Karmic Relationship: Are You Able To Heal It? (Simple Guide)

how to heal a karmic relationship?

Because karma is such a complicated system, the answer to the question of whether or not a karmic connection may be repaired depends on a few key criteria.

However, on a more superficial level, a lot depends on what you mean by “healing” a karmic connection and to what degree you are willing to compromise on the karmic scale. What do you mean by “fixing” a karmic relationship?

The answer to your question is “yes,” and a karmic connection may be repaired; however, this will only be possible if you are prepared to be open and honest with one another as well as put in the effort required to transform the negative energy into a positive vibration that is based on acceptance and love.

Can Karma Even Be Fixed?

Because of the demands of this new reality and contemporary living, we don’t always have the luxury of taking the time necessary to fix and mend our relationships with the individuals we keep bumping into lifetime after lifetime.

On the other hand, the circumstances of the world have provided many couples who live together with a secure environment in which this transition may take place.

If one or both parties have contributed to the poisonous nature of the relationship via karmic abuse as a result of their own inner wounds, then they are fortunate to have the opportunity to mend and heal at this time.

The recipient, who is often the more sensitive of the two, will be left to attempt to free the karmic links and bring the relationship back to the loving and beautiful state it was in before.

During this period, many people’s original paths have been put back on track, and soul development and awakening have blossomed. This is largely due to the fact that repair and healing have taken place.

Why is it Necessary For Me to Mend the Karmic Ties in My Life?

If you want to create room and an energy discourse for karmic healing, the essential first step you need to do is fix a karmic connection.

Staying the course with all of the challenges and discomfort it may bring is something we wholeheartedly encourage.

It is never too late to take charge of your karmic future and transform it into a source of unadulterated soul healing, and there is no better moment than the present to do it.

If we wish to increase the power of our souls, we must first do the soul cleansing that is necessary for the spiritual acceleration that is required to smoothly blend with the new 5D reality that many of us are now experiencing.

If you are serious about repairing a karmic connection, whether it be with a love partner, a friend, a member of your family, or anybody else you know, the following are some of the things you should do and some of the things you should avoid doing.

1. Put Positive Energy Into the World

When things aren’t going well in your karmic connection, it might be helpful to think about the positive things the other person has done and the qualities they possess.

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When you are spending time with this individual, it is helpful to bring to mind the reasons for the emotions that you are experiencing.

Consider the ways in which the problems that you two have been having have caused you both harm, and then envision the same situation but with a happy ending.

This is something that may be fairly hard to do, particularly in situations like after a fight. This is your opportunity to correct the mistakes that were made.

Imagine that they are smiling at you and that you are feeling their love and acceptance. The problems that you had before will no longer exist. Keep yourself centered on the love that comes both from them and to them.

When you have nothing but love for this person, you will be able to see in your mind’s eye how the events of your relationship will play out exactly the way you had always hoped they would.

Rewiring the link so that it flows with love rather than hatred is an excellent place to start. It may be difficult to convince your ego to stop wishing this person ill will and instead to send out positive thoughts of love, but doing so is a necessary first step.

It is an important move to make in order to guarantee that the karmic connection will serve its intended function.

2. Acknowledge your Mistakes

It may not be difficult to accept other people, but it certainly is challenging to accept oneself. It is necessary to take a second step in order to reconsider acceptance based only on your own thinking and the person that you are.

If you want to continue developing and healing as a result of your karmic connection, you need to recognize and accept your shortcomings and errors in judgment.

Listen to your intuition, and make an effort to maintain this awareness so that you don’t find yourself falling back into old patterns of conduct that aren’t beneficial to you anymore.

This is one way to make certain that you continue to be on the receiving end of the personal development and healing that often result from being in a karmic connection.

3. Be the One to Offer Corrections

Karmic relationships often contain deep sentiments that stem from your soul connection and have the ability to activate you in a way that no other relationship can.

If you are currently involved in an intense karmic connection, you should prepare yourself for it to be filled with raging passion and profound feelings that are intended to force you to expose your true self.

If those emotional waves and connections ever get disrupted, you need to make sure that you bury your pride and put your attention on the love; this will help you to go back into harmony with each other.

In order to prevent the karmic link from being harmful, it is important to give it the ability to be genuine, spontaneous, passionate, and nonjudgmental.

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Don’t engage in a pointless game of passing blame; instead, take responsibility for your actions and offer an apology as soon as you realize you’ve been wrong.

Make sure that things do not resort to giving you the silent treatment when things get too difficult.

Stopping the flow of love has the opposite effect of what you are attempting to do, which is to deepen the karmic bond.

In addition, you should first repent to yourself before addressing your karmic debt to anybody else.

Realize exactly what it is that you’ve done wrong, allow yourself to feel the remorse, and tell yourself that you never want to experience that feeling again.

Realize that the negative things you did caused you to feel horrible, and it is up to you to put a stop to the negative thinking and clean up your heart and spirit.

Self-forgiveness is the first step in this process, which is the most sincere type of apology there is.

4. Be Responsible for Your Own Emotions

Some people forget that they are the only ones to blame for the role they played in creating unproductive channels of communication, yet this is the case.

This aspect of a karmic link is regarded as the “individual” element of the connection, and it is also sometimes referred to as “owning your own sh*t.”

It provides a safe environment in which both parties engaged may experiment with new ways of thinking and doing without fear of causing harm to the other.

You will develop new abilities and a more resilient character as you experiment with fresh, high-energy methods to turn things around for yourself.

When you reach this position “individually,” it implies that you are able to transform your negativity into optimism even when you feel like you are taking a step backward.

It is good because both parties may proceed at their own rate, which prevents one from being harmed or worn out by the other.

In order to mend it, you need to make sure that you are taking responsibility for your own feelings and that you are not waiting on the other person to emotionally rescue you.

This does not suggest that you are emotionally unavailable for one another; rather, it just means that it is preferable to do as much personal development work as you possibly can.

When one person strives to become a better version of themselves, it motivates and encourages others to do the same.

5. Heal Others and Let Others Heal

Similarly, karmic ties require a significant amount of transformation.

Both people involved in a karmic relationship experience sentiments and connections that are unparalleled, and as a result, they become motivated to improve particular aspects of themselves.

People are given the gift of sight into each other’s anguish when they use the introspective ways described in the points above, particularly numbers 2 and 4. After seeing things from their perspective, individuals then seek to put a stop to the cycle.

During this time of emotional change, if you choose to be cruel to one another by dwelling on the past and passing harsh judgment on one another, you run the risk of upsetting the powerful heart chakra attraction that you have.

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6. Commit to Doing Your Own Work

To complete the process of mending your soul, one of the last steps is to repair a karmic bond.

This kind of connection reopens old scars, rehashes old trauma, and brings it all roaring back to life in such a way that it adds additional karmic ties.

As a result, you are required to do more than just bear those loads after they have been brought back and placed on your shoulders.

A karmic bond’s only purpose is to bring to our attention any unresolved issues of karma and facilitate our recovery from those issues so that we may evolve into our true selves.

Take as much time as you need, but don’t forget to heal and develop from the karma of your past that hasn’t been resolved.

7. Do Not Have Expectations That Cannot be Fulfilled

Despite the fact that this is true for any relationship, things become a little trickier when it comes to karmic connections.

The process of coming to grips with unresolved karma from the past may seem quite daunting.

It’s possible that you feel as if your spouse shouldn’t have brought up that old wound and brought the unresolved karma to the surface in the first place.

At moments like these, it is important to recall the reason for maintaining this connection.

You shouldn’t anticipate that your soul would be instantly cured.

But in addition to that, you shouldn’t anticipate that your spouse will not bring up the past or that they will hold your hand as you sit there pondering how to heal from previous hurts.

If you’re already experiencing these feelings, it’s important to remind yourself of the significance that your karmic partner plays in your life.

They are a gift concealed under a disguise. In these kinds of situations, you shouldn’t ascribe any negative connotations to them at all.

8. Be Patient

Patience is essential to the repair of any relationship, despite the fact that it may seem overvalued.

A karmic link, if anything, is deserving of an even greater amount of patience.

It’s the time of night when conversations might bring up difficult recollections, such as prior traumatic experiences, errors, etc.

You will need to be compassionate and kind toward your karmic connection while they go through the excruciating process of letting go of the anguish that they have been harboring.

The karmic supply adjusts and heals when we are able to feel safe enough to let out our deepest soul tears and share our sufferings with another person.

This safe zone, in which you love and support one another, establishes a tranquil narrative and guarantees that you and your partner mend the relationship so that it may begin to serve its intended function.

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