I’m Aware of My Future: But Can I Alter It?

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There’s a lot of depth to the phrase “destiny.” Precisely what does it imply to say this? How many times have we spoken this phrase in vain?

In most cases, it refers to an occurrence or sequence of events that will occur in the future. In other words, the universe’s inherent order.

How often have we found ourselves saying, “I don’t know what to do” when faced with a situation we couldn’t control? It’s all going to work out!

There are a variety of approaches to the subject of destiny. There’s the religious/spiritual route, the scientific way, and the one that claims destiny is purely fake.

On the other hand, Hinduism believes in the principle of karma, which states that everything happens for a reason.
That which we have done in the past, our “karmas,” determines our future.

Good acts provide “Punya,” while evil deeds bring “Paap,” and our karma determines whether or not we will be happy or unhappy in our future life.

Some people think that a deity watches over us, recording everything we do. I first heard about this in a movie, but it made perfect sense.

A key theme in the message was that while we have been given a choice of 10 doors, the option is ultimately ours to make. It’s up to us to determine the best path for our situation.

As a result, rationality and science have taken over the globe in the contemporary age. A scientific perspective is always available.

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Many characteristics of our surroundings heavily influence our expectations of how our lives will turn out.

When you’re a kid, your parents significantly impact your outlook on life, your spiritual or religious views, where you’re from, how confident you are, and where you place your power.

What you believe about the meaning of the term “destiny” is influenced by all of these different aspects.

If your parents are devout believers, you’ll unconsciously adopt their views if you grow up around them and learn from them.

You’re more likely to be affected by your peers’ opinions and beliefs during college. Your education at home and school is suddenly thrown out the window.

No doubt you still believe in destiny, but you’re a bit torn between what your parents tell you, what your religion teaches, and what your friends tell you about it.

However, who honestly thinks about destiny while they’re a college student? College is a moment in your life that you’ll never forget, including your first date, your first set of examinations, and your first dance with your date.

The first time you were in love, isn’t it stunning how everything has turned out? Is it any different if you fail the test, your heart has been shattered, or both?

Is there anything you ever did that merits this treatment? Or was it a matter of fate? We’ve all had periods in our lives when we wondered aloud whether something was fate playing a joke on us.

When we are pleased or sad, we can’t help but ponder fate. When you finally receive the break you’ve been hoping for after a long and exhausting day of labor, it doesn’t matter what the cause is; when we don’t know what’s happening, we worry about our future.

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However, not everyone shares the same views. So many people don’t think that their lives are already set in stone.

They are confident that they control their own lives and that fate has no bearing on their choices. Cause and effect are all there is to it.

Intriguingly, the Caravaka School of thought also believes this. They assert that concepts like “past life,” “future life,” “hell,” and “heaven” do not exist.

It’s impossible to go back in time; there’s no way to foresee what lies ahead, and the only sure thing is right now.
So enjoy the here and now and make the most of each day.

This is a widely held belief. They may not go to the extreme, but they do.

A perspective is neither correct nor wrong. Everyone has the right to express themselves in their way. To them, life is just the result of their decisions.

It’s so common for individuals to start their days with fresh hopes and dreams, and so many turn to the newspaper to see what their luck has in store for them.

As a result, I’m left wondering: Does knowing our fate affect it? This has a paradoxical answer.

Life, in my opinion, is a series of choices and decisions. Knowing what our destiny holds may help us make better judgments in the present and the future.

Humans are inherently hedonistic beings who only care about themselves and the people they hold dear.

Future forecasting may help us find a route forward or give us hope that something fantastic is in store for us.

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We may spend our lives hoping for the best, or we can put up the effort necessary to bring our dreams to fruition.

In any case, the future will arrive. To get there, all we can do is make the best decisions we can with the information we have at our disposal.

There is always a purpose behind events, and finding out what is in store for us may very well be one of those reasons.

Possibly, we are meant to learn so that we might improve our health and quality of life.

We may thus safely infer that, whether or not knowing one’s destiny can influence the future, I would only conclude that running from it but hiding from it cannot be done!

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