How to Use Your Subconscious Mind to Get Anything You Want

subconscious mind power

So, if you understand how the subconscious works and how to program it using affirmations, with clear, concise rows of positive words, clear visualization, and a corresponding feeling, the feeling is the most important component because it is the actual energy that attracts, so you can draw, bring into your life whatever you want.

Do You Utilize a Set of Affirmations? Do You Do This Daily?

Yes, I do them both in the morning and at night. I have a personal affirmation, a family affirmation, and a business affirmation.

Is it a single one or a list of them?

A solitary one. You want to program the mind because you want to train. So, if your information was a page long, it would be quite difficult to structure. So it must be short and positive, and then you can imagine that short item coming to life in any way you want.

So, for example, if you run a program, you may have a goal statement like “I would interview intriguing individuals who can provide amazing insights to my audience.”

It’s brief. Then you imagine yourself sitting here with your team, cameras, and chatting to various folks.

You obviously can’t see how they appear since you don’t know who they are.

Just imagine a faceless guy sitting here with long hair, bald marks on his head, and then robes and beads, and that’s your vision.

And you’re wondering, “How does it feel?” You can tell since you’ve interviewed so many individuals.

How do you feel during an interview? Do you simply walk away, saying, “That was quite enlightening?” I learned a great deal. ” It’s nice to be able to feel that same emotion.

Hold that emotion in your head while you visualize and repeat the affirmation. It makes it clear to your mind that you should vibrate at that frequency.

You may have interviewed hundreds of individuals, and some of them may have left you thinking, “Oh, that wasn’t that great.” But there are some that you like, such as “this was perhaps one of my finest.”

Insert the sensation from your best interview into your affirmation since it will now vibrate at that feeling.

You’ll begin to attract everything with a similar vibe to it.

Do You Expect Much Activity After That?

There’s a movie called “The Secret,” which claims that all you have to do is think about it, and it will be on your doorstep. Do you agree with that? Or do you believe there will be a lot of activity on top of that?

I believe there must be a lot of activity. I haven’t seen the film or read the book. But I think McGrew said something great when he said, “Where awareness goes, energy flows.”

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So, if you focus your attention on anything, that’s where your energy will go, and that’s what will begin to develop in your life.

However, it must be followed up with action. And I believe that many individuals just think about things and have copper lines as if the world would actualize it for them.

That is the largest copper ever found. Do the work, manifest it yourself.

Don’t wait for a hand out. Get out there and make it, but put energy into it.

Does Energy Discriminates?

As a result, I constantly advise people to look at energy in the same way they look at the water.

What would grow if I grabbed a watering can and watered the garden bed? Weeds or flowers?

They are both mature. That water makes no distinction between weeds and flowers. And it’s the same way that if you put energy into anything, whether good or bad, it will increase.

And the best way to put energy into anything is to focus your attention on it. As a result, energy flows where consciousness goes. You maintain your attention on something, and that is where your energy flows.

If your energy is flowing, it will begin to appear in your life, whether it is good or bad. All you have to do is maintain your awareness.

So, if you can think about something for a long enough period of time, over and over again, energy begins to flow and manifest in your life.

However, you must also perform the task. I can’t just sit here all day thinking about it. You must then back it up with deeds.

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