Finding Little Miracles Even When Things Are Tough

Finding Little Miracles Even When Things Are Tough

You can only lead one of two lives. You act as if every little thing is a miracle. While the other one acts as if every little thing is a miracle. – Einstein, Albert.

Miracles occurred at every turn during my cancer experience. Both big and small, with some being more important than others. However, they are all incredible, and I am very grateful to each and every one of them.

Focusing on the positive things happening in my life helped me get through the worst of circumstances. I applied my knowledge of positive psychology effectively. I made an effort to be an excellent student and put part of what I learned into practice, even though I was afraid about my cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The good news is… What exactly was it that I thought was a miracle?

After an unpleasant all-night wait for admittance into the hospital, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had reserved my private room, which had a purple wall and window and a view of the Hudson River.

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How did they deduce that I had always had a soft spot for the color purple and a penchant for picturesque waterfront views?

The freshly constructed wing was thoughtfully planned with healing and beauty in mind, and I became somewhat pampered by that pleasant chamber. I was fortunate to have that chamber accessible upon my admission.

Consequently, on the few occasions that I was sent to the hospital, I was placed in a standard cancer unit room, where I had to endure the constant barrage of unpleasant noises and the interruptions caused by my roommate’s relatives visiting. Having the room with my longest hospital stay was a blessing, however! Victory in purple!

Incredibly miraculous!

I told my oncologist, in an unpleasant manner, that I was frightened of feeling sick and throwing up during treatment. The number of films in which the cancer patient frequently rests his head on the toilet is excessive.

She then added, “You should be okay as long as you take the anti-nausea pill before you get sick.”

Plus, I was! I really almost puked once. Incredibly miraculous!

Medicine is not my area of expertise. Even Tylenol requires me to be quite ill. No antibiotic has ever worked for me. They make me sick to my stomach, and in the case of some, I get severe allergic responses, including rashes, joint pain, and even C. diff.

During my therapy, I had to take a variety of drugs, including antibiotics for fungal infections, viruses, and bacteria. Suddenly, I was taking a mixture of pills—anywhere from one to five at a time.

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Moreover, I had no adverse effects on my stomach from taking them.

Incredibly miraculous!

I neglected to mention the biggest and most crucial one: After telling an emergency room radiologist, “Just put me in hospice,” they changed my terrifying diagnosis to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which is highly regarded for its favorable prognosis and even referred to as “one of the better cancers”—providing I can endure the treatment

The original consulting doctor and a member of the family both agreed that this particular malignancy was the best option.

I avoided a hospice sentence!

Compared to the first discovery, this is a huge relief, but I don’t know whether it deserves the epithet miraculous—after all, a cancer diagnosis is an oxymoron.

I won’t go into detail here about the cancer, but there were many more miracles as I was getting treatment. This is all about being receptive to the wonders that exist in our lives. For me, finding and concentrating on them helped me get through it.

Being grateful is a natural byproduct of being aware of and appreciative of the positive things in our lives. Furthermore, being thankful is an important component of a healthy life and personal happiness. It is also a crucial means of dealing with stress. It doesn’t eliminate the unpleasant, but it does make it more tolerable.

How can we strengthen the “miracle” muscle—the ability to be thankful and focused on the positive—so that we can better handle the good times?

Maintain Your Attention on the Current Moment

Overthinking and fretting about the future prevents us from appreciating miracles in the here and now. Inhale deeply and savor the moment as the flower reveals its inner splendor.

Being preoccupied with the future prevents us from fully appreciating the present moment. The hot water feels so pleasant as it streams down on us in the shower, which is a nice perk of taking a shower.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

To help your thoughts become more optimistic, try keeping a gratitude journal in which you list just a few things you’re thankful for.

It might be something as simple as a cup of scented coffee or as profound as a meaningful discussion with a close friend. When you see a beautiful rose, do you focus on the sharp thorns? Both of these exist, but which one do you find yourself concentrating on more?

Let Your Senses Guide You

Devote your whole attention to each one. Take a detour and observe more closely. Listen to a song and try to pick out each instrument. Immerse yourself in the aromas of the market as you sniff the flowers, incense, and spices. Taste different dishes. Squish the plush sofa. Gather your senses for an experimental sensory party. Imagination may run wild in this space.

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Embrace the Mundane

Despite how it seems, this really allows us to notice more of the remarkable.

Listening to the birdsong first thing in the morning or gazing out at the vastness of the ocean and its horizon can evoke a sense of wonder at the natural world. One way to cultivate gratitude for life is to sit quietly and listen to one’s own breath while meditating or just relaxing. Dancing or exercising may enhance our appreciation of the graceful motions and natural beauty of our bodies.

We put in the time and effort during the good times to strengthen ourselves for the bad times. After that, you’ll be eternally thankful for all the marvels in your life, both big and small, that you would have missed if you hadn’t.

Your MASTERY OF LIFE begins the moment you break through your prisons of self-created limitations and enter the inner worlds where creation begins.

-Dr. Jonathan Parker-

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