What is Anxiety? A Quick and Simple Explanation

what is the meaning of anxiety?

Imagine that you are standing in front of a high-speed train but you are unable to move at all because you are frozen solid.

You are unable to move, you are aware of what is going to take place, and there is nothing you can do to assist yourself in escaping the situation. Now picture yourself being put in this situation on several occasions every single day.

Anxiety disorder sufferers will identify with this description of how they feel. Or a description that comes as close as possible to it. The one key distinction is that there is no oncoming train barreling at you at high speed.

It’s unseen. and appears completely out of the blue. Without prior notice, you are being paralyzed by sheer terror. Sounds intense? It is.

The “official” and “unofficial” definition of anxiety is a disorder in which the person affected experiences an extreme, unreasonable fear and an imminent feeling of doom or dread.

In “layman’s terms,” this indicates that if you have any form of anxiety disorder, you will be confronted with crippling fear for no apparent reason, which will give you the impression that there is no possible way out of the situation.

If you suffer from an anxiety disorder, any form of it, you will have this experience. And it is possible for you to be overcome with unwarranted dread at any point over the course of a single day.

In addition to suffering from an anxiety disorder, a person may also have other common illnesses that go hand in hand with it, such as depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, panic attacks, or any other number of phobias that make it all the more necessary to get treatment for.

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Knowing What Causes Anxiety

What could be better? Nothing and everything at the same time! Have a look at the definition of it up there. At this point, you should be able to see the bigger image.

In the vast majority of situations when anxiety attacks have been recorded, the patient seldom recounts any incident that would have caused the attack itself to begin in the first place.

Now, with that being stated, let me also clarify that when an anxiety sufferer travels back to a location or setting where a prior attack occurred, this might trigger another attack, simply because they will be reminded of how terrible that first attack was, and subconsciously be thinking about it successfully causing yet another attack! It’s a never-ending loop of panic and dread.

What is a person who suffers from anxiety attacks or an anxiety disorder most afraid of? to launch another assault! I really hope that you are starting to have a better grasp of this topic at this point.

When you are the target of an assault, however, it may seem as if you are about to pass away, despite the fact that the attack has not yet killed the person and most likely will not in the future.

Your intellect, which is also your most valuable asset, is also the factor that is most likely to determine whether or not you will have an anxiety attack.

Even if you tell someone who is suffering an anxiety attack that “It’s All In Your Mind,” they would most likely interpret this as an attempt on your part to be insensitive to the difficulty of their situation.

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This is the case even if you mean well. It’s not a pleasant sensation, as I’m sure you’ll agree with me. Even if you don’t intend it that way, this is almost certainly how it will be interpreted by the listener.

To be more “clinical” about anxiety, it is, in fact, “all in your head.” Anxiety affects millions of people every year. Because your anxiety originates in your brain and cannot be separated from it.

Numerous studies have focused their attention primarily on two distinct regions of the brain that are accountable for causing sensations of dread and anxiety in an individual.

It is nothing more than an unexpected trigger that causes one to activate their “fight or flight” defensive system, which then causes adrenaline to be released, and BOOM! An anxiety crisis of the worst possible kind is on its way to you right now.

Anxiety is often the result of heightened stress brought on by the demands of day-to-day existence.

This condition may be brought to the surface of an otherwise “dormant” carrier of the hereditary features handed on by their parents when certain circumstances, such as mounting debt, children who seem to be out of control, pressure from work and family, and other similar situations, can act as triggers.

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