The True Definition of Contentment and Happiness

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“The key to happiness is inside yourself. You shouldn’t give another person that much control over your life. ” It’s Mandy Hale, ‘

Everyone has the goal of being happy, but very few people ever stop to consider whether or not they are actually happy.

Some of us believe that we are too fortunate to be unhappy, while others don’t want to confront the prospect that we could not be happy in our lives. To assist you in delving a bit further into the meaning of happiness, here are nine facts about joy that you should keep in mind.

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1. It Is Not A Sensation; Rather, It Is A Connection To The Living World

It’s part of what it is to be human that we go through a variety of feelings. The human experience may be accurately represented by a line that takes the form of a wave if one were to look at a grid and make that observation.

It is not appropriate for us to function as a continuous line that is even and straight. That either makes you a robot or someone who has completely lost touch with reality.

Emotions are the responses that human beings have to the events that occur in their lives. That implies there will be moments when you feel joyful, periods when you feel sad, and times when you experience every feeling in between. Take it in stride.

True happiness is not a mood; rather, it is the manner in which we relate to the events that occur in our life.

The world around us will change for the better if we have unconditional love for ourselves as our foundation.

We have the capacity to demonstrate appreciation for all that has occurred in our lives. We are able to tolerate uncomfortable feelings without cutting off our capacity to love ourselves. We have the capacity to be with ourselves as well as with the rest of the world in a manner that molds our overall perspective of our life into one that is characterized by love and appreciation. This way leads to joy and contentment.

2. It Calls For An Openness To The Reality Of The Situation

When I was younger, I used to beat myself up for being unhappy. I felt like I had no right not to be pleased. After all, I was raised in a family that cared for me; I was given food and affection; and I was given an education. I was better off than a great number of other individuals on this planet.

And then I woke up to the reality that I was, in fact, not happy, and trying to deny that did not alter the reality of the situation.

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I came to the realization that the basis of my dissatisfaction was the connection I had with myself. By avoiding reflection on the question of whether or not I liked myself, I was able to maintain the delusion that I did. I was finally able to recognize that I would never be really happy until I was able to learn to appreciate myself in my natural state.

It is time for us to become aware of the fundamental truths that lie within us. Your inability to tell the truth to yourself is the single biggest obstacle standing between you and genuine joy.

3. You Must Be Willing To Put Yourself Into Uncomfortable Situations

The manifestation of joyful hormones that are flowing through our brains is not the same thing as genuine pleasure. The ability to look honestly at oneself is a prerequisite for genuine pleasure. I have finally been able to find happiness in my life only after going through some of my most difficult situations.

When I was willing to sit in the despair of my lost love, when I was ready to confront the fact that I had grown numb from feeling, and when I performed the painful work of healing, I came out on the other side. I came out on the other side when I was willing to sit in the despair of my lost love. At other moments, I had a sense of lightness, but always with a greater understanding of who I am.

4. It Has Nothing To Do With People’s Opinions Of You Or Whether Or Not They Like You

Isn’t it wonderful when other people take an interest in you? It’s almost exactly like the high school life I had imagined for myself. Amazing individuals seemed to find their way into my life as I grew older and was able to become more at ease with who I was. They loved me, and I was loved by them.

Then someone else managed to sneak through the holes, and I once again had the sensation that someone did not like me. It must be painful, right?

No one enjoys not being loved. But I wasn’t the one who needed to worry about it.

It is not your issue if another person does not like you, as long as you are content with who you are at your core and as long as you are able to look yourself in the eye each day. It is their issue, since the majority of the time, individuals are reflecting their connection to themselves in one way or another.

It doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t like you, since it won’t stop you from being happy. Your joy is entirely up to you. It’s about how you relate to yourself and the life you’ve created for yourself. The opinions of other people may cut like a knife, but that does not mean that you have to let them alter how you feel about yourself.

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5. It Is What The Majority Of People Are Portraying Themselves To Be

It is not only pointless but also meaningless to compare oneself to anyone else in the world. Discovering your own truth and basing your life decisions on it should be your first focus.

When you attempt to emulate another person, what you’re really doing is trying to live your life in accordance with your conception of what it takes to be happy in the same way that they are. The sad reality is that almost everyone is only putting on a pleasant front for the sake of appearances.

They may boast about their accomplishments or how they are considered to have succeeded. However, genuine pleasure is a vibration that cannot be denied and does not need any proof.

6. You Won’t Find It By Looking Anywhere Else But Inside Yourself

If you get a flashlight and start looking for happiness, you will never find the kind of happiness that lasts. There is not a single factor that exists outside of ourselves that can be used to generate genuine happiness. Nothing. not another living human being, whether that’s a spouse, kid, or parent.

Genuine joy can be discovered only from within oneself. There is no other source. True pleasure comes from having a strong connection to who you are and what you know to be true, even while our interactions with other people might bring us fleeting moments of delight and ecstasy.

When you finally become aware of it, you will notice a marked improvement in the vitality of all of your relationships.

7. It’s What Adults See When They Look In The Mirror When They Were Babies

My parents have six younger siblings in my family. When we were younger, my sister would stare at herself in the mirror. I remember when she was three years old. When I asked her whether she felt she was attractive, her eyes lighted up as she stared at herself in the mirror, and she answered my question confidently and unequivocally that she did.

Children have not yet been corrupted by the values and standards of our society. They understand that attractiveness is not a matter of appearance but rather of the heart. They glance in the mirror without passing judgment on themselves.

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It’s the same connection to oneself that we need to work on developing today. In order to realize the truth about who we are, which is that we are, in fact, that same lovely infant, we need to learn how to let go of the judgements that other people have of us.

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8. You Can’t Purchase It, Drink It, Or Recycle It. You Can’t Do Any Of Those Things

The secret to lasting joy is not found in any one work of literature, shade of lipstick, or performance. It’s hard to put into words. It is most certainly none of the things that our society has tried to convince us that it is in an effort to brainwash us into thinking that it is.

You are the only one who can answer that question correctly. You have to be willing to put in a lot of effort if you want to find out about it. A nice place to begin would be to let go of all the beliefs that things and ideas are what would lead you to actual happiness. This would be an excellent place to begin.

9. Love Is The Path That Leads To The Discovery Of Genuine Happiness

We have two options available to us when we are really contemplating something: love or fear. Love is not always the path of least resistance. The feeling of love might test us. It has the potential to make us feel uncomfortable. Love may genuinely evoke great anguish.

The most common means of evasion is fear. The decision to show rage rather than vulnerability is at the heart of the issue. It’s the decision to run away rather than confront the agony head on. It is the choice to withdraw one’s hug from another person rather than to extend it.

If you choose fear, you will never be able to get the genuine pleasure that you want. The key to achieving genuine contentment is to make the decision to love, even when doing so presents challenges.

The key to lasting contentment is maintaining a steady connection to your own truth. It is a connection to the very essence of who we are, to the most fundamental aspect of our being that begs us to pay attention.

Because your soul is continually talking with you, you will never be without the opportunity to choose whether or not to connect yourself with it. As you read this, it is now taking place. Are you taking a stance?

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