To What Degree Are You Spiritually Awake?

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The path you take through life may be drastically altered by a series of defining moments, and it’s certain that everyone will go through at least one.

Undoubtedly, something has transpired in your life that has caused a significant amount of upheaval.

Perhaps the passing of a loved one or a pet, the dissolution of a marriage, the termination of employment, or the diagnosis of a life-threatening disease

It’s not even necessary for the traumatic experience to be the one that changes your life.

It is also possible that it is something great and positive, such as the beginning of a new romantic relationship, the unexpected arrival of an inheritance, or the achievement of a promotion at work.

What Exactly is the Mysterious Force That is Guiding the Course of Your Life?

When you think back on your life, have you never had the impression that there was some invisible power directing your path?

Or maybe you’d say influencing you in ways beyond your control.

The fact of the matter is that something is directing your path through life. The issue is that there are two primary programs that are battling with one another to take control.

The ego-personality, which encompasses all of the karmic factors you’ve put into action over the course of many lives, is the most influential factor in your existence.

Fears such as shame, concern, doubt, victimization, terror, dread, loss, rejection, and paranoia are examples of some of the fears that contribute to the ego’s operating system, which is the primary cause of its most significant flaw: its foundation in fear.

You are fortunate in that in addition to one operating system, you also possess a whole other one, which has only been hiding under the surface of your concerns, waiting for you to unearth it.

That is your whole essence. However, it’s quite unlikely that you’ve always been aware of it or understood what it means.

The majority of individuals go through life completely oblivious to the fact that their soul is perhaps the most precious possession they own.

Instead, they develop strategies for overcoming the many challenges that the ego-personality program brings into their lives.

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You need to understand that your soul has a plan for your total development, but you probably aren’t aware of what those objectives are.

Throughout your whole existence, your soul is the guide that shows you the way from one stage to the next. Absolutely, there are logical explanations for why everything unfolds the way it does.

There are certain things that are caused by your ego-personality, and there are other things that are caused by your soul. Everything hinges on how aware you are, as well as the point in your spiritual path that you are now at.

Spiritual Stages

The following is an outline of some of the most important features shared by the many phases of spiritual development.

They will prompt you to think about your life and make you more aware of the ways in which you are directed.

Stage 1

The realization that you are beginning to question some of the long-held convictions you formerly held dear is one of the first signs that you are beginning to experience a spiritual awakening.

Either a shift in your living circumstances, which forces you to reevaluate what you think, or a growing interest in learning more about yourself and the world around you might set off this process.

If your current situation is difficult or trying, it may prompt you to hunt for solutions in areas you previously wouldn’t have explored. This is something to keep in mind.

Therefore, you look for individuals and communities who are willing to share their points of view with you. You do a search on the internet and locate books that are relevant to your newly developed interests.

This kind of investigation could bring you to the next level of your spiritual awakening.

Stage 2

In the second stage, you either find the changes in your life to be a struggle or a source of excitement for the new directions.

In either scenario, you may sense a change occurring on the inside of you, which may lead to new insights; yet, it may also cause you to experience confusion as a result of contradictory interpretations of what you are hearing.

If you attempt to speak to old pals about your questions and discoveries, they probably won’t comprehend what you’re going through or even be able to connect to what you’re going through at all.

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However, in order to make sense of the shifts taking place not just inside you but also in the world around you, you feel compelled to continue your quest for answers.

This is an energizing stage full of thrilling new discoveries and spiritual revelations, and they motivate you to keep looking for further spiritual breakthroughs.

This brings you to the third step.

Stage 3

You have now come to the conclusion that the answers you are looking for can only be found inside yourself and cannot be found anywhere else.

This prompts you to go deeper into your meditations in order to have a better understanding of the underlying reasons behind the things that are drawn to and pushed away from your life.

It’s likely that you’ll try your hand at a wide range of different methods and procedures.

Some individuals experiment with different kinds of tools that may change their brain waves, while others go from one kind of meditation to another in the pursuit of more insights and realizations.

The more you work on yourself on the inside, the more you’ll become aware of the good and bad forces that exist inside you and how they contribute to your experiences.

You will find ways to rid yourself of things that do not contribute to your wellbeing as a result of these findings.

Additionally, you go deeper into your spiritual essence and realign yourself with love, compassion, and honesty.

It’s possible that some people may depart your life as other ones come in that are more suited to the new paths you’re heading down.

Stage 4

After you’ve worked through the challenges presented by stage 3, you’ll see a gradual improvement in the quality of your life. You have developed a number of spiritual practices, and they are assisting in your progression.

In addition, there is a possibility that you may encounter others who support you and understand the path that you are on.

You experience a higher level of contentment and fulfillment in your daily life, and you get the impression that your spiritual core is becoming more grounded.

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You have the sense that you are progressing in the proper direction for your development, which gives you peace of mind. You are looking at several methods by which you might extend the benefits of your pleasant experiences.

Stage 5

The pursuit of struggle in life is less important than the pursuit of love without conditions and tranquility.

You are now beginning to incorporate your soul into all that you do. You have begun to recognize some of the magnificent benefits that your soul bestows on your existence.

You now have the experience of being entire, finished, and mindful of the oneness of all things.

You are now considerably less impacted by external situations, and you are able to maintain serenity in your life much more easily.

Stage 6 & Beyond

It’s possible that you’re getting more sensitive and attentive to everything going on in the world around you.

You are more perceptive and smart than others, and many turn to you for direction as a result.

You can be certain that you are making progress even if you may be on a plateau in your life right now because you are now living a surrendered life that is characterized by acceptance and non-resistance.

Your path through life has the potential to be mysterious and even magical at times.

There is a possibility that you will have insights that cannot be simply explained using the methodology of traditional science.

What Steps Should be Taken Next?

Your everyday participation in spiritual activities is the most important thing you can do. There may be moments when you let things go, but it is imperative that you get yourself back on track as soon as possible.

The routines that used to delight you can start to seem ordinary, and you might even decide to stop doing them.

All of these are just passing stages that the majority of individuals go through.

In order to maintain your forward momentum, you will need to recommit to clearing and releasing through the practice of meditation.

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