Your Soulmate’s Death: Getting Your Heart Back

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Because your souls have been linked across many lives, it is very difficult to experience the pain of losing a soulmate.

It’s even possible to claim that you made the conscious decision to go through this life together. This is particularly true for intimate friendships, kindred spirits, and the connections of family, friendship, and romantic soulmate relationships.

How exactly does one go on after the death of their love? What are you supposed to do when your true love passes away?

This blog post will attempt to answer some of the most important questions.

How to Move On After the Death of Your True Love

To begin, one never really gets over the death of a person who was their soulmate. You will never be able to forget the experience, but there are things you can do to make the procedure go more smoothly.

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1. Collaborate with Various Floral Essences and Essential Oils

When your soulmate passes away, there are a variety of holistic practices that might help you find inner peace, including aromatherapy, floral essences, aromatherapy treatments, and steam inhalations.

Because healing may take place on many different levels, including the emotional, mental, bodily, and spiritual, you will undoubtedly experience some kind of improvement as a result of using these approaches.

The ability of nature to heal is immense. Through the magnificent therapeutic qualities of nature, you may calm your tensions and emotions and find a sense of peace inside yourself.

You may even ask elemental beings, fairy beings, or the spirits of plants to help you. Maintain your connection to your more elevated self as well as your source of strength.

Here is where genuine magic, synchronicity, and alignment with oneself take place…

Because of the interrelated nature of all things as well as the eternal and limitless nature of the soul, everything you can do to maintain a high vibration while being grounded will be of assistance to a soulmate who has passed on.

During the time that you spend working on your own recovery, project loving and positive mantras, as well as affirmations of “oneness.”

2. Participate in a Sound Therapy Session

The use of sound to attain completeness and inner harmony is one of the most fascinating forms of alternative medicine.

It is crucial that you find methods to heal yourself since you will want to help your soulmate who has crossed over, and it is likely that you will desire to do this.

You may recover on a spiritual level by using sound, as it can boost your vibrations, enhance your inner strength, provide clarity and insight on the mental and emotional planes, and assist you in healing.

Because of the tremendous strength of sound, it is even capable of making things float in midair.

Therefore, utilizing sound to heal yourself may allow your cells to be recharged in a manner that enables you to experience your pain and grief while also allowing it to flow freely so that it can be released.

3. Make an Appointment with a Healer Who Specializes in Shamanism or Reiki

It is strongly suggested that you consult with an energy specialist, Reiki practitioner, or shamanic healer who is both powerful and certified, as well as experienced.

In fact, one may claim that it was commanded by the Spirit.

Everything is imbued with a divine essence, yet only some things may be seen by the physical senses.

Your perceptions will broaden as a result of a healer providing you with healing as well as heavenly insight and knowledge.

It has the potential to open your third eye, allowing you to see the realm of subtle and unseen energy.

This then enables you to be sensitive to the marvels of the Spirit, which is where one might find a greater connection to the other.

Evidently, it is also what makes you better.

Calmness may be brought to you via practices like Reiki and shamanic healing, as well as energy cleansing.

They make it possible for you to let go of feelings of melancholy and release them in a manner that is beneficial, soul-nourishing, and joyful. For instance, you may find that your own tears contain gems of insight if you look closely enough!

You may also develop an awareness of the boundless and limitless character of both the cosmos and the human spirit inside yourself.

4. Shine Your Light on their Soul and Pray for its Healing

Sending love, light, and healing to their spirit is one of the most effective things you can do for them.

As soon as you find out that your soulmate has passed away, you should begin praying as soon as possible (or at the earliest opportunity after that).

It is vitally necessary to meditate, pray, and purposefully send love to their soul in order to help them heal.

Not only does this assist them in transitioning to their next existence, but it also helps them return to Source if doing so is part of their distinct soul print, also known as their soul’s blueprint. However, it also gives you the opportunity to bond with them and helps you preserve the connection you have with them.

There is no definitive answer or guidance that can be given on the length of time that a soul will stay attached to its body or the earth plane after physical death.

This is due to the fact that the essence of the cosmos, and hence the soul, is that it is boundless, unlimited, and everlasting.

Reincarnation may also take place in a variety of ways, all of which are determined by the individual soul’s path through life. Take, for instance:

  • It’s possible for a highly advanced soul or an ascended master to instantly leave their body and the earth plane behind, going directly back to the Source. Alternately, it might be a condition of their soul contract that they spend a few more days on earth in order to assist or pay a visit to a select group of important souls.
  • It may be difficult for a soul that has not yet fully matured to transcend its material and physical surroundings. They have not yet achieved a higher degree of spiritual development, and as a result, they are terrified of moving on.
  • Somebody who has been on a profoundly dualistic trip of light and dark, linked to both their internal angel and the inside demon, may need to refrain from moving forward for a short time…
  • Before they may make their way back to Spirit or Source, it’s possible that they still have some karmic debts or wrongdoings to settle in the physical realm.
  • Spirit may urge actual earth angels, star seeds, and other similarly advanced entities to gradually depart from their bodies before continuing on their journey. There’s a possibility that it may be a slow transition, during which they will depart this life and this planet in peace, with none of their bad karma carried over. In the life after this one, they reach the degree of “ascended master.” Additionally, they finish out soul contracts and cycles with loved ones on this plane, such as by genuinely bidding them farewell, establishing a link with their soulmate, and so on.

The reality is that no one can predict how long a soulmate will remain behind or why they would do so.

This choice is complicated by the presence of a number of different circumstances, as well as subtle and spiritual forces.

To actively, intentionally, and directly bring healing and light to their spirits is, nevertheless, the most important thing that can be done. Establish a connection with your partner by letting them know you will always adore them.

The greatest way to let someone know that you will always be their soulmate, that they are safe, and that they are being led in the right direction is to shower them with unreserved love and send them well-wishes on their spiritual path.

5. Participate in Worship and Ritual

Make a holy place in order to have an effective time sitting in prayer and attending a ritual.

Make use of candles, pictures that are holy, spiritual, or religious, and artifacts that are related to the elements.

Consider using a candle as a source of fire. Use a dish filled with water as your source of water. Regarding the item or picture of air, a feather, or an angel…

I would recommend using a leaf, flower, piece of tree bark or root, or a gemstone as an embodiment of soil.

You should also include a photo of your departed soulmate in the card, preferably one that shows them at their happiest, most serene, or most energetic.

Praying for someone is a powerful way to show them that you are thinking about them, that you care about them, and that you are standing by their side. And that you are here to help them transition into the next world in some subtle way, even if it is only via your thoughts.

You could decide to try increasing their inner light through visualization.

For example, by sending pictures and visualizations of them being joyful and loved and emanating warmth and comfort into the ether and the spiritual world, we may help them feel better.

You should also think about establishing an intention for them to be accompanied by their angels, spirit animals, and any other friendly and lighthearted guides or spiritual helpers. This comprises ancestors from several lines.

Your ideas and feelings have a great deal of power. They send forth ripples that go across the ether and the astral body.

The astral body is directly related to the soul body, which is the location where highly developed souls may meet and interact with one another, engage in telepathic communication, and exchange spiritual energy with one another.

You might attempt the short healing practice at the conclusion of this article in addition to imagining happy and heartwarming memories from your past. It has the potential to be very powerful.

6. Make a Request for Guidance from your Higher Self

There are other things you can do besides just being attentive and channeling your energy in a manner that is therapeutic. Additionally, you have the option of seeking advice from your higher self.

When you ask your higher self for direction, you may get it in the form of strong spiritual guides, animals, ancestors, angelic and archangelic assistance, and even the advice and understanding of ascended masters.

It will make it possible for you to gain information, which will enable you to feel at ease and secure in the knowledge that your soulmate is safe and being cared for.

The light that emanates from your soulmate naturally brightens as you become conscious of the benefits and defenses that are in store for them. Since the more at ease you are, the more love and healing vibrations you are able to send out into the world through you.

No one profits in the long run from worry, anxiety, stress, or prolonged unhappiness.

There is a good chance that your soulmate has attained an ascended or enlightened level of awareness, and as a result, they want for your happiness.

There are a number of different civilizations that celebrate death.

The majority of people are aware that death is only a passage into the next life, which is a life in which the experiences of this life have been absorbed and incorporated.

As a result, in the next chapter of their soul, they will actually be more enlightened, affluent, and fortunate since they have had the opportunity during this human existence to integrate important phases in the process of self-evolution.

7. Consider the Life Lessons That Are Available to You

Growth occurs in cycles throughout life… Is it possible that you may benefit from specific life lessons or subject matter that your soulmate did not fully understand or grasp but that you could?

Have they gone through specific cycles of harmful behavior that may serve as a lesson for the people they love?

We have been socialized to think that passing away is either the culmination of one’s life or a wholly unsatisfying experience. However, this is not the situation.


By seeing the passing of your soulmate as a chance for healing, you may forge a strong connection to the alchemist that is within you.

You already know that this is something you would want for your twin flames! All that matters is love.

It’s possible that this is a greater lesson for you if the death of your soulmate was sudden, unexpected, or terrible in any way.

It’s possible that you were both members of the same social circle or buddy group…

Behind every surface meaning, there is always something more significant going on.

Utilize the passing of your soulmate as a springboard for your own personal development, and do it with the highest of good intentions.

Cycles of destruction won’t be repeated if we have anything to say about it!

People who are part of the same soul family tend to have lives that are marked by a similar pattern of events, struggles, and victories.

There is a very good chance that, from the vantage point of eternity, the two of you made a pact to gain knowledge from one another in order to better prepare for the subsequent chapter of your soul’s story.

8. Invoke the Help of the Archangels

One of the most effective approaches for recovering from the loss of a soulmate is to pray to the archangels for help. You have access to the assistance of seven different archangels for this matter.

  • Raphael, whose name means “one who heals,” is the name of the archangel who is responsible for compassion and healing.
  • Archangel Michael is known as “One who is like God,” and he is responsible for providing protection and power.
  • Gabriel, often known as “the strength of God,” is the archangel who is responsible for delivering visions and messages.
  • Uriel, the archangel of lighting, knowledge, and wisdom, is quoted as saying, “God is my light.”
  • The archangel of eternity and the soul is known as Saraqael, which means “Command of God.”
  • “Friend of God,” Raguel is the name of the archangel who represents divine justice, harmony, and balance.
  • The archangel of mercy and hope is known as Remiel, which means “Mercy of God.”

Calling on Michael is particularly successful because he gives protection to those who do so. Your tender and delicate heart, as well as the afterlife of your partner, may both benefit from his ability to provide protection.

In this predicament, Saraqael is just as ready to lend a hand as everyone else. Saraqael, as a representation of infinity and the soul, is of particular assistance at times of passing and change.

Raphael, who serves as the archangel of healing, is another one that may be worked with. To be of assistance to you, you may make use of the “Green Light Invocation,” which can be activated by accomplishing the following:

“Green Light” Emanating from the Archangel Raphael

Be still in meditation and ritual, and make a connection with the core of your heart.

Imagine a ring of emerald green light around your heart, coming right from the center of your chest, where your heart chakra is located.

Keep in mind that the heart acts as a connection point for higher and lower states of awareness.

Take a few slow, deep breaths, and bring your mind to a place of stillness and quiet inside. After then, you should seek aid from the archangel Raphael.

In spite of his mostly male appearance, he has a number of characteristics that are traditionally associated with women. Such qualities as sympathy, compassion, unreserved love, sensitivity, nurturing, and concern for others

Please let the green light of Raphael envelope you.

Allow the sensation of comfort and love to permeate your whole being as you allow yourself to absorb the healing warmth and compassion that he has to offer. Take some time to be with this feeling as it arises.

As soon as you are able to sense love and higher heavenly light filling you up, send this healing love out to your partner who has crossed over.

Imagine a beam of emerald green light penetrating the ether, traveling across time and space, and eventually finding its way to your love.

Watch as this magnificent, loving, and healing energy wraps around your partner and enters their own heart chakra.

This is an effective method for achieving inner calm and coming into alignment with the love and compassion that permeate all of existence.

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