Hidden, Parallel Universes, and CERN’s Mandela Effect

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The Mandela Effect is based on a straightforward premise. Over the course of time, a few little particulars that surrounded big events may, in some way, alter, and as a result, our perspective on these events could possibly change for the better in the years to come.

In other words, the tried and tested spacetime continuum that seems to be the backbone of our shared, 3D physical reality might potentially have a ripple in it. It’s also possible that it gave birth to a sister world in a parallel dimension, which led to the development of new possibilities, events, identities, and structures, as well as alternative kinds of interactions.

It’s also possible that our teeny-tiny, inconsequential brains are progressively wasting away, and, as a result, we’re no longer able to process each and every thing that crosses our field of vision. Because we are afraid of what can happen if we forget certain experiences, we make an effort to reconstruct them in our flawed memories.

Given that we are most likely all members of the same species, it is possible that each of our brains may produce errors that are comparable to those of the others, particularly with regard to certain classes of occurrences and categories of particulars.

It is essential to keep in mind that our brains are always comparing, evaluating, and building thoughts and memories to explain their beliefs about reality. These ideas and memories are often derived from haphazardly put together ideas and thin air. Given this, it’s possible that it’s accurate to state that all brains construct memories and memory bridges using comparable approaches and arriving at comparable results.

All of this is to suggest that, as a result of the fact that we share DNA, our brains will come up with comparable data sets and comparable conclusions.

It’s possible that this is the question we haven’t asked yet: Have vast groups of individuals traveled backward or ahead in time, watched prospective courses, returned to their main spacetime routes, and then somehow combined all of the knowledge they gathered into new views, updated with new sets of details?

If quantum theory is shown to be accurate, it will mark the end of physics as a scientific discipline.

Albert Einstein

It doesn’t matter whether you think The Mandela Effect is based on reality or fiction; what’s intriguing is the expanding number of opinions that are shared across a wide range of ideas and events and include people from a diverse range of socioeconomic backgrounds.

The Mandela Effect: Some Real-World Examples

There is an increasing number of people who have had experiences with the Mandela Effect, which may be categorized in a wide variety of ways. Here are a few incidents that drew my attention as having the potential to shift:

  • This neighborhood, as opposed to another neighborhood, is enjoying a lovely day today.
  • The Berenstein Bears vs. the Berenstain Bears
  • As opposed to dying in prison, Nelson Mandela died in 2013
  • Canonization of Mother Theresa took place after her death, as opposed to the 1990s.
  • In contrast to his passing away many years ago, when President Clinton delivered the eulogy at his funeral, Billy Graham passed away in 2018.
  • Portrait of King Henry VIII Wearing a Glove in Contrast to a Turkey Leg
  • Comparison of JIFFY vs. JIF peanut butter
  • The Difference Between Sex and the City and Sex in the City
  • Comparison of Curious George with and without his trademark tail
  • Song by the rock band Queen that concludes with “We are the champions” rather than “of the world.”
  • Patrick Swayze succumbed to pancreatic cancer, despite the fact that he had made a complete recovery.
  • The difference between C-3PO’s silver leg and his gold leg
  • Compare the Monopoly Man with and without his trademark monocle.
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Many people have also reported experiencing a similar impact or dissonance in their own personal lives, in which the birthdate of their child or the specifics of a sequence of events somewhat modified over the course of time.

These Mandela effects have been reported by thousands upon thousands of individuals all over the globe. This is one of the reasons why scientists are investigating the possibility that we really do live in parallel worlds.

“The objective of compassionate artificial intelligence that is based on quantum computing is to construct integrated systems that can conserve and promote human values such as peace, love, happiness, and freedom.”

Compassionate Artificial Superintelligence, by Amit Ray

Researchers Investigating the Mandela Effect

Before one can even begin to explore the ideas that have been proposed by members of the scientific community, one must have a firm grasp on how spacetime is conceptualized.

The mathematical models that make up space-time combine the 3D of space with the 1D of time that we can all agree exists, so producing a single continuum that is comprised of all four dimensions. To put it another way, since we have all come to the same conclusions about the passage of time and how we navigate the three-dimensional world, we are now all living in the same four-dimensional reality.

The following are a few scientific concepts that might be credited with giving rise to the existence of the Mandela Effect or the general atmosphere of thoughts around it:

Time Travel

If we could travel through time, we could experience several possible variations of our lives, each of which would be unique to ourselves. This is one possible way it may play out:

Already, we are traveling through time, but we are going backwards. This indicates that time travel in relation to other individuals, such as strolling together, is also possible.

If the whole universe were spinning, which it is not, time loops would arise. This would give us the chance to choose from a number of different time loops in order to live some of our other possible life paths. However, the universe is not spinning.

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We could utilize wormholes, which are bridges across spacetime, to go either into the past or into the future. The problem is that none of us are familiar with the process of creating wormholes. In addition, in order to accomplish this goal, we will need to use exotic matter or negative energies, neither of which we have yet produced since we do not have the necessary knowledge or resources.

This does not rule out the possibility that extraterrestrial beings and beings from other dimensions are already constructing wormholes, which might be influencing the way we now perceive reality and giving rise to other spacetime loops and potentialities.

Quantum Computers

Tiny circuits, the phenomenon known as “superposition,” in which multiple quantum states can be combined to bring about a new result, and entanglement, which brings about the formation of groupings of particles of particles that are interrelated and cannot be described independently, are the fundamental building blocks of quantum computers.

Computing based on quantum mechanics exploits the inherent inconsistency of atomic and subatomic particles as they transition from one state to another. Qubits, also known as quantum bits, are what quantum computers make use of to define computing capacity. Earlier generations of computers relied on bits and bytes. A bit can be located at either of the two poles that are contained inside a sphere, whereas a qubit may be discovered anywhere that is contained within that sphere.

In terms of the amount of data that can be stored, processed, and computed by a quantum computer, this indicates that there will be an infinite amount of space, an infinite amount of power, an infinite number of logic gates, and an infinite number of possible computational outcomes, far surpassing the limited and traditional computer architecture of today. When we approach the realm of quantum computing, the rules of classical physics and the particle theory that we are familiar with no longer apply.

Despite the fact that all of this sounds exciting, quantum computing is fraught with difficulties and the possibility of nightmares. These interesting machines do not always outperform every conventional method, and there is no known issue for which quantum computers beat every traditional opponent. Moreover, there are no known applications for quantum computers.

The quantum physics that underpins The Mandela Effect may be roughly summarized as follows: Quantum computers have an effect on other particles inside the realities of different dimensions as a result of their interactions with the varying states of the atomic and subatomic particles that are included within their spheres. Some people believe that this fact alone might influence some particulars about certain occurrences.


D-Wave is a kind of quantum computer that was developed in Canada by a company called D-Wave Systems, Inc. The company’s goal is to optimize its processing methods so that it can take advantage of any possible quantum effects that may be present.

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At the moment, D-Wave machines are only capable of doing certain jobs. A new study estimates that D-2000Q Wave’s computer may deliver results 2,600 times quicker than existing techniques. This is despite the fact that they are still a long way from achieving exponential speed dominance over classical computers.

In the development of this technology, enthusiasts of the Mandela Effect who take a scientific approach claim that the magnitude of the computational force from D-Wave computers might have a significant impact on the particles, life, paths, and events that occur everywhere in the universe. On the other hand, D-Wave devices might very well bring about a Mandela Effect.

Theories Regarding the CERN Cover-Up

The Mandela Effect has been rebranded by some ardent conspiracy theorists as “the CERN quantum effect” and “the CERN Mandela effect” because they are so certain that the CERN organization in Switzerland is at the helm of worldwide particle manipulation.

CERN stands for the European Organization for Nuclear Research. It was founded in 1954 and has its headquarters in Switzerland. It is comprised of 22 different nations and has been responsible for hundreds of groundbreaking scientific discoveries, one of which is the so-called “God particle,” also known as the Higgs boson. Additionally, CERN was responsible for the creation of the World Wide Web, although this was not necessarily done in collaboration with Al Gore.

Some people, due to the nature of the research conducted at CERN, think that spacetime is being influenced, either unintentionally or purposefully, which results in the production of Cern parallel worlds.

Even though the scientists working at CERN have good intentions, some people feel that the organization’s work is analogous to the manipulation of GMO seeds in the sense that it is taking risks with the building blocks of our universe (subatomic and atomic-level particles) without having a complete understanding of the potential risks.

“A classical calculation is analogous to a solo voice; it consists of a single line of pure tones that follow one another in succession.” The process of quantum computing is analogous to a symphony, with several tonal lines competing with one another.
* From “Programming the Universe,” by Seth Lloyd

The Instant That Is Now

The passage of time will reveal whether or not The Mandela Effect, CERN, D-Wave, and quantum computing will be of assistance to us in comprehending time travel, particles, wormholes, alterations in previous realities, and the production of accessible time loops.

In the meantime, let us do our best to remain in the here and now, reflect on how expansive we are, and love one another to the best of our abilities.

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