Galactic History: The Orion Constellation & Orion Nebula (so fascinating!)

Orion constellation & nebula
In this section, we will be discussing the star constellation and nebula known as Orion.

We will also be discussing the light and dark aspects of the people of Orion, as well as the galactic history associated with this star system. Some claim that some of the negative extraterrestrial entities that we hear about so much on Earth have been associated with some of the stars in the Orion constellation. However, other sources claim that the Orion Nebula is a cosmic ‘doorway’ to ‘infinity’ or the realm of the Creator, which transcends the time-space-matter universe.

The Orion constellation lies in the northern sky, on the celestial equator. It is one of the brightest and best known constellations in the night sky. Orion is also known as the Hunter: it is associated with the mythical hunter Orion, who is often depicted in star maps as either facing the charge of Taurus, the bull, or chasing after the hare (constellation Lepus) with his two hunting dogs, represented by the nearby constellations Canis Major and Canis Minor.

​Orion is easily located in the sky by the three bright stars in a row that makes up the Orion’s Belt, which is one of the most familiar asterisms in the night sky, along with the Big Dipper and the Southern Cross in southern latitudes. Starting with the top one (in the Northern hemisphere), the names of these three stars are Mintaka, Alnilam and Alnitak. Two of the three stars that form the Belt of Orion are supergiants.

Betelgeuse (‘the red giant”), Rigel and Bellatrix are some other well known stars in the Orion Constellation.

The brightest star in the constellation is Rigel, Beta Orionis, with an apparent visual magnitude of 0.18. Rigel is also the sixth brightest star in the entire night sky.

The second brightest star in Orion, Betelgeuse, Alpha Orionis, has an apparent magnitude of 0.43 and is the eighth brightest star in the night sky.  The Sumerians associated it with the story of their hero fighting the bull of heaven, represented by Taurus. They called Orion URU AN-NA, which means “the light of heaven.”

Their name for the constellation Taurus was GUD AN-NA, or “the bull of heaven.” In Greek mythology, the hunter Orion was the most handsome of men. He was the son of the sea god Poseidon and Euryale, the daughter of King Minos of Crete.

In one myth, Orion fell in love with the Pleiades, the seven sisters, daughters of Atlas and Pleione. He started pursuing them and Zeus scooped them up and placed them in the sky. Orion can still be seen chasing the sisters across the sky at night.


Another famous phenomenon in the Orion constellation is the Great Orion Nebula, in which thousands of stars are being born. Some astronomers claim that a huge, beautifully-illuminated multicolored ‘light’ has emerged from the Orion Nebula and is on an intercept-course with Earth, although at a rather slow pace and at this rate, this ‘light’ or ‘star’ will likely reach Earth not until approximately 3000 AD.

The Orion Nebula lies hundreds of light years BEYOND the Orion open cluster and has been identified as a “gateway” to an infinite realm beyond the physical universe. Some even claim it is the true home of the angelic forces and Source.

Could this have something to do with the prophecy in Revelation 21 in our Earth Bible?

Since the Draconians are attempting to conquer the ‘heavens’, they may have made futile attempts to enter the ‘Eternity Gate’ and intercept the emerging ‘Light’. This could explain the alleged presence of the Draconians in the Orion constellation, although certain humanoid groups have allegedly become curious of the ‘Eternity Gate’ as well.

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The Orion open cluster itself is the base of a joint Reptilian–Grey empire, as well as the human “resistance groups” fighting against the empire. Because of this conflict in Orion that has lasted for millennia, it is thought that the popular Star Wars movie series we all love so much here on Earth is actually heavily based on the Orion wars. 

Until the recent integration of the Orion system to the Orion Light Consciousness, the inherent energy of Orion has always been associated with polarity conflict.

Earth is now presently attempting a final integration of these polarities, hence the strong feelings of connection that many humans on Earth feel regarding the Orion star system.

Interesting factoid:

In Ancient Egypt, the stars of the Orion’s Belt were the symbol of Osiris; the belt stars alignment perfectly matches that of the three pyramids of Giza, while Orion’s orientation to the Milky Way matches the pyramids’ orientation to the river Nile.

Because of this, it is thought that the three great pyramids were not just tombs, but also served as the pharaohs’ gateway to heaven.


When I’m doing Akashic Readings for Orion starseeds, I often refer to Orion as “the melting pot” of the galaxy, similar to perhaps how the United States of America is like on Earth.

I also like to compare the star people of Orion to the vast diversity of star beings one sees in the famous “Cantina scene” in the original Star Wars movie (Episode IV – A New Hope, released in 1977).

Because Orion is such a big star system, there are many different species of beings that reside there, hence the diversity that is so notorious there.

In the book, “The Prism of Lyra” by Lyssa Royal Holt, it is mentioned that Orion people are 75% Vegan and 11% Lyran humanoids, and 14 % are non-human species (insect, Grey alien, amphibian, or reptilian).

Vega is a star in the Lyra constellation of stars, so most of the beings from that system are descended from the blue skinned Vegan humanoid refugees and located mostly in the Orion belt stars, whereas the Orion reptilians are apparently mostly located in the Betelgeuse and Rigel star systems and are descended from Draconian beings from the Draco star system.

Of the Orions who are of white Lyran stock (11%), most are light-browned skinned, and about 10% are Caucasian type with light hair. They look very similar to Earth humans. Although their bodies are water based like ours they have an oily, fatty content acting like a lubricant. The Orion humanoids, who have mostly Vegan characteristics, have particularly striking eyes.

The common color for the eyes in Orion is brown.

Their height is usually in the 7 foot-tall category.


Also, as we indicated earlier regarding non-humanoid Orions, the small Greys occupy a small percentage of the Orion population; their origin, Zeta Reticuli, is a neighbor of the Orion constellation. Tall Greys also comprise some of the non-humanoid Orion groups, along with amphibian and insectoid beings. Thus, overall, the genetic differences in the different beings of Orion are quite marked.

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Orion beings have a reputation for possessing an aggressive nature and have been involved in many destructive wars that has lasted for millennia in the Orion system. Even though this pattern of behavior still operates in our Galaxy, it is less widespread and many individuals have been awakened since the shifting of Orion to the Orion Light Consciousness.

The aggressive, authoritarian trait, very much present on Earth to this day, is not typical amongst benevolent ET civilizations and has been acquired directly from Orion. The masculine patriarchal energy is associated with the evolution of beings from the star systems of Orion, which is related to Earth, whereas inhabitants from the Sirius star system, also very much involved with Earth, carry the feminine energy or polarity.

Although there is a symbiotic relationship between consciousness and technology, the Orion races pushed this principle to the limit and developed advanced technology while still waging constant wars and conflicts.

The typical scenario in Orion was the Light against the Dark, with the peace-loving Orions opposed by the self-serving “aggressive” Orions (hence the similarity to the Star Wars movie saga).

According to some sources, there are three major groups in the Milky Way Galaxy:

            •  the Intergalactic Confederation of different star systems throughout the galaxy

            •   the Reptilian Federation, a conglomeration of many reptoid species

            •   the Orion Empire, ruled by one leader


Now within the domain of the Orion Empire, three groups formed: the dominant Orion Empire, the Black League resistance (to the Empire), and the victims of both these groups. In spite of the spiritual implications, there appears within the Orion civilizations the never-ending conflict between the Orion Empire and the Black League resistance.

The Empire is run mainly by the Greys working with a Federation of Draconian Reptilians, with the aim of extending their domination to other planets. These Greys are mainly the ones who negotiate treaties and secret deals with Earth governments.

Many Orions, including the Black League resistance fighters, eventually went to Maldek and settled – this is the planet in our system that was inhabited by many of the so-called “criminal element of Orion” who were given the opportunity to reform. I call Maldek “the Australia of our Galaxy” for this reason.

As it is well known, the Maldekian civilization failed to turn to a more spiritual path and the planet was eventually completely destroyed in a civil war, leaving the asteroid belt that is now located between Mars and Jupiter.

Many of these Dark forces from Maldek reincarnated on Mars and Earth and are still on Earth at this time (since the times of Atlantis); hence the aggressive and authoritarian nature that pervades this planet even now, including thousands of years of enforced reliance on patriarchal systems here on Earth.

On the positive side, however, the Orion beings have contributed their propensity for the development of smoothly running systems on Earth civilizations. They are the source for many organizational structures of government, business and industry.

Nevertheless this energy is only relevant to Earth people’s frequencies as it stands currently, which we shall soon outgrow as we become more evolved and then receive other templates from more advanced races, such as the Lyrans. They bring the yellow ray frequency to Earth for the stabilization of the intuitive powers within human consciousness.



It is not uncommon for extraterrestrial civilizations to spawn rebellious members who are ostracized from their native planet. We mentioned earlier in this section a digressive strain from the reptilians of the Draco star system.

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However, there were several small pirate groups that were comprised of rogue individuals from the relatively advanced civilizations of:

            •           Orion

            •           Sirius

            •           the Pleiades

These comprised not more than a handful of pirates who revel in plundering planets like Earth and exploring time travel in linear 3D highly objective realities. Different aliens sought different resources, whether it was sea water, sand, quartz, minerals or genetic material, even human trafficking, etc, and plundered other star systems for these items.

But these space pirates have apparently learned that it was to their benefit to exercise cooperation with our secret government and negotiate deals with them. Over the years, several of the governments on Earth has acquired advanced technologies from ETs as a result of these negotiations and has allowed these beings to abduct various people on Earth for genetic material.



The term “Orion Light” refers to the point in Orion’s evolution where they have succeeded in integrating polarity. It can also be considered the Orion Mass Consciousness – the non-physical aspect of Orion that operates from a sense of unity and integration.

The Orion Light Council is very much aligned with the original Elohim Consciousness.

A quality of the Elohim is their ability to perceive with one mind. Their symbol is the All-Seeing Eye, because they have the ability to draw their energies together into the collective group mind in order to see as One.

They are the knowers of the Great Mysteries and have tremendous intelligence as well as full access into the Akashic Records.

The Orion Light Council regulates the laws administered in this part of the Universe. This is the Highest governing body for this quadrant of the universe and is subject to no laws of its own, except to the Great Divine Director, or Source.

This council regulates many different star systems and planets, The Karmic Council that governs Earth, and regulates the incoming and outgoing life-forms from the Earth through Arcturus and the Bootes Constellation.

For this reason, the Mintaka star system in the Orion Belt Stars is directly aligned with the star system of Arcturus.

Mintaka is not only the hospitality system of Orion, it is also a doorway to other Universes. It is the home for higher dimensional entities, both physical and non-physical.

Interestingly enough, Mintaka is the star from which J.J. Hurtak channelled ‘the keys of Enoch.

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