How To Achieve Higher Consciousness? Detailed Explanation

What is Higher Consciousness: How Can You Raise Yourself to a Greater Level?

There are a number of names for higher consciousness, including cumulative awareness, Buddha consciousness, Christ consciousness, superconsciousness, and God-consciousness. These names conjure images of divinity and very advanced degrees of spiritual development or extremely high levels of energy vibration.

A spiritual or energetic awareness that goes beyond the mind’s customary obsession with the past and the future is what we mean when we talk about higher consciousness.

As your level of awareness rises, you will become aware of the limitless and unending essence of your own existence.

A higher level of consciousness is characterized by an ever-increasing awareness of the importance of presence, of your own spiritual essence, and of the spiritual or energetic nature that is present in all things.

You may be wondering at this point whether or not it is really feasible to achieve a higher state of awareness, given the very amazing nature of the people we touch with who have achieved it. The answer to that question is sure; you can do that.

However, it might be challenging to achieve mastery of the mind and to recognize our connection to the boundless ocean of energy.


First, we have to witness it for ourselves, and only then can we really believe it.

Nevertheless, ascending to a higher state of awareness requires nothing more than our belief—and then the realization of that belief.

What Are The Three Different Levels Of Consciousness?

If we want to reach higher levels of consciousness, we need to first understand how those different states of consciousness are differentiated from one another.

photo of an elderly couple doing yoga together

According to one interpretation put forward by Sigmund Freud, there are three distinct tiers or planes of consciousness:

  • Mindful
  • Preconscious
  • Unconscious

An iceberg is the image that is most often used to represent these three stages of awareness.

The aware mind is represented by the portion of the water’s surface that is visible to us. The preconscious and unconscious minds are both said to be located underneath the surface region of the mind.

These are also referred to as the id, ego, and superego, respectively.

What is Increased Consciousness?

Something that transcends our typical, aware thinking is known as “increased consciousness.”

It is the awareness of the bigger self, the cosmos, and God. It is the highest level of consciousness.

If we can figure out how to shift our awareness, then we all have the potential to achieve this goal successfully.

What is a Shift in Consciousness?

The transition from one degree of focused awareness to another is what we refer to as a “shift in consciousness.”

Whether or not you believe it, this occurrence occurs often in the lives of people like you and me. Depending on the circumstances we find ourselves in, we are able to transition from one state to another and from higher to lower degrees of conscious awareness.

How We Get Stuck In Low Consciousness?

We are under the impression that we are unique in comparison to everything else, vulnerable, and alone. And since we are encouraged to believe that we are alone, separate, and disconnected from others, we are unable to rise beyond our low levels of awareness.

However, are we?

Imagine a vast body of loving, unadulterated energy. It has no boundaries and will exist forever.

Where do you begin and where do you stop if you are part of that ocean?

What are Your Borders?

When it comes to the universal energy field, there is no such thing as a surface area, nor are there any boundaries; as a result, there is no way that we can ever be distinct from it. Each and every one of us makes up the vast expanse that is conscious energy!

When we reach higher levels of awareness, we no longer have a distinct sense of ourselves. We have a sense, an understanding, and an experience of being at one with the energy field of the universe.

We are concentrated points of energy; nonetheless, energy does not have bounds; it just has characteristics.

How To Elevate Your Consciousness

You may achieve a higher level of consciousness through engaging in meditation and several other spiritual disciplines, such as awareness (mindfulness), the development of instinct, and the guidance of old spiritual masters.

You are not “ending up becoming” anything when you experience spiritual awakening; rather, you are simply waking to your true essence and activating whatever dormant faculties that you may have. This is the allure of spiritual awakening.

The teachings of spiritual teachers help us become aware of the fact that, owing to the immaturity of our brains and our preoccupation with more primal urges, we are functioning as only partially attentive creatures (a preoccupation with one’s own bodily experience, with all of its associated pain, sorrow, desires, and transience).

The fact that many individuals maintain a feeling of sleepiness even while they are awake is evidence that we are oblivious to the reality of the present moment.

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We take what we see to be the truth, but in reality, what we see is filtered through the unconscious lenses of our own past training, which is completely distinct from the conditioning of any other individual.

This suggests that there is a different reality, a different truth, for each and every person who is alive and kicking in the world today.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we fight a lot!

In addition, it denotes that, on a much deeper level, each individual is responsible for the development of his or her own reality as well as their own world.

Imagine for a moment when you stopped seeing yourself as unique.

What would be different about the way you feel about you?

You would see a reflection of your own face on the adversary’s or a total stranger’s face.

You would evolve into someone who is peaceful, kind, and compassionate toward all living things.

This is the beginning of waking up to your true nature as an infinite and eternal point of awareness.

You will achieve a higher level of awareness when you discover self-mastery (proficiency of thoughts and emotions) and when you accept and embody the ideals of understanding, forgiveness, empathy, true love, perseverance, compassion, honesty, appreciation, and humility, to name a few.

How To Transcend Your Thoughts For Higher Consciousness

Nevertheless, it does not constitute complete waking. When you reach very high levels of awareness, you no longer have control over your thoughts; instead, you transcend them.

Without the constant psychological chatter and evaluation of “what is,” you finally get to a point where you have an extraordinarily in-depth understanding of the true nature of the truth.

This amount of self-discipline may be challenging to achieve, but it is unquestionably attainable.

Anyone who is serious about transcending the intellect and raising oneself to that high level of awareness may accomplish it. All that is required is dedication.

Why is it a step-by-step process of activities?

The mind is difficult to control, and it takes a lot of practice and a lot of little steps before you can control it and then transcend it. You need to learn to manage not just your thoughts and emotions but also your body, the wandering ways of your mind, and the desire you have to mentally dwell in the past and the future.

If you are able to perceive the truth as it really is, and not through the filters of your own conditioning, and if you are able to improve your energy vibration via the greatest thoughts, words, and deeds, then you are continuing to elevate yourself to a higher level of awareness.

What Сan You Do To Achieve Higher Consciousness?

You have the ability to alter your state of awareness at any moment by engaging in activities such as meditation, prayer, yoga, or other forms of spiritual practice; having a so-called “spiritual experience;” or engaging in pursuits that put you into a hypnotic trance.

In these states, you have the opportunity to encounter a parallel universe that is as authentic as your own.

One way to begin your ascension to a higher level of awareness right this very second is to believe, state, and perform actions in a way that feels outstanding and finest and to refrain from believing, stating, and doing actions in a way that feels dreadful and erroneous.

As soon as you accomplish that, you will immediately begin vibrating at a higher rate, and you will attract other high-vibrating energies that are similar to your own.

Even just a glimpse of your true essence is enough to pique my interest and make me want to go on this spiritual path. Because of this, the path that leads to your bodily experience will undoubtedly be extraordinary.

In the event that you were moved by the article that was just presented to you, allow me to introduce you to a phenomenal program that may serve as a companion for you on the path to enlightenment and spiritual awakening.

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