Lemurian Seed Crystals: Meaning and How to Use Them

three white lemurian seed crystals

Have you ever pondered the Lemurian Seed Crystals and how their properties manifest themselves in their use? This is a gemstone that does not require much effort on your part to identify.

The Lemurian Seed Crystal is a kind of stone that has been described as having a highly distinctive appearance. This crystal may be found in a wide range of sizes and hues.

It is available in a range of colors, including blue, apricot, pink, golden, and smokey.

This is a crystal that is rife with flaws and inclusions all across its surface.

These flaws, rather than destroying its overall look, work to accentuate its natural charm and make it that much more lovely.

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The ridges on the surface of this crystal are one of the intriguing features that contribute to its overall look.

These have a tendency to seem like bar codes and give the surface of the crystal the impression of being foggy.

The United States, Brazil, Tibet, Russia, and Zambia, as well as Colombia and Zambia, are all good places to look for Lemurian Seed Crystal.

This morning, we are going to go into the significance of this gemstone, why and how it should be used, as well as other pertinent information. Let’s get started.

What Does It Mean to Have a Lemurian Seed Crystal?

One kind of quartz is known as the Lemurian Seed Crystal. The Lemurian Seed Crystal stands out from the crowd because to a distinctive quality that is absent in the majority of quartz crystals.

This crystal features ridges, also known as growth lines or ladders, which are often referred to as barcodes.

In the same way that the rings of a tree may provide information about the age of the tree, the growth lines on a Lemurian Seed Crystal can provide information about the age of the crystal.

In the beginning, early Lemurian Seed Crystals were merely marked with lines or ridges on three of their sides. The remaining three sides have a smooth finish.

This stone has progressed during the course of its lifetime. Now, the ridges or striating may be applied to any or all of the sides.

In point of fact, many of the crystals that are thought to be Lemurian crystals do not have any striations at all.

Lemurian Seed Crystals Take Various Forms and Shapes

The wand form is by far the most typical presentation for a Lemurian Seed Crystal. The form of the others is more reminiscent of an egg.

When you first take a glance at these crystals, they seem to be no different from any other typical quartz crystal. Once you take a closer look at a piece of this crystal, however, you will see a great number of subtle variances between it and other pieces.

Wand crystals are often the ones that display the greatest amount of variation. Off-white with a pink or brownish tinge is a possible color for them in certain situations.

When you hold a portion of the crystal up to a light, you will be able to see these colors much more clearly.

This crystal is known as the “golden healer,” and while it may be found in a variety of hues, the transparent kind is the most common.

Where does it Get Its Ingredients?

Brazil was the country in which the Lemurian Seed Crystal was first found. This crystal is also known as Lemurian Quartz.

In modern times, it has spread to many different regions all over the globe.

These crystals are very fragile due to their delicate nature. In point of fact, it is not unusual for weaker portions of the crystal to fall out while it is developing in a cluster and land on the ground of the caverns where the crystals are discovered.

The Application of Lemurian Seed Crystal for the Purposes of Health and Healing

If you are interested in strong healing crystals, the Lemurian Seed Crystal is definitely one that you should include in your collection.

It is stated that this crystal stores the light of the user’s universal life energy inside its crystalline structure. Just the act of holding it in your palm is enough to cause the light emanating from the stone to go throughout your whole body.

This will assist to restore any imbalances and eliminate any obstructions that may have developed.

The Lemurian Seed Gem is a very powerful and important crystal. It has the potential to cure you on many different levels, including those of the heart, mind, soul, and body.

#1. Powerful Healing Energies

The Lemurian Seed Crystal has an abundance of curative energy. In point of fact, it is capable of curing a wide range of ailments and illnesses.

The usage of this stone in conjunction with Sodalite amplifies its already impressive potency.

Lemurian Seed Crystal’s curative qualities may be used to cure a variety of ailments, including those affecting the circulatory system and the spine.

Additionally, it is employed as a detoxifying agent.

Lemurian Seed Crystal has the potential to assist in the fortification of vein structure. In addition to that, it may be used for the removal of peculiar growths.

The Lemurian Seed Crystal may be of assistance to those who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.

When we talk about nerves, we should mention that this stone may also benefit those who have suffered from a stroke and aid in the repair of cellular memory.

2. Contributes to an Increase in One’s Own Wealth

In addition to assisting you on a cerebral, emotional, and physical level, the Lemurian Seed Crystal may also be used to assist you in accomplishing your monetary objectives.

A companion crystal is what is often referred to as a Lemurian Seed Crystal. This is due to the fact that it provides a significant amount of help in a variety of different ways.

You may use it to assist you in getting over setbacks, as well as to help you appreciate achievements you have achieved.

When it comes to matters of money, the Lemurian Seed Crystal may be of assistance in removing the obstacles that stand in the way of your achieving financial success.

This is a stone that may offer you strength, even if you are at the point when you are ready to give up! Your feeling of self-worth will be restored, and you will develop a stronger belief in your own abilities as a result of this.

When discussing business endeavors involving money, this is a very significant point. Carry a piece of Lemurian Seed Crystal with you at all times if you are considering venturing out on your own and creating your own company.

Carrying this stone with you will facilitate your ability to see situations from several angles, rather than simply your own.

Because of this, you will be able to broaden your perspective and become more receptive to new concepts. In point of fact, you have the potential to conceive of things that no one else would ever consider.

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Do not allow the fact that other people find your ideas peculiar deter you from pursuing them. With the assistance of the Lemurian Seed Crystal, only you have the power to create your own success.

Love & Relationships Facilitated by the Lemurian Seed Crystal

It’s crucial to retain a clear mind when it comes to relationships, and the Lemurian Seed Crystal may assist you in doing just that.

This is a crystal that will assist you in remembering the depth of the love that is inside you as well as the depth of your connection to love.

If you are in the middle of making a significant choice about your romantic life, carrying Lemurian Seed Crystal with you can assist you in being able to think more clearly and choose the option that is in your best interests.

1. It activates the heart chakra

Lemurian Seed Crystal might be of use to you when you are in need of psychological healing. It arouses and activates the heart chakra.

This makes it simpler for you to recover emotionally, and it will also improve your ability to express yourself.

Additionally, it might be useful when the time comes to dissolve emotional links.

This particular stone is packed with energies that will assist in the healing of emotional scars, which is one of the many wonderful things about it.

After experiencing a traumatic event, it may be helpful in regaining a sense of emotional equilibrium.

Additionally, it will assist you in tuning into the energies of love and removing the emotional strain from your heart.

2. It may assist you in severing ties with unhealthy relationships

Keeping a fragment of Lemurian Seed Crystal close to your body helps facilitate the release of negative feelings and attachments.

In addition to this, it might assist you in developing a deeper love and appreciation for yourself.

Lemurian Seed Crystal may assist you in severing connections with an unhealthy relationship, whether you have just just freed yourself from such a relationship or you are now in such a relationship that is not improving.

On the other hand, if you believe that the relationship is one that is worth attempting to improve, then this crystal may be of assistance to you.

Make use of it as a meditation tool to assist you in determining what it is that you really need to accomplish.

Instructions on How to Make Use of Lemurian Seed Crystal

The Lemurian Seed Crystal may be put to use in a number of different ways, including via the practice of prayer, meditation, and visualization.

Lemurian Seed Crystal has the ability to operate as a conductor and will assist you in releasing your goals into the cosmos, regardless of what those aspirations may be.

1. Applying the Lemurian Seed Crystal in Different Healing Procedures

Lemurian Seed Crystal might be of use to you if you are doing healing work on another person. Just keep it in the hand that you use most often.

The next step is to see a pure white light emanating from the origin of the problem.

In addition to going through your body, it should come via the crystal.

This ray of healing light will be sent to the individual whose health you are helping to improve.

This method may be used even if you are not physically there with the individual whose health you are attempting to improve.

2. Consult the Crystal for Direction and Guidance

Ask your Lemurian Seed Crystal for guidance if you are considering anything and need some input from the outer world.

Putting the crystal in a shallow bowl and covering it with white sand is all that is required of you at this point. The next step is to bury the bowl in the ground.

After a few hours, flip the bowl in the direction that feels most comfortable to you. Make a note of the direction with the help of a compass.

You will not be able to see the crystal until you remove part of the white sand. The answer to your inquiry will be affirmative if it is pointed in the direction of the north.

A negative reaction is shown if the crystal is oriented in a southerly direction. At this moment, it is unclear whether it is pointed east or west; a conclusive answer is not yet available.

3. Conduct your meditation while holding the Lemurian Seed Crystal

Huge vibrations emanate from Lemurian Seed Crystals, and the vast majority of people—even skeptics—are able to pick up on these vibrations.

Keep the crystal in the palm of your hand and gently massage it with the tips of your fingers while you meditate. Taking this action might facilitate your communication with otherworldly creatures.

Although this crystal features marks that seem like a “ladder,” some people claim that they can also make out hieroglyphs inside the stone. This has the potential to be an excellent method for eliminating unfavorable karmic health.

Use White Heulandite in conjunction with Lemurian Seed Crystal while you are meditating in order to get knowledge about previous life.

Using Other Crystals in Conjunction with the Lemurian Seed Crystal

It is possible to augment the effects of the power of the Lemurian Seed Crystal by combining it with the power of the power of other crystals.

When mixing crystals, the following is a list of advantages, as well as the crystals that should be used to get those benefits.

Incorporating High Vibrational Crystals into the Mix

Try to mix this stone with other crystals that have a high vibration whenever it is at all feasible.

Herkimer Diamond and White Heulandite are two choices that are worth considering.

Larimar is the most ideal stone for use in conjunction with Lemurian Seed Crystal.

Using these two things together will assist you in establishing a connection with a higher power.

How to Increase Your Spirituality Through the Use of Crystal Combinations

The pairing of Lemurian Seed Crystal with Moldavite is yet another powerful combination.

When you wish to improve both your spirituality and your general health, combining these two aspects of improvement might be helpful.

Crystal Configurations That Will Assist You in Communicating with Your Angels

Try combining Lemurian Seed Crystal with Seraphinite, Blue Celestite, Petalite, Quartz, Angel Phantom Quartz, or Satyaloka if you are looking to make touch with your guardian angels or spirit guides.

Crystal combinations that may help you raise your own vibrational frequency

Try mixing Lemurian Seed Crystal with Pink Kunzite, Rose Quartz, Prasiolite, Morganite, and Amegreen in order to amplify the positive vibrations that are already present in your environment.

Combinations of Crystals Used for Meditation

It is possible to employ the Lemurian Seed Crystal all by itself or in conjunction with other crystals in the practice of meditation, both of which are beneficial.

When it comes to meditation, the optimum results may be achieved by combining the Lemurian Seed Crystal with Goethite, Hypersthene, Chiastolite, Pollucite, Kammererite, and Calligraphy Stone.

Wearing a Lemurian Seed Crystal Can Have Many Benefits

If you are searching for a crystal to wear that will bring a variety of advantages, the Lemurian Seed Crystal is a fantastic choice to consider.

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To begin, it has a wealth of important metaphysical characteristics. These qualities will encompass you and cure you in a number of different ways as they work their magic.

There are a lot of individuals who think that this gem would look great on a bracelet. This will assist in ensuring that your energies are flowing in a healthy and balanced manner.

1. Psychological Reconciliation and an Awareness of Dreams

Lemurian Seed Crystal is wonderful for the healing of the emotions.

If you are struggling with depression or other emotional challenges, wearing it on a regular basis may be helpful for you.

It is also beneficial to wear this gem when you are sleeping.

It may heighten your awareness of your dreams and make it easier for you to remember previous life.

This stone will make it much simpler for you to remember dreams, which is helpful if you often awaken struggling to recall the details of a dream.

2. Engage in Conversation with Extraterrestrial Entities

It is possible for you to improve your ability to speak with heavenly entities by donning a Lemurian Seed Crystal.

When you are attempting to open the lines of communication with your spirit guides, this particular crystal is the one you should use or wear.

3. Develop and Sharpen Your Intuition

We should never doubt our gut feelings since they almost seldom, if ever, steer us in the incorrect direction.

Wearing a piece of jewelry with Lemurian Seed Crystal can allow you to have an even better intuitive sense.

A necklace or bracelet is the perfect accessory. If you wear this necklace, you will have an easier time comprehending the meaning of your insights.

4. Develop Your Capacity for Clairvoyance

The third eye may be opened up by just wearing this gemstone. It also has the potential to assist in the development of your psychic talents, such as clairvoyance.

You won’t only have an easier time understanding new ideas; you’ll also be able to draw quicker connections between different kinds of information. Both of these benefits come as a result of increased cognitive flexibility.

Purification of and energy infusion into Lemurian Seed Crystals

First and foremost, purifying your Lemurian Seed Crystals

When dealing with crystals, it is imperative that they be purified of any leftover energy that may have been left behind by previous users. This is because crystals tend to absorb the energies of those who use them.

Although there are some crystals that should never be submerged in water, the Lemurian Seed Crystal is not one of those crystals.

If you are going to utilize water, we suggest that you use water that has been energized by the moon.

Alternately, you might put the crystal in a jar with some salt from the sea (you can use regular table salt in a pinch).

To rid the container of any impurities or bad energy, take it outside and keep it there for a few hours when the moon is full. Only then will it be purified.

Lemurian Seed Crystals may also be purified by exposing them to direct sunlight or the light of the moon, two additional methods of purification.

The crystals should be exposed to either direct sunshine or moonlight for a period of several hours.

Overnight, arrange the crystals in a pyramid or plate made of copper.

Burn some sage, and then run the crystals through the smoke that’s left behind.

2. Putting Your Lemurian Seed Crystals Through Their Charges

After the crystals have been purified, they need to be charged or activated in order to regain their full potential.

Simply taking it in your hands and infusing the crystals with your own energy is all that is required to accomplish this.

Imagine that your hands are emitting a brilliant white light as you continue to grasp the crystals.

The next step is to position the crystal so that it rests on the third eye, then send your purpose to the crystal.

Imagine that the Lemurian Seed Crystal is surrounded by the strength of your purpose.

Carry on doing this while retaining your grip on the crystal for the next two to three minutes.

Is it possible for Lemurian Seed Crystal to function as a Birthstone?

There is no reason why a Lemurian Seed Crystal cannot be used in place of a conventional birthstone, despite the fact that it is not a standard birthstone.

If you were born in May and your astrological sign is Taurus, you may want to consider using this crystal as your May birthstone rather than the usual emerald, which is more often associated with that month.

As a Closing Remark

Lemurian Seed Crystal is one crystal that should be considered if you are seeking for crystals that can aid you with all areas of your physical and mental health.

Because it has a wide variety of metaphysical characteristics, it may be of assistance in the treatment of a variety of conditions, ranging from the physical to the emotional.

This crystal’s power may be enhanced by combining it with the power of other crystals.

Additionally, it will contribute to the enhancement of the abilities possessed by the other gems.

You are free to make use of the crystals in their natural state.

You might even put them in jewelry and wear it around your neck so that you can benefit from their energy whenever you choose, day or night, no matter where you are.

I am grateful, and I hope that you have appreciated gaining an understanding of the significance of the Lemurian Seed Crystal as well as the remarkable applications for it.

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