Desert Rose Crystal?

With three elements and wood qualities, Desert Rose is great for activating the crown, third eye, and heart chakras.

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