Comprehensive Understanding Of Mind

how to understand the mind?

The mind is something of a vague concept that can be hard to comprehend.

Even scientists disagree on the nature of the mind and matter. But you don’t need to understand everything. You just need to know enough to further yourself and understand how you actually operate, so you can get to where you need to be.

Read and Research

Reading and doing studies are the most effective ways to acquire knowledge about the mind and about your own inner psychology.

There have been a lot of wonderful books published about the art of psychology and persuasion, and you may find some of them below.

However, it is also beneficial to read a broad range of literature. If you are interested in reading about the more esoteric aspects of the mind, you may want to investigate reading some material from the Buddhist or Zen traditions.

In addition, there have been some highly intriguing discoveries made through scientific investigation concerning the workings of the mind, and these findings have been brought to light.

Reading about the experiences of other people gives you the opportunity to compare and contrast them with your own views and opinions.

There are other societies in the world with contrasting ideologies and ways of thinking to those that are prevalent in the Western world.

The use of contrast is a wonderful tool for fostering increased comprehension as well as open-mindedness.


Meditation is the art of observing your own thoughts. It is the quickest and most widely recognized way to understand your own mind. Even if you are incredibly intelligent and successful, an ability to stand outside yourself is necessary in order for progress.

Otherwise, the same habits and tendencies will simply keep repeating themselves. Outside of meditation, it is a good idea to become very strict about what you pay attention to.

Do not consume words and images that are not pleasant to your mind. You will have to deal with them in meditation later.

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Learn From Your Emotions

Much has been said about the power of the mind in terms of generating our reality. The missing link in what could be arguably described as a left-brained society is the focus on feelings.

Our emotions are a response to whether we are happy or sad with our current environment, in a sophisticated real-time feedback system. Emotions have been brushed aside as illogical tendencies, which is a drastic mistake.

If you feel bad, it is time to change your thoughts and your situation quickly. Over time, you will gain experience with regard to how intricate the emotional system really is and how it can serve to guide your thoughts.

Increase Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a little difficult to pin down in many ways, especially with the modern-day emphasis on mental strength. While the two are inter-related, it can help to work on emotional intelligence as its own practice.

Here are some proven ways to increase emotional intelligence:

Social Situations

Learning to handle yourself in social settings is the primary means through which emotional intelligence can be increased. Some people find social situations quite painful, but they are often the best way to excel.

If you really want to fast track emotional intelligence, consider public speaking or debating. These are not merely mental practices, but they will require emotional skills to execute successfully.

Express Yourself

The majority of people do not know how to express themselves. In many ways, society teaches us to keep our emotions repressed, with a politically correct movement that prevents people from stating the truth.

To offset this, learn to express yourself as much as possible. If not in a public setting, you can write or paint in ways that express how you truly feel.

Expression is essential to wellbeing and its opposite, repression, will result in an unhappy lifestyle.

Undertake Charitable Acts

While many people are focused on acquiring material possessions, studies have shown that giving away things and taking on volunteer work actually leads to increased meaning and happiness in life.

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Seeing how other people live in substandard conditions is an excellent way to increase emotional intelligence. It will increase your empathy and compassion.

Talk Directly

The most direct way to increase your emotional intelligence is to find someone you are close to (such as your partner) and discuss how you feel.

This will help you to understand how the other person feels and for you to release pent up frustrations.

Releasing bottled up energy can assist in personal mastery, as there will be little holding you back. Good listeners are rare to find, but they are invaluable.


Most people live in subjective bubbles. For example, the authoritarian manager can often have no idea how he or she comes across to others.

You can evaluate how you make others feel in order to improve your emotional intelligence.

Another way to evaluate your emotional intelligence is through journaling your daily experience and quiet reflection. Always remember that your relationship to yourself will be reflected in your relationship to others.

The Mind in Summary

The mind-body relationship is becoming clearer thanks to the advent of modern science.

Likewise, the link between our thoughts and our emotions are also becoming better known. Research has demonstrated an obvious correlation between good emotions and a strong psychology.

The Circle

Both our ideas and our emotions combine to create a circle that serves to bolster one another. When you have bad ideas, you will experience feelings that are comparable to those thoughts, and these unpleasant emotions will then cause you to have further negative thoughts.

This creates a vicious cycle, which may be seen most plainly in individuals suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other traumas. These individuals have an extremely hard time breaking away, and the experiences keep playing over and over in their heads.

Such patients eventually experience some kind of recovery as time passes. The primary method of healing is to do so on a gradual basis; patients may hasten their recovery by concentrating their efforts on activities that bring them pleasure, which prevents the memories from reoccurring and causes them to lose part of the power they formerly had.

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These traumatic experiences may be gradually and gently alleviated with the use of reassuring treatment approaches. However, today’s culture is not at all conducive to the healing process.

On the other hand, a successful and strong personality is associated with having good emotions. People who are more content in their lives tend to achieve greater success and have more satisfying relationships with others. They are better able to concentrate, remember things, and interact with others. If you are battling on the inside, it is far more difficult to achieve success than if you have a good emotional framework as the basis of your life.

How To Manage The Relationship Of The Mind-Body Connection

Everybody is in a situation where they need to better manage their thoughts and emotions. It takes some time, but there are proven ways to reinforce the strengths of our thoughts and emotions.

These include:

  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Deep Communication
  • Creative Work

Meditation and mindfulness are practices where we simply observe what is happening in our minds. This is very beneficial in a world that is so externally orientated. We can observe how we feel and how these thoughts stimulate certain emotions.

Over time, we can catch the negative thoughts before they gain too much momentum and ruin the whole day. 

Deep communication is another technique where we work with a therapist or practitioner to document and analyze our own patterns for further insights. 

Creative work is about self-expression. An intense dedication to creative work is an excellent way to remove any negative tendencies. 

What can happen is that we are so focused on artistic inventions that we are not focusing any of our energies on the things that make us weak.

This works far more quickly than meditation and mindfulness if we can find something that we are truly passionate about.

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