Psychic protection – How to use energy shielding


Energy shielding for psychic protection


Many people have heard about the technique of “surrounding yourself in white Light.” It’s a very common way to protect yourself from negative energy.

Energy shielding is by far the simplest protective measure you can take. It only takes seconds to do, and it works!

However, there is so much more to energy shielding!

In this brief article, I cover the basics of energy shielding. My hope is that I can (a) provide you with the “how to” of using energy shielding and (b) suggest some new approaches that you might want to try.

NOTE: Links to blog posts and information related to psychic protection and energy clearing are listed at the bottom of this article.


What is energy shielding?

Energy shielding is one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect yourself, particularly when you are in an area in which there is toxic or dark energy.  It puts a protective layer of light between you and whatever is not for your highest good.


How do you create an energy shield?

Creating an energy shield only takes a few seconds, and it is incredibly simple! 

Ask your guides to surround your body with a protective layer or cocoon of light (i.e., energy) of a particular color. 

That’s it!  You don’t need to ask a specific entity, meditate before you do it, etc. The light will be installed around you immediately . . . without exception. It’s your freewill choice.


  • If you want to, you can visualize, feel, or even think of yourself surrounded in a cocoon of light. However, this isn’t necessary for the shield to be installed or for it to be fully effective.
  • You can also (a) ask that objects (e.g., your car, your house) and (b) other people be surrounded in light.


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How often do you need to re-establish the shield?

Shields do wear off, so you will need to periodically re-establish your shield(s). 

How quickly they wear off depends on the type of environment you are in.  In relatively peaceful environments, shields can remain in place for up to 8-12 hours.  However, in more stressful or toxic environments, you will need to re-shield more often. 


Energy shields using light and colors

You can use any color to create a shield around you, and different colors can be used for different purposes.  You will likely notice that the colors often carry the same vibration or meaning as the primary chakras.

The following is a list of the more commonly used colors and what they are used for:

  • White Light – Good for general protection.  Invokes angels to protect you from any harm. 
  • Red Light – This can be very grounding and energizing.
  • Orange Light – A great time to use this color is when you are engaged in creative activities of any kind. It also supports all types of relationships.
  • Yellow Light – This is a good color when you need to express your authentic self.
  • Green Light – Helpful to put around yourself or anyone who is ill/injured or who has just received a healing.  It can also protect you from acquiring an illness when you are around someone who is sick. 
  • Pink Light – This color has the vibration of unconditional, spiritual, Divine Love. It is both healing and uplifting.
  • Blue Light – This is a good color to use if you are going to do lot of speaking (e.g., having an an important conversation, teaching a class). Blue will also enhance your clairaudient abilities.
  • Indigo Light – Use this color when you want to increase your clairvoyant abilities or see a situation for what it truly is.
  • Purple or Violet Light – Great color to use when you will be doing psychic or mediumship work. It will support your crown chakra and claircognizant abilities.
  • Gold Light – Gold is often the color associated with archangels and carries with it a very high vibration.  Only energy of the highest good can get through gold light so it can be used for general protection. It will often increase your vibrational rate, which makes you more resistant to negative or toxic energy. 
  • Black Light – Black basically contains all of the colors.  I have personally found that this is very helpful, especially if I’m going to be around toxic energy or those who aren’t feeling well emotionally or physically.  (REMINDER:  Black is simply a color.  It has nothing to do with “dark” energy.)  


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Lead shield

This is the ultimate shield against toxic energy. Nothing can permeate lead.  Use it when you are going to be in a very toxic environment, whenever you are going to be around a conflict, or when you are feeling vulnerable. 

Directions: Ask that a “shield of lead” be installed between you and the person/areas of toxic energy. 

Important Caveat: The downside of lead is that it is very effective; so effective that it blocks all energy, including your ability to pick up external energy (e.g., psychic messages).  Therefore, never surround yourself in lead (360⁰) if you are in an environment that is potentially be dangerous (e.g., with an angry person, walking down a city street).  Instead, ask that the lead shield be installed between you and the area/person of concern.


Mirrored ball shield

I find the mirrored ball especially effective when I’m feeling vulnerable or when I have to go into a particularly harsh environment (e.g., a crowd, intense business meeting). 

Directions: See or feel yourself stepping inside a mirrored ball, with the mirrors facing outward.  The mirrors will reflect away any toxic energy. 

NOTE: Unlike a lead shield, which should be limited to one direction, you can surround yourself with mirrors (360⁰). It will not block your ability to perceive energy around you.     


Layering shields

Directions: Pick 2 or 3 of the shields described above and layer them around you for ultimate protection. 

Examples: I often surround myself in white light, gold light, and then a color that matches what I need on that particular day, such as:

  • If I’m going to be teaching that day, then I’ll install blue light for communication.
  • If I’m not feeling well that day, then I’ll install green for healing.
  • If I know I’ll be in a toxic environment, then I’ll use black and will also put the mirrored ball around me.
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NOTE:  It is recommended that you not install more than 2 or 3 layers because this may be too much energy and you might feel agitated or confused. However, experiment and find what feels right for you!

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