Difficulty Discovering Your Passion: Give This a Shot

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Do not concern yourself with the world’s requirements. Inquire about the things that ignite your passion and pursue them, as the world requires individuals who are truly alive. – Howard Thurman (influential figure in American history.)

Over the past three years, I have been experiencing a period of uncertainty commonly referred to as a quarter-life crisis.

After only a few months of being confined to my cubicle in my first job, I had a profound realization that many people eventually experience: I will be working a job every single day for the next forty-plus years of my life. To find true enjoyment, it is essential for me to live a life aligned with my purpose and actively pursue my passions.

Recognizing the brevity of life and the importance of seizing the present moment, I wholeheartedly immersed myself in the pursuit of knowledge and the application of guidance that could help me uncover and embrace my true passion.

During the course of three years, I signed up for various hobbies that caught my attention. I explored and followed different career paths. I discussed my strengths with my friends. I motivated my spouse to discover their passions, ensuring that we both received the necessary support to pursue our dreams. I patiently and eagerly awaited for inspiration to strike.

Before long, a few of my passions began to emerge in ways that were unmistakable.

I thoroughly enjoyed engaging in writing, having personal interactions with individuals, being involved in business ventures, practicing yoga, supporting animal rescues, indulging in chocolate, frequenting coffee establishments, and staying updated with digital news publications.

In order to determine which ideas resonated with me, I ventured into entrepreneurship, transitioned between different professions, pursued freelance writing opportunities, established a local yoga community, engaged in volunteer work, and embarked on a journey of self-discovery.


However, my endeavors to discover a passion that could potentially turn into my profession consistently followed a familiar pattern. I would begin with immense enthusiasm, yielding commendable outcomes, only to be confronted by a gentle inner voice murmuring, “This isn’t the one. There must be something else awaiting you.”

After a few years of unsuccessful attempts to discover a lasting passion, I made the choice to temporarily halt my search.

During this period, I would dedicate myself to my job and accept the reality that many individuals do not pursue careers that align with their passions, and perhaps that is acceptable. Ultimately, I could continue to pursue my interests beyond my professional life.

However, my determination to build a profession centered on my passion never wavered.

The moment that changed everything for me occurred on a particular evening when I found myself at home alongside my spouse, engrossed in The Legend of Baggar Vance. This film tells the story of a struggling golfer who seeks the guidance of a motivational golf caddy named Baggar Vance to improve his skills.

During one of the scenes, Baggar addresses the golfer:

Deep within each individual lies a unique and genuine swing. Something that is inherent to us. Something that belongs exclusively to us. Something that is inherently unteachable or unlearnable. Something that must be remembered.

I was momentarily stunned, unable to react. As the movie continued, my thoughts remained fixated on a single notion: the importance of cherishing your passion and your unique and genuine talent.

I spent a considerable amount of time searching, experimenting, and exploring various jobs, careers, and interests that seemed appealing to me, all the while neglecting to acknowledge the passions that have been a part of me all along.

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In a sudden moment of clarity, I realized that, throughout my entire existence, my passion has always revolved around business and personal finance. From a young age, my father and grandmother were unwavering in their commitment to educate me about the dynamics of money and the potential for financial independence through entrepreneurship.

As I reflect on my upbringing, I realize that the numerous valuable lessons I learned along the way sparked a genuine passion for business within me. This passion has subtly influenced various aspects of my life, even though I may not have fully acknowledged it at the time.

I reminisced about the moment when I was nine years old and expressed my desire to become a financial planner, inspired by my grandmother’s guidance in honing my business and money management abilities.

I also recall being captivated as I read business magazines during my flights. I recalled my desire to eventually become an entrepreneur and run my own business. I came to the realization that this profound, unchanging flow linked various stages of my existence.

But why does my passion seem so ordinary? Shouldn’t passions be artistic, exotic, or inspiring? Don’t passions have the power to amaze others?

Maybe not. Maybe my enthusiasm for ordinary things could serve as a means to infuse vitality into an otherwise ordinary subject—similar to how your eccentric history teacher animatedly and rapidly discussed the Civil Rights movement, igniting your own excitement about it.

Ever since this epiphany, I have embarked on a journey to establish my own financial coaching business, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. For the very first time, the soft voice within me is gently murmuring, “You’re heading in the right direction!” I have managed to stay focused without getting distracted by other potential activities. Moreover, I am actively pursuing my other interests as well.

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If you’re having difficulty discovering your passion, even after attempting various activities, I suggest the following: take a moment to relax, grab your journal, prepare a warm cup of tea, and reflect on your personal interests.

Reflect on your past experiences and recall the aspirations you had, the innate habits you cultivated, the recreational activities you engaged in, and the literature you immersed yourself in. Consider how these elements could potentially relate to your present life and professional path. You may find it astonishing to discover the hidden connection points that have been right in front of you this whole time.

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