Empaths: Key to Living a Fulfilling & Meaningful Life

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How Empaths Can Create Intentional Lives for Themselves

Clients and acquaintances often come to me for advice because of my background in coaching.

Even though every one of their difficulties seems to be unique, I believe that many of the issues, particularly the ones that keep cropping up, are the result of a single, straightforward cause: we have not yet been able to let go of the past, forgive everyone and everything, and create new, long-lasting personas (self-identities that are just transitory)—ones that are capable of establishing and maintaining a happy, stable life.

We have a tendency to continually confirm the things that have happened in the past and go around in circles rather than moving ahead.

We have the power to alter this. With the most genuine, crystal-clear, and intent-driven thoughts, we have the ability to recreate our existence. Not everyone is cut out to live a life of intention, yet doing so is very necessary for anyone who wants to find freedom and serenity in their lives.

Even though we are being battered by karmic ramifications that arise from previous incarnations, if we have a robust and deeply established sense of who we are, we are able to weather any storm.

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Let’s Get Into It, All You Empaths!

As soon as we are born, we start to construct temporary versions of ourselves, also known as personas, in order to guide us through the rest of our lives.

These identities are often the product of outmoded views, muddled familial dogma, dependent societal paradigms, and restrictive religious dogmas.

Along the way, we thread guilt, shame, and regret into the fabric of our personalities to the point where we trap ourselves in cycles of repeated behaviors, choices, and addictions. Along the way, we weave guilt, shame, and regret into the fabric of our personas.

As a consequence of this, the majority of us live as if we are fastened to rollercoasters, meaning that we continually respond to environmental stimuli as if we have no control over our actions.

In the near term, we get to experience the gratification that comes from our desires. On the long run, we discover that we are in complicated circumstances, which erode our sense of who we are and our capacity for inner calm.

Emerging with the passage of time are repercussions and challenges. We learn to deal with it, medicate ourselves, and work on coming up with a solution as quickly as possible.

We try everything, but in the end, we realize that short-term remedies don’t do anything to address the more fundamental problems.

We take a look at every facet of our lives and come to the conclusion that our relationships, occupations, and settings are not congruent with who we are and what we believe we should have.

In an instant, we realize that we do not possess self-awareness, and as a result, we do not possess freedom.

This is the point at which a choice must be made.

Do we continue to withdraw and hide, or do we go for the route that is less traveled and ultimately embrace our real selves as beautiful empaths?

If We Go With the Second Option, We Will Start to Come Around

We rapidly feel or perceive deep-seated feelings and regrets. It’s possible that we’ll have feelings of anxiety or panic as a result of our inability to find solutions.

We are now able to recognize the burden that we have piled on top of our souls. We recall the tales and explanations that we employed to retain our antiquated personalities in command and motion for such a considerable amount of time.

We are overcome with joy as we come to the conclusion that enough is enough!

Intentional Spiritual Living is a choice and commitment of the heart and the mind to live a fully aware, premeditated life in accordance with our fundamental values, morals, and principles, without tale or excuse. This way of living is characterized by a lack of need for justification or explanation.

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Self-reflection, participation in meaningful rituals and ceremonies, and the ability to forgive others are the building blocks of an intentional life.

In the midst of the chaos in our lives, we take full responsibility for all aspects of our decisions and recognize them. We are responsible for everything, from the smallest of details to the most significant of choices, and we own it all.

Empaths! We Are Willing to Accept Responsibility For Anything

We place no responsibility on anyone.

A year or more of sobbing for a few hours each day is common for those who have just started living their lives on purpose.

It necessitates having a totally open and honest relationship with our essential selves, God, and the everlasting awareness. We can no longer conceal ourselves.

We are not going to hide. We have now set ourselves the task of discovering all there is to know about the nature of the universe and ourselves.

We start to picture a new character for ourselves, one that is founded on virtues such as openness, transparency, vulnerability, and honesty.

We do not have any regrets or feelings of humiliation anymore. We no longer blame We own everything, down to the last atom of every second.

We take it all in, whacking the ground with our fists in rage and sobbing for every second that was taken away.

We beseech both God and the cosmos to protect and sustain us in this time of need. We continue this process until every perception, attitude, and ego inside us has been eliminated.

We are aware that not only do we know nothing, but that we also do not exist.

From there, we create our new, more lasting, and more holy character—not from the debris, but rather from the truths we’ve unearthed and become. From there, we go on to the next step.

We will use every means necessary to develop our characters into emotionally and psychologically robust fighters who are also financially secure.

We begin to fortify and steady ourselves when we practice meditation and use mantras with the grace of the Divine.

We consistently let go of feelings, attachments, and the past in order to move forward.

The past is a voided check, it is no longer available. – Amma

After a certain amount of time has passed, we come to the realization that we have evolved into stalwarts of self-responsibility, self-awareness, and self-care.

Now that we have constructed a spiritual identity by purpose, we are able to construct a spiritual existence by intention.

How Are We Supposed to Handle This as Empaths?

  • When it comes to inviting new individuals into our lives, we do it with caution.
  • When it comes to deciding whether or not to have sexual relations with a new buddy, we exercise caution. Even though it’s a beautiful experience, engaging in sexual activity may also be a distraction and even detrimental. Learn as much as you can about your buddies before you decide to sleep with them.
  • When it comes to committing to a marriage, we exercise caution. Before getting married, it is recommended by the rishis to get to know the prospective spouse well and to cohabit with them for at least three years.
  • We do extensive investigation and planning before making any changes to our jobs or homes.
  • We don’t “jump” into something; rather, we stop, reflect, and think about it before moving on.
  • We make an effort not to indulge our cravings.
  • Reduce your time spent in front of screens and increase your time spent praying and sending letters.
  • Every opportunity that we have, we make time for prayer.
  • Faith and hope are always present for us.
  • Everything is forgiven to us.
  • Everything belongs to us.
  • We do not ruminate on how our emotions make us feel bad.
  • In the back of our minds, we always remind ourselves that we are not victims.
  • We make an effort to eradicate our egos entirely.
  • Careful consideration goes into the selection of our food, which is always grass-fed, organic, and free of any chemical additives.
  • Knowing that unadulterated food is the greatest medicine, we do our best to strike a balance between traditional Western medicine and natural naturopathic medicine whenever we are in a position to do so.
  • We are aware that our ideas are what keep us alive, and as a result, we choose them with care.
  • Because we realize that what we think about has a direct impact on who we are, we learn to focus our attention on things that are actually beneficial to us and that boost us up. When you meditate on the rose, you become the rose.
  • We are aware that there is no other source for our self-esteem except ourselves.
  • Because being happy is a decision that we make for ourselves, we choose to experience it.
  • We bid farewell to those individuals and occurrences that do not contribute to our emancipation and tranquility.
  • We part ways with close connections, with the exception of God and the divine.
  • We have defined limits.
  • We never use anything but kind words when referring to ourselves.
  • We renounce any and all projections.
  • We maintain a positive and therapeutic approach.
  • We discover methods to love and help others without expecting anything in return, and we do it without causing harm to ourselves.
  • We anchor ourselves in the practice of self-examination, integrity, and love.
  • You might find that releasing techniques and modalities, such as The Sedona Method, are enjoyable. Look into it; you won’t regret it.
  • When the time is right, we have the ability to seek out live enlightened teachers such as Mother Meera, Karunamayi Ma, and Amma.
  • We have the ability to request that one of them give us a mantra.
  • It is possible for us to approach her with the intention of making her our guru or spiritual teacher, which would speed up the process of achieving freedom.
  • If we have the inclination, we will respect the doctrines of our birth faiths that are the most pristine and least judgmental.
  • We delight in the company of our fellow empath birth masters, such as Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed, amongst others.
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Please Note That in Everything…

You are more than you give yourself credit for. You have access to resources that are far beyond anything you could have ever dreamed about. It’s time to make a commitment to a game that will last longer.

It is time to let go of everything holding you back and to become your most alive, everlasting, and powerful self. Surrender!

You may want to consider working with a coach, a guide, or a therapist to assist you on your journey toward emancipation. This might be beneficial in a number of ways.

While you wait, direct your loving focus toward the holy via meditation, prayer, and chanting.

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