An Exposition on the Capacity of the Human Mind

An Introductory Look at the Powerful Mind

It’s possible that you conceive of your brain as being quite stable.

You have a normal, relatively stable mood, and on the whole, you don’t seem to fluctuate all that much from one day to the next. In addition, your level of intellect is rather constant. Or so it appears.

The truth of the matter is, though, that your brain is always evolving. It is not just expanding and adjusting itself, but it will also change in terms of what it is capable of doing and how it makes you feel.

There is a good chance that the chemical equilibrium will undergo significant shifts.

To put it another way, our brain cycles through a variety of stages, and the consequences you may anticipate from any given situation are going to vary greatly depending on whatever state of the brain you are currently experiencing.

Let’s take a look at a few different mental states and the wonderful effects they have on how you feel as well as how well you perform.

Flow State

A state of flow is one that is highly sought after and is sometimes referred to as the one in which human performance is at its absolute “peak.”

That doesn’t quite capture the complexity of the situation. However, in its most basic form, this is a condition in which you are entirely concentrated on a certain endeavor, often because you see it as being of the utmost importance.

Because of this, activity in the frontal part of the brain is actually suppressed, which enables you to operate on almost pure instinct and thus provides you with an advantage.

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high levels of mental clarity and responsiveness. 

Fight or Flight

The stress condition known as “fight or flight”.

At this point, the body is producing adrenaline, dopamine, and other chemicals that stimulate the nervous system and enhance strength while at the same time inhibiting immune function and digestion.

These effects are known as the “fight or flight” response.

In the short term, the stress caused by this is really beneficial. When we are put in circumstances that require us to respond quickly, we are able to do so thanks to acute stress.

The trouble arises when this state persists and develops into a chronic condition.

Rest and Digest

This is when the body is able to relax and become peaceful, which is the opposite of the fight or flight response.

This is the time of day when we sleep, when we digest the food we eat, and when we create new tissue.

At this stage, we also have a greater capacity for original thought!

Hysterical Strength

Hysterical strength is a bit like ‘beserker mode’. When we are put under intense pressure, our bodies flood with adrenaline, allowing us to access previously unfathomable stores of power.

This highlights not only how much influence our brains can have on our bodies, but also how much is achievable when one is in the correct frame of mind.

Additionally, there are a great many more. If you want to provide your best performance, you need to make sure your head is in the right place.

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