How to Recognize Your True Gifts and Blessings (Amazing!)

how to recognize your real gifts and blessings

There are several obstacles that stand in the way of you making significant changes in your life, including the following:

  • Having the impression that your efforts are for nothing.
  • Contending with the attempt
  • Frustration, either with oneself or with other people
  • Having a dislike for the action
  • Having the desire or drive to engage in the previous routine

Your attempts to develop something original might be derailed by any one of these things.

To be quite clear, there is absolutely no issue with any of them; in fact, they are beautiful examples of human characteristics.

But if we want to effect meaningful change, we need to figure out how to collaborate with them.

I’d like to discuss a remarkable instrument with you today that goes by the name “Seeing the Gift.”

If you use the ability “Seeing the Gift,” you are free to combine it with any of the other deterrents listed above. Let’s have a peek.

What Exactly Does it Mean to “See the Gift”?

You may discover a gift in whatever endeavor you undertake or in any person you meet. There are moments when it is very evident that the person in front of you is kind, and it is quite simple for you to experience them as a gift. You can really appreciate the beauty of the world around you and the gift that each moment is when you go outside to watch the sun set.

On the other hand, there are times when it is more difficult. Perhaps the person in front of you is being obnoxious, perhaps you are suffering from an illness or injury, or perhaps the task that is in front of you is tedious and difficult.

In some circumstances or while dealing with certain individuals, we fight against being able to perceive the gift. We simply want to vent our frustrations.

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And that’s totally OK! Complain to yourself, and look for the blessing in finding a way to articulate the helplessness or exasperation that’s been building up within you. How exactly can you benefit from that feeling in any way?

You will feel a little less tense if you keep sitting with that feeling for a while. Then you might look deeper.

There is something that the person who is now causing you frustration is trying to give you, despite the fact that they are being annoying.

If you are willing to search, you will find a gift hidden inside them. Are you able to comply?

It may be difficult to identify the gift while you are working on a job that is either tedious or overwhelming; yet, if you stay with it for a little while longer, you will discover it in the stillness.

As you go through this assignment, you will gradually become aware of the lessons it has to offer. It will start to alter you in some way.

The Gift consists of what it can teach you, how it can alter you, and how it can link you to the divine, to yourself, and to everything else in your environment.

The holiness of the present moment and of who you are is the gift. A unique insight into the beauty and mystery of existence is revealed in “The Gift.”

If we are willing to seek it, we will always find it.

How to Achieve Powerful Change by Applying the Concept of “Seeing the Gift”

Let’s look at each of the “obstacles” to change that I described in the previous paragraph:

It is a Waste of Time to Make the Effort

It seems as if you will never accomplish what it is that you want to do, and as a result, it appears to be worthless to even attempt to do so. This sensation of pointlessness prevents all of us from moving forward.


Could you see any value in putting in the effort even if it doesn’t result in the desired outcome? Could the effort be considered a gift in and of itself, regardless of the result?

Fighting Against the Effort

You’ve got the assignment waiting for you over there, or you had every intention of hitting the gym today… Despite this, you continue to resist. You put it off since everything else seems more important to you at the moment.

What if you took a moment to stop, sit still, and look for the gift in the task you were doing or the project you were working on?

What if you used that gift to inspire you to create the changes you want to see in the world and in your own life?

Frustration, Either with Oneself or With Other People

The individual sitting in front of you is being quite annoying. Or, you are not meeting the standards that you have set for yourself.

When you are frustrated with yourself or with other people, it may be quite difficult to start anything new in your life. This can be a tremendous impediment.

What if you stopped moving for a little while, took a few deep breaths, and slowed down? Have you sought the gift in this individual, or have you looked for it in yourself?

Is it possible that this individual who drives you crazy is really trying to help you in some way?

Is it possible that you may discover something lovely hidden inside them?

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Would it be possible for you to discover the gift that lies inside the holiness of your anguish?

Having a Dislike for the Activity

There are times when we have to engage in activities that we would rather avoid in order to achieve our objectives. Because of this, we will often come to the conclusion that the aim is not desirable.

What if, despite its terrible nature, there was a gift to be found in this experience? Would we be able to locate it and take ownership of the gift if we did?

When we do this, rather than shutting off any activity that we don’t enjoy, we open ourselves up to additional possibilities.

Temptation to Engage in an Old Routine

Let’s assume you’re attempting to alter your eating habits or spend less time on social media… Even with the best of intentions, it’s easy to give in to the temptation to revert to old habits.

However, a desire is only a fleeting feeling that occurs in the body and is not something that has to control our lives in any way.

What if you were able to simply sit with the need for a time and recognize the gift that lies inside that sensation?

What if the need is only a physical manifestation of how change feels at that time, and the gift is developing the ability to accept this feeling?

As you can see, Seeing the Gift has the potential to open up significant doors of possibilities. All that is required is a desire to look, as well as the readiness to sit still for a few seconds.

I wish that the gift will open up new doors of opportunity for you in your life.

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