7 Signs You’re a Free Spirit (Ditch the Stereotype)

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If you want to learn whether or not you are a free spirit, the first thing you need to do is ask yourself the following question:

Which do you value more in life: contentment or the ability to pursue everything you want?

In a moment, I’ll assist you in determining the correct response to the question you just asked.

But before we get to that, I want to acknowledge that I am aware of how busy you are, so let’s go right into the good stuff:

The Free Spirit Exudes the Characteristics of a Wolverine

You read it correctly.

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The free spirit and the wolf have the same fundamental nature. (On a related point, may this be the reason why, for millennia, people have had such a healthy respect and healthy dread of wolves?) However, this essence is not consistent with the contemporary conception of the free spirit. Permit me to elaborate on why:

Ancient Concepts

Traditionally, the concept of a “free spirit” refers to a person who despises being restrained and who yearns to be untethered and independent from the constraints imposed by family and society. Think about all the renowned vagrants, hippies, and gloomy heartthrobs that you’ve seen on television, in the movies, and in other forms of popular culture.

However, there is a significant issue with this portrayal of the free spirit, and that is the fact that it is still slavery. These so-called “free spirits” that we admire and want to be like are not really free in any meaningful sense. On the surface, it seems like they have achieved freedom. They give the impression of being successful and happy on the surface.

But if you’ve ever seen a so-called free spirit who unwittingly patterns themselves after the ideals of popular culture, you’ll quickly know that there’s something not quite right about them.

They are still attempting to avoid anything by fleeing.

And sure, having the intestinal fortitude to rebel against powerful businesses, the repressive aspects of contemporary living, and society as a whole is an act of bravery. But would you call it true freedom? Is this really the essence of what it means to have a “free spirit”?

What Does it Mean to Really be Free?

Freedom is something that may be experienced both on the outside and the inside. Freedom, often known as being free from subjugation, has as much to do with the state of our own thoughts as it does with the external conditions of the world.

If you do not have the will to free yourself from the outside and inner voices of tyranny and would rather conform to the expectations of society, then freedom is not essential to you. The phrases “convenience” and “complacency”

If you don’t have the urge to be freed from ALL causes of captivity, whether they come from the outside world or from inside your own reality, then the word “free spirit” is merely a trendy feel-good label with no actual substance to it. It’s the same as dressing in gypsy soul bohemian clothing, accessorizing yourself with foreign jewelry, and getting a massive “free spirit” tattoo and posting it all over social media — it looks beautiful on the surface, but it’s not the real deal.

The free spirit might be seen as an incarnation of one’s “inner wolf.” She is capable of becoming anything and thriving in any condition. She is capable of playing the role of the nurturer as well as the defender; the observer as well as the agitator; the gatherer as well as the warrior; the lone wolf as well as a member of the pack. She is not constrained by a single mode of existence. Above all else, bravery is what distinguishes the inner wolf, and it is precisely this quality that shapes the genuine free spirit.

Are you prepared to use your fangs to ruthlessly rip through injustice on the outside as well as on the inside? Do you want independence more than you want to be comfortable? Let’s find out…

A Guide to Determining Whether or Not You Are a Free Spirit

I have one question for you, if you don’t mind. .

This question will, more or less, assist you in making an honest evaluation of your true aspirations and will thus assist you in determining whether or not you are a free spirit.

Choose one of the following statements with which you identify the most:

a) I would rather have my spirituality validated than anything else.

b) I like it when my faith pushes me to my limits and pulls me apart.

Please give some serious thought to the question posed in this sentence.

If you selected option (a), it indicates that you put a high priority on comfort at the expense of personal freedom. If you answered “b,” you are someone who is a free spirit because you cherish freedom.

According to the writings of the spiritual master Adyashanti,

The path to enlightenment is one that leads to destruction. There is no correlation between doing this and improving oneself or getting happy. The realization of the truth is the first step toward enlightenment. It’s about seeing through the pretenses that people put on. It is the total destruction of all that we had thought to be correct about the world.

We have a tendency to see the spiritual journey as a trip that will leave us feeling wonderful, and in its early phases, this may be the case. It is quite acceptable to look to spirituality in order to validate your sense of self-identity and find some kind of safety. On the other hand, at the most profound levels, it is a journey toward liberation via self-realization (also known as enlightenment), and that process is messy, painful, and difficult.

In the end, it makes no difference whether you are or are not a free spirit; it is neither good nor bad. It’s acceptable that we’re all at various stages of development since growth happens at its own pace. You don’t have to be a free spirit any more than you have to be a ballet dancer, a truck driver, or a Reiki healer. None of those things are requirements for living a fulfilling life. As the old saying goes, “different strokes for different people.” Some individuals need to be consoled and validated, whereas others do not have this requirement.

Also, if you find out that you do not have a free spirit essence, I want you to know that a “free spirit” is not who you are naturally born to be; rather, it is who you BECOME. I want you to know this in the event that you discover that you do not have a free spirit essence.

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You certainly have the option to develop your own spirit.

You have the ability to choose to live a life of freedom and spontaneity if you are coming to the realization that ease and routine are no longer providing the nourishment your soul needs at this point in time. Although it will take some time, effort, and genuine direction, the door is always open for you to go through.

Now that we’ve established that, let’s talk about free spirits. Let’s start by coming up with a proper definition for this:

Who or What Exactly is a Free Spirit?

A person is said to have a free spirit if they prioritize the desire to be liberated from all forms of oppression, both from the outside and from inside themselves. The free spirit is an individual who is, by their very nature, a rebel and who may look to society as quirky, odd, or even otherworldly. They make the decision to travel a new road in life, one that enables them to hear the voice of their soul, be liberated from misery and servitude, and accomplish the tasks that have been set before them.

Forget the traditional picture of the bohemian traveler; a free spirit might be a homebody or an explorer, a person who values family or someone who prefers to spend time alone, an outspoken extrovert or an introverted person who reflects. Being a free spirit is more of an inside quality than it is an outward appearance or name. You have the spirit of a free spirit if you put a higher emphasis on honesty and independence than you do on ease and routine.

An Awakening of the Spirit and Those With Free Spirits

When we travel the route of the free spirit, we are also walking the path of the heart and the soul at the same time. In essence, what we are doing is fashioning a real spiritual path that is liberated from the limits and poisonous indoctrination of civilization.

If you have a free spirit, you are by definition the kind of person who is always questioning their place in the world and looking for solutions to the most existentially significant issues, such as “What is my destiny?” and “What is the Essence of My Being?” This invitation to adventure can legitimately be answered by no one except a free spirit. On the way to spiritual enlightenment, the only thing that will keep you going is a free spirit.

7 Indicators That You Are a Free Spirit

Putting conventions to the side, the following are seven true indicators of a free spirit:

  1. You are a deviant and an individual who does not comply.
  2. You are a creative thinker as well as a dreamer.
  3. You have a hunger for the truth.
  4. You possess a “BS detector” deep inside you.
  5. You like taking on difficult tasks.
  6. Your emotions should serve as your guide.
  7. Your subconscious mantra is probably something along the lines of “I will not be a slave.”

Below, I’ll go into greater detail about:

1. You defy authority and are not one to follow the crowd.

By nature, you’re a non-conformist. You despise having to follow in other people’s footsteps because you value your independence. You want to carve your own path and choose your own fate. You have an innate resistance to anyone’s effort to put you in a box, confine you, stifle you, mute you, or numb you, and you oppose this attempt instinctually.

2. You are a creative thinker as well as a dreamer.

You are unconcerned about allowing your thoughts to travel to new frontiers and realities since you are a free spirit. You have enormous ideas that other people can find hard to believe or even strange-sounding. Being told that your ambitions, objectives, or innovations will not be pursued is a major pain in the side. It doesn’t seem like anybody else can get on the same page as you! You are a creative thinker who is constantly interested in discovering new methods to accomplish things in a different manner than other people.

3. You have a hunger for the truth.

How can a person be free if they are living a lie that they have told themselves? Or believing lies? You want, deep within your being, to discover the truth, not just in your day-to-day existence but also on a metaphysical level. The timeless proverb that “the truth shall set you free” is something you keep tucked up in the most private part of your heart. You are ready to admit when you are incorrect and are open to hearing many different interpretations of what happened. You place a high priority on knowing the truth about things.

4. You have a “BS detector” built right into your head.

A need for authenticity, both in oneself and in others, is a component of this insatiable quest for the truth. You can get a whiff of garbage from a mile away, and it makes you uncomfortable. How can you (or anybody else) be free when lies and pretenses are so prevalent throughout society? You abhor putting on false personas and roles, and you can’t be around phony people for very long before the want to flee explodes from you like a scream from a dog. You loathe playing parts and putting on masks.

5. You are not afraid of difficulty.

When there are no obstacles to overcome, life becomes uninteresting and unchanging. As a free spirit, you like the opportunity to be tested, even if you can experience some fear and intimidation as a result of it. You are aware, on some level, that in order to be liberated from inner and exterior tyranny, you will need to develop. And in order to develop, you need to be tested. You are not looking for ease or contentment in your life. You look for ways to experience life and feel alive. You have a goal of becoming the best version of yourself that is humanly feasible.

6.Your emotions should always be your guide.

Your emotions serve as your compass, and you steer your life in accordance with what they tell you. This does not necessarily imply that you are careless, but it does indicate that you are always working toward doing what you love, because once you are able to do so, you will experience a sense of liberation. You also don’t simply put what you’re passionate about on the back burner or let it fade away into oblivion; rather, you find a way to incorporate it into your life in some manner. Even if you’ve given up on your interests for a while, you may reignite that fire by devoting yourself to getting back in touch with them. You have the goal of leading a life that you really like and contributing to the world in a way that is congruent with your values.

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7. Your unspoken credo is “I will not be enslaved,” and you never forget it.

You are a natural rebel, and as such, you look for ways to purge your life of the ideas, ideologies, habits, jobs, and people that make you feel oppressed and are consequently responsible for your enslavement. You do this on a physical level as well as a metaphysical one, which may also be thought of as an emotional, mental, or spiritual level.

You have a natural tendency to be drawn to situations and relationships that foster the development of your fiery spirit. You are not going to let the beliefs or aspirations of other people confine you. It’s possible that other people see you as selfish, but you know in your heart that in order to give your talents to the world, you have to give yourself the love and respect that you deserve.

If you are the one who causes your own suffering through your beliefs, habits, and past experiences, then you will do all in your power to liberate yourself from those things. You have come to the realization that in order to be really free, it is necessary for you to feel at ease and at home inside yourself.

You will endeavor to free yourself from your pain by a variety of means, including psychotherapy, self-exploration, doing inner work, and spiritual practice. In the future, being a free spirit will include less of a focus on roaming the outside world and more of an emphasis on navigating and dominating one’s internal terrain.

How Can One Achieve Complete Freedom?

It’s possible that you’re not quite clear about where you stand right now. It’s possible that you have the intention of being a free spirit, but your actions can suggest otherwise. It’s possible that you just don’t know the answer.

Being a free spirit is a decision that must originate from deep within you, as I’ve explained in the previous section. When the discomfort of being the same becomes worse than the discomfort of expanding, you will choose development over complacency more often than you will choose to remain the same.

And if the pain isn’t hitting you quite as hard as it should be right now, don’t worry about it. Take a cue from nature: buds are the first stage of development for flowers. But in due time, the necessities of life will force them to open. You are not different. We are all of them.

Therefore, in the end, no matter what occurs, eventually life requires that we emerge from our stupors, free ourselves of the shackles that bind us, and join once again with that Divine essence that is at the center of each and every one of us. This is true regardless of the circumstances.

This may be the result of an unexpected spiritual awakening, a night of the soul spent in darkness, or a traumatic experience that comes out of nowhere and strikes us. Or maybe it is just the gradual erosion of our contentment with life that is the cause.

You may be comfortable that you are intended to be a free spirit, regardless of the circumstances. This much is certain.

I am aware that others may have a different interpretation of the term, and that is perfectly OK. But when I consider the concept of “freedom” in connection to the “free” spirit, I apply it in a holistic manner to the full spectrum of a person, which means that I take into account both the outside and the inside worlds.

To a large extent, being able to fully embody the nature of a free spirit requires you to liberate yourself from anything that prevents you from moving forward. This is a process that is both internal and external.

Let go of the preconceived concept that in order to be a free spirit, you have to sever all of your relationships with other people and amble about the globe barefoot. Being a free spirit doesn’t even need you to have a passion for seeing new places. You also do not need to be a hippie or bohemian of the present day.

Being a free spirit comes from the very core of one’s being and might be described as a calling. When we are in touch with this fire inside, we are also in touch with the wolf that resides within; that potent force within us that, above all else, yearns for freedom. It’s possible that for a short period of time, we’ll need to forge our own path, freeing ourselves from the constraints of accepted societal norms. Nevertheless, it is important to go on this trip because, if we don’t, we will inevitably arrive at a point when we feel hollow and lifeless on the inside, despite the fact that our lives may seem to be quite nice on the outside.

In your opinion, what does it mean to have a free spirit? I’d be thrilled to learn about your experiences and ideas in the comments section below.

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