What Kind of Person Do You Really Consider Yourself to Be?

what kind of person are you?

You’re a spiritual entity, not a physical person. You have a sense of something larger than what you’re going through. That is who you are, and you can trust it.

Our society’s problems stem from the indoctrination we’ve received via education and culture, both of which emphasize the intellect while ignoring our feelings. He or she did not teach you that the mind, body, and emotions are all instruments that may be used for good.

Especially if your family background and personal experiences are rooted in religion, these principles might be difficult to embrace.

There is no contradiction between what is being spoken and what science has found at the quantum level, nor is there any contradiction between religion and science.

In order to comprehend the holy texts, one must be able to distinguish between the era in which they were written and what people knew and understood at the time.

While organized religion may not exist everywhere, spirituality permeates culture regardless.

Native Americans, Australian aborigines, ancient cavemen, and bush people all had some who had a greater sensitivity to things outside the mainstream experience at some point in time.

They all had a link with the divine, were more sensitive to the mystical, and were capable of understanding mankind’s relationship to the natural world from the greatest possible perspective given their knowledge at the time.

There is a reason why you were born on this planet. That which motivates you to action is your spiritual self. Small-mindedness tears at the soul, not your potential.

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The anguish of human sins against the spirit is carried by the soul on many more levels as well. Remember? Spirit is love, and you should treat people the way you would want to be treated yourself.

All of these stories and metaphors suit the template. You and I are one spirit, and I love you because I love myself. I violate myself by harming you.

The psyche wails in pain. If you don’t live up to your spiritual potential, you’ll suffer the sorrow and suffering that the soul feels when it reflects on its past as a physical person.

The manifestation of the world you create is felt by the body, the mind, and the emotions.

Most of us will be exposed to some kind of trauma at school, in our families, or in society as a whole between the ages of 10 and 13, when we begin to develop our own reasoning skills.

When a kid lacks proper social support, healthy family dynamics, etc., they are left to fumble through the complex array of contradicting social and spiritual realities that are at war with each other in their everyday experience.

You can only imagine the confusion in a culture that lacks enough knowledge in these areas.

We are far more complex beings than we are given credit for. Every part of us has been taught that we are physical, mental, sexual, and emotional elements of energy and spirit.

From a spiritual standpoint, every situation can be simplified, even the most complicated ones.

There comes a point in your life when you realize that your physical body has a lot to teach you about yourself:

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In other words, one’s thinking

An individual’s feelings and the ideals that represent

the human body and the safeguards it needs to keep it secure.

We are both complicated and simple at the same time.

It is essential to comprehend the beginnings of the cosmos in order to grasp this energy soul. Energy is the true nature of everything; matter is only the manifestation of this energy.

All matter is composed of bands or strings of energy, and today’s science has achieved tremendous breakthroughs that prove it. For a period, it was even known as “String Theory.”

It was renamed M-Theory once all of the anomalies and contradictions in the theory were ironed out.

This theory now demonstrates that we live in a universe with 11 dimensions.

Visit and watch the PBS NOVA Series: The Elegant Universe online to get a clear grasp of the ideas and how they all come together.

What the Bleep Do We Know? now available for rent or purchase at video shops, and it’s a great movie.

Besides what I’m seeing and reading about these findings, I have one more item to offer. Despite the fact that many scientists today believe they understand the beginnings of the universe.

I am further challenged by the reality that all of this energy originated from some place.

In this model, God is still present. Science has always been there to understand the world, cosmos, creation, and God’s commandments.

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