DMT Entities: Scientists Interested to Learn More

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DMT is one of the most powerful entheogens that has ever been discovered by humans, and the trip that it produces is quite different from the trips that are caused by other types of psychoactive chemicals.

Users have described being taken to a faraway world where they encounter beings that seem to be acting on their own, and often, the same entities may be seen by many users at the same time. Now, researchers are making an effort to compile a list of these experiences in order to determine exactly what or who those DMT beings are.

DMT is an endogenous molecule that may be found in a wide variety of plants, animals, and people. It exists in more than one form and can be found in all of these organisms. It was first manufactured in 1956 by the Hungarian chemist Stephen Szara, but ever since then, it has confounded consumers as well as researchers.

Dr. Roland Griffiths, a behavioral psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins University, recently issued a questionnaire in which he asked anybody who has taken DMT and encountered autonomous entities—ccreatures who appear to behave independently of one’s own ego—tto share specifics about their experience with the drug.

The questionnaire inquires about dose in addition to inquiring about whether or not users have experienced a “breakthrough” experience, which is often referred to as “blasting off.”

The user has a sensation similar to that of being reborn into a psychedelic realm when they take a dosage that is high enough to cause them to break through a membrane of some kind and feel as if they have been transported out of their body and into another dimension.

Dr. Rick Strassman and Andrew Gallimore, authors of different research, have suggested an experiment in which they would give DMT intravenously to a participant in order to maintain them in the world of DMT for a lengthy amount of time. The concept was conceived as a result of one of Strassman’s clinical experiments, which included the administration of four psychedelic doses to test participants. During the course of the experiment, themes and a narrative developed over the course of numerous trips.

The purpose of these investigations is to determine whether or not the DMT world is only a product of human consciousness rather than whether or not it genuinely exists independently of human awareness by comparing the experiences of a diverse range of subjects.

Some of the most influential people in the field of psychedelic research, such as Terrence McKenna, Graham Hancock, and Daniel Pinchbeck, have talked about their personal experiences with consuming psychedelic substances like DMT, Ayahuasca, and other substances with similar effects. Here are some of their accounts:

Elves and DMT aliens

When he was presenting to an audience in 1994, the prominent psychonaut Terrence McKenna, who had spent his life investigating the myriad facets of the psychedelic experience, condensed his 30 to 40 DMT excursions into a single overarching experience. This was the conclusion that he came to.

During this lecture, he presented his audience with a mental image that went on to become a standard depiction of some beings that many people claim to have seen while under the influence of DMT. In spite of the fact that he acknowledged that words were not enough to adequately explain them, he referred to them as the machine elves.

McKenna shared his story and provided an estimate of how much DMT must have been smoked in order to reach the state he referred to as the “breakthrough.” After that, he says he heard a high-pitched noise that kept getting louder and louder, like the sound of ripping cellophane or a crackling flame, before physically breaking through a membrane and arriving in the DMT reality, which is a place that is completely different from the reality that we know.

This is the first archetypal area that McKenna accepts that “aficionados” of DMT will know what he’s referring to when he refers to it as the dome. McKenna calls this place the dome. Many individuals find themselves in this dome-shaped location, which is often underground, and it is distinguished by its jeweled, geodesic, and fractalized properties.

There, McKenna relates how he was greeted by the so-called machine elves, who yelled “hooray” and seemed to be charmed by his presence. He makes reference to the Pink Floyd lyrics that read, “The gnomes have learnt a new way to yell “hooray,” and he speculates that the band may have been alluding to the same psychedelic experience, namely the same archetype of the machine gnome.

McKenna claims that they tell him that they are delighted that he has made it and that they feel he does not see them frequently enough. He portrays the elves as squeaking, jeweled, self-dribbling basketballs composed of language and light. This is not how we may see elves, but it is how he describes them.

These DMT beings keep him on track and prevent him from becoming too astonished by the marvels he sees, so that he can do what he set out to do. They instead push him to construct physical reality via music in the same way that they do.

McKenna had definitely done some studying to unearth the insights that Dr. Griffiths is looking for, and she acknowledged that around five percent of users have these comparable images and emotions.

McKenna also referred to his experiences with DMT as “alien,” speculating that, if extraterrestrial beings do exist, they would conceal themselves inside these adventures. He imagines an ethical alien creature seeing humans as “hard-headed, rationalists” who only open themselves up to mystical experiences by taking psychedelic substances, or “getting loaded,” as he puts it. He believes this entity would judge humans to be unethical.

Although many people believe the DMT experience to be too strange to attach any significance to it, McKenna felt it to have a great deal of significance in his life. He was under the impression that it was a look into the world that awaited him after death, a parallel spirit realm that existed not too distant from our own.

This realization seems to be more prevalent after ingesting DMT via the more spiritual medium of ayahuasca. This is an opinion that is shared by a number of people, including Graham Hancock.

Ayahuasca Entities Conceived by Graham Hancock

Hancock has been an outspoken advocate for the use of shamanic rituals, including ayahuasca, because of their potential therapeutic benefits. Hancock, who describes himself as a passionate user, claims that he takes part in these rituals on many occasions throughout the year.

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He praises the drug for having healed him of a lifetime of debilitating migraines and a cannabis habit that he recognized as having bad effects on his life.

But when he talks about his experiences with the Ayahuasca that included DMT, he adds that he encounters a reoccurring entity that is constantly concerned with looking out for his health and safety. Mother Ayahuasca is the name he gives to this DMT creature, he says.

Hancock has said that he thinks every adult has the freedom to choose whether or not to use cannabis and that he feels it has practical applications; nonetheless, he discovered that his chronic misuse was starting to weigh on his life and on his partner’s life. After decades of consuming cannabis,

Mother Ayahuasca informed him that the drug was no longer doing anything for him and that he should stop taking it. He said that she went through his life and showed him his death as a representation of what would occur if he continued down the road he was on.

Hancock said that after he quit taking the plant, it was as if a monkey had been removed from his back. This led to a mental clarity that enhanced practically every element of Hancock’s life.

However, Hancock also brings up the fact that there are other beings in the DMT world who do not have our well-being in mind. He talks of evil beings who aim to trick us into believing something that isn’t true, much as a traditional demon would. He claims that he encountered several of these things when he was shown his death, and he describes them as being similar to something that might be seen in a painting by Hieronymus Bosch.

That Ayahuasca, which Mother Hancock so endearingly refers to, also often manifests in the form of animals. In his book titled “The Cosmic Serpent,” Jeremy Narby argues that the DNA double helix was presented to mankind by the serpentine beings of Ayahuasca. A snake is a frequent entity that is taken by Mother Ayahuasca.

There are many different cultural symbols that depict the snake, such as the caduceus, the kundalini life force, the Mayan deity Quetzalcoatl, and the serpent that was in the Garden of Eden.

Jaguars are another DMT creature that people often perceive when under the influence of ayahuasca. It is stated that shamans have the ability to transform their bodies into those of jaguars at their command. In order to do this, they must first become one with the entity they are attempting to channel through a series of rituals.

Daniel Pinchbeck’s DMT Demons

Because of the nature of many psychedelic experiences, users are often forced to face suppressed feelings. This forces them to deal with problems that may not be pleasant and may be thought of as the “death of the ego.” These sentiments, which are sometimes difficult to deal with because they are buried behind layers of emotional scar tissue, may sometimes present themselves as demons that seem to be of a physical nature.

Users often describe feeling a sense of success or closure for having dealt with these issues after the fact, despite the fact that experiencing them during the journey may be quite terrifying. When under the influence of psychoactive substances, the phrase “confronting your demons” may take on a very literal meaning.

On the other hand, this is not always the case with DMT. People report having encounters with beings that are completely independent of themselves. These entities are said to be so weird and otherworldly that it is impossible to comprehend someone having conceived of them with their mind. Consequently, this is the reason why Dr. Griffiths is quite interested.

Daniel Pinchbeck writes in his book, Breaking Open the Head, about his experience of encountering unpleasant autonomous creatures that remained to plague him for weeks following his trip with a DMT molecular variation called DPT. Pinchbeck had the trip while under the influence of a substance called DPT.

Pinchbeck said that the aliens he met showed disgust or sympathy for his existence as a simple human, which is similar to the reports that other people have given of DMT entities. Others have reported their experiences with DMT creatures being treated with apathy or receiving messages along the lines of “Ok, you’ve seen it.” Now go.”

Pinchbeck, on the other hand, was exposed to a horrifying world of gothic insects, reptiles, and winged monsters while under the influence of DPT. He described this world as a postmodern demonic MTV psychedelic. In hindsight, he understood that it was disrespectful of him to take a substance of that size without the shamanic ceremonial component, which might have been a contributing cause of the terrifying experience he had.

In the following weeks, Pinchbeck experienced a number of unexplainable synchronicities, along with unusual nightmares and what he refers to as a “poltergeist” in his flat. In the middle of the night, mirrors would fall off the wall, odd alien bugs would arrive, and he would have bizarre bodily feelings. He asked other people to verify the existence of bad energy, and then he performed an exorcism in order to cleanse himself of its effects.

In the end, he was able to rid himself of the demon through the practice of Buddhist meditation, which allowed his life to return to its previous state of equilibrium. According to Pinchbeck, the beings he encountered while under the influence of this DMT equivalent could not have been much more genuine or independent.

Based simply on the accounts of complete strangers found on the internet, it is difficult to say with any certainty whether or not Dr. Griffiths and his colleagues will be able to determine what or who precisely these DMT beings are. Although Griffiths comes from a different field of expertise, Dr. Rick Strassman did a more in-depth experiment when he was working on the book and video, DMT: The Spirit Molecule.

If we looked more deeply into this topic, would we be able to get a clearer picture of how these creatures could be connected to the world as we know it? If they are really independent individuals, do they reside in a parallel realm that isn’t too far away from our own?

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