Here’s the Tarot Card that represents your Zodiac Sign!

Tarot and Astrology share a history of custom and occult significance. Deemed transcultural types of prophecy, the worth of these two are carefully linked.

Are you conscious of their connection? Did you understand that for each zodiac sign, a matching tarot card exists?

Both types of prophecy share magical ties. Tuhs, learning more about your renowned Rider-Waite sign will result in a more robust sense of attunement with the divine!

Come, and join us as we decipher the card for your zodiac sign!

Aries– The Emperor

The images of The Emperor expose a dominant leader resting on a throne made from stone. Embellished with four ram heads, it concerns no surprise why this tarot card shares a strong symbolic form with Aries.

Holding both the Egyptian signs of life (ankh) and the world (orb), The Emperor represents management that controls all. Wearing his bloody red bathrobe, his power and energy command regard from his constituents.

We can see that behind the Emperor, a great mountain variety exists, symbolizing his unyielding yet persistent nature. Paired with impenetrable armor, the Emperor reveals a strength that obstructs and hides all.

With that, you are:

Proficient at Leading Others

You bear the strong capability of motivating others towards your vision and objective in life.

Brave and strong

You will not reconsider and will rashly leap right into the water.

Identified and Unyielding

Practically absolutely nothing can stop you from pursuing that objective as soon as you choose to do something.

Pointer: While you might look like the Emperor, your inner sensations are typically caught within. Attempt revealing them a bit more, and brand-new doors will open for you.

Taurus– The Hierophant

The images of The Hierophant radiate a spiritual and robust stature. Ruled by Taurus, this tarot card looks like a spiritual leader who sits between 2 pillars of a spiritual temple.

Contribute to that; the Hierophant likewise uses a three-tiered crown. Signifying the mind, this crown represents control over the 3 Freudian elements of the mind. These are the mindful, subconscious, and superconscious minds.

Two fans are kneeling in front of the Hierophant. This tarot card represents Taurus’ choice for deeply rooted cultures and practices, representing the Death of custom and knowledge.

Sharing a strong sense of custom, responsibility, and consistency, the Hierophant is connected to the Fixed Earth sign Taurus.

Being the tarot card representing your zodiac sign, The Hierophant exposes your powers and discomforts.

With that, you are:

An Immovable Mountain

You are steady and strong, able to hold your ground despite the damaging winds that blow versus your course.

Standard and constant

You’ll choose the approaches and practices that are currently shown to be reliable.


Like the Hierophant, challenging your concepts and beliefs is a difficult job.

Idea: While wearing the crown of culture and custom is great, observing the signs of the times can open brand-new methods of doing the same old things.

Gemini– The Lovers

The most popular amongst the tarot cards, the Fans represent sensuality, spirituality, and duality. And simply as there are twins in Gemini, this tarot card represents the ideal personification of opposing energies.

The Enthusiast illustrates the Jungian principle of the Anima and the Animus. On the one hand, the tree of flames represents male enthusiasm and aggressiveness. On the other hand, the apple tree with the snake represents sensuality and sexuality.

These signs represent union and duality in the middle of combination and damage. Like Gemini, there is continuous stress existing in between both significances. And in this everlasting push-and-pull, development and damage emerge.

Provided their fast yet fickle-minded nature, the Gemini is represented by the Lovers.

With that, you are:

A Quick Thinker

You like doing things on the go. Therefore, when you remain in a pickle, that’s where you shine best.

Comfy with Modification

Being the mutable air sign, you see modification as a chance for newness and development.


Fickle-minded as you are, you like leaping from one person/task to the other.

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Pointer: While you’re ever-changing and vibrant, do not choose less. And to be clear, it depends on you to specify what “less” indicates.

Cancer– The Chariot

The Chariot represents security and inner will. Portraying a brave warrior using armor with crescent moons, these signs embody the strength of will and improvement towards the greater self.

Signifying a positioning with Cancer, the Chariot likewise consists of a white and black sphinx. Like Cancer, the Chariot brings duality– 0 or 1, incorrect or accurate, favorable or unfavorable.

The Charioteer with confidence rules over these opposing forces. The Chariot can browse through these polarized elements of the human self. This symbolizes how Cancer can traverse through the product and spiritual world.

The broad river behind the Charioteer reveals this special connection between the Chariot and Cancer. Symbolizing the requirement to be one with the circulation, this is true with Cancer’s psychological, protective, and spiritual nature.

With that, you are:

A Natural Nurturer

Helping with development is something that comes out naturally from you. You are constantly delighted to add to the higher plan of things.


You will not let negativeness get its method. Before it can even cloud your judgment, you’ll ram it up big time!

Spiritual and deep

Having a solid sense of comprehending the world’s complexities, you understand how to understand things from within.

Pointer: Among your greatest battles will be specifying yourself. Try these strategies, and support yourself initially before others.

Leo– Strength

Strength, indeed, refers to Leo. Portraying a female taming a relentless lion, this tarot card symbolizes power and kindness. Simply as how she carefully rubs through the lion’s conceal, strength represents enthusiasm, intimacy, and heat.

Contribute to that; the lady likewise uses a white bathrobe, showcasing pureness and balance together. This is necessary considering that strength is typically associated with power and decisiveness. In truth, it looks for balance and empathy.

Strength’s appealing and effective mix portrays the royalty that Leo is born with. Looking for the spotlight, Leo’s desire for power and supremacy accompanies strength’s illustration of taming the lion. Paired with kindness, it concerns no surprise why this card is lined up with the repaired fire sign.

With that, you are:

A Born Leader

Perhaps, leading others is a skill that a person’s born with. For you, it comes naturally.

Dominant and charming

Your mission for power presses you to utilize your charm to affect others or perhaps govern them.

Seeks to be the focal point

You like showing up late into the celebration, particularly when it gets everybody’s attention.

Suggestion: While it is excellent to be dominant, do not let power consume you. Specify your own identity, and hold firm your beliefs and morals.

Virgo– The Hermit

It does not take a genius to determine the significance of the Hermit. The straight-out illustration alone informs us that this card signifies spiritual development and proficiency. Whereas others have constantly sought their greater selves, the Hermit has currently accomplished it.

Represented by those white snow caps, the Hermit spiritually towers over all other cards. Contributing to that, the six-pointed Star, together with Solomon’s insignia, concretely represents the achievement of knowledge.

These signs correspond highly with Virgo’s mission for self-knowledge. What much better card could represent this apart from the Hermit itself?

With that, you are:

Analytical and Goal

You look at things for what they are, rather than wanting it to be something else.

Calm and Wise

Understanding that things do not constantly end well, you appropriately take your time before delving into something.


Like the Hermit, you have that propensity to range yourself from others, even when you understand you might assist them.

Suggestion: Understanding when to eliminate or flight is a no-brainer for you. Consider others, considering that you tend to prioritize yourself excessively.

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Libra– Justice

Both Libra and Justice share a strong resonance with the sign of scales. Representing fairness, balance, and interaction, this tarot card illustrates Libra.

On the one hand, the woman of justice holds a sword that represents need, power, and reasoning. Pointing upwards, the sword symbolizes decisiveness. With the double edges of the sword, justice informs us that choices constantly have repercussions.

On the other hand, she’s holding the scales which symbolize fairness, equality, and balance.

Contribute to that; this sign represents intuitiveness, symbolizing that justice isn’t just identified by reasoning alone.

These representations go highly with the repaired air signs of Libra. Justice will never fall brief in representing this zodiac sign as the most diplomatic amongst the zodiacs.

With that, you are:

A Convincing Diplomat

You understand how to utilize your understanding to win and even prevent arguments.

Careful and shrewd

You comprehend the nature of the domino effect. Hence, you constantly take the essential safety measures prior to making your relocation.

Most likely a Turncoat

When it comes to justice and self-interest, you will not believe two times of turning your position.

Pointer: Interaction is your greatest strength, so understanding how to direct your throat chakra will enable you to reach locations.

Scorpio– Death

Being among the most feared cards of the tarot deck, Death is portrayed as the skeletal reaper. Using black armor combined with a white horse, this card suffices to bring those proverbial chills. With black styles all over the location, this card is frequently related to secret and negativeness.

Even then, the real significance of this tarot corresponds highly with Scorpio. The genuine importance of Death, after all, is modification and improvement. This resonates positively with Scorpio, as this sign represents the unraveling of one’s inner sensations.

Scorpio nestles change from within. When confronted with inner bouts of stress and anxiety, they go at it head-on. Unafraid to challenge their inner devils, this zodiac sign corresponds highly to Death.

With that, you are:

A Reality Applicant

Like Death, you do not fear the fragility of your presence. Instead, you’ll deal with the fact no matter how awful it might be.

The Water fountain of Improvement

You understand the power below your fingertips– the capability to touch and alter one’s soul.

Too Psychological

While you share a strong resonance with your inner feelings, you likewise deal with obstacles in handling them.

Idea: Handling your stress and anxieties can be rather frustrating. Experiment with these recovery crystals to break your inner walls.

Sagittarius– Temperance

Temperance refers to the thinker amongst the zodiacs. Illustrating an androgynous angel, this divine being represents knowledge, balance, and spiritual depth. Such styles correspond highly with the mutable fire sign Sagittarius.

Contribute to that, the range of mountains in the background represents life’s journey. Like grabbing one’s greater self, pursuing the mountains represents success. This accompanies Sagittarius’ pursuit for spiritual and individual advancement.

Just as Sagittarius pursues the extraordinary life, they are understood to follow the previous. Therefore, when they look for their function, they consider ‘how’ they live their lives. Styles of small amounts and mediation are present in this tarot card.

With that, you are:

A Reality Applicant

You are a theorist. You will stop at absolutely nothing in your mission for a fact.

Purposeful and significant

Because they are the pattern, you do not do things merely. Instead, you constantly search for the worth of your actions.


You’ll take your time checking out things. Therefore, there will be minutes where you will not devote at all.

Idea: Timing is incredibly crucial to check out life’s limitations effectively. Learn more about your magnificent timing, and you’ll discover it simpler to progress.

Capricorn– The Devil

Typically, the Devil is one of the misconstrued cards amongst the tarot. In truth, it represents the material world.

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As the Sea-Goat, it is not surprising why Capricorn accompanies the Devil. The primary significance of Baphomet alone suffices to indicate why. This card represents our worldly impulses on the much deeper side of things.

You’ll see two people who are chained loosely if you look carefully. Representing that we can constantly break without these chains, the Devil discreetly informs us of one’s requirement for balance and function. Such styles highly resonate with Capricorn, who concentrates on worldly things.

With that, you are:

Practical and Realistic

You comprehend the significance of monetary wealth, which moves you towards success.

Hardworking and Logical

You understand the significance of putting in the effort. Therefore, you believe logically as you are vital to your actions.


You prioritize your energy, possibly the most pleasure-seeking and materialistic amongst the zodiacs.

Suggestion: While it is great to be the master of the world, some things can be more vital. Attempt looking for a spiritual awakening may activate methods for individual development.

Aquarius– The Star

The Star is among the most strange cards amongst the tarot. This card represents renewal, renewal, and transcendence. Like Aquarius, the Star highly resonates with the requirement to progress.

As a zodiac sign, Aquarius looks for change. A visionary by birth, Aquarius corresponds well with the Star. Both signs resonate with development and development.

With that, you are:

Creative and ingenious

For you, there are no limitations. The only genuine limit is your mind.

Enthusiastic and Forward-Thinker

You never opt for what is currently there. Instead, you attempt to think about brand-new methods to do the same old things.

Distanced from the World

You have the propensity to separate yourself from the world. That’s why you’re the Star.

Pointer: Getting in touch with the grassroots is the type in producing the most efficient developments, feeling distanced? Check out these suggestions to ground yourself.

Pisces– The Moon

Representing spiritual and psychological transcendence, this tarot card relates deeply with our inner sensations. By default, they highly comprehend who they are and their location worldwide. And amongst the zodiac signs, Pisces is the peak of individual depth.

The moon likewise signifies one’s subconscious mind. Setting out the course to the unidentified, Pisces corresponds highly with this tarot card. You are set to take this journey on your own.

With that, you are:

Spiritual and user-friendly

Transcendental by nature, you continuously immerse yourself in mysticism.

Dwells in the Collective Unconscious

You comprehend the interconnectedness of the world like no other.

Often delusional

You have the propensity to end up being consumed in your spiritual journey.

Suggestion: Your power remains in your mind. Find out how to manifest your inner ideas through the law of attraction.

Last Word

Comprehending the connection between tarots and zodiac signs will deepen your spiritual understanding.

With that, which tarot card represents your zodiac sign?

Let us understand in the remarks listed below, and we can compare each other’s tarot cards!

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