Sacred Geometry Symbols & Meanings (Amazing!)

Symbols of Sacred Geometry and Their Meanings (Wonderful!)

Sacred Geometry: What is It?

Sacred geometry symbols are symbols that are believed to represent living things worldwide. It comes from ancient shapes and patterns.

These shapes are truly perfect because they are the blueprint of life on this planet. It has also been seen as a divine language that signifies mysteries of the world and is used for sacred symbols.

Most Common Sacred Geometry Symbols

1.) The Flower Of Life

We’ll start with the Flower of Life. This sacred geometry sign is a geometric representation of all living things in this world, including the interconnectedness between all life forms.

It shows how we are interconnected, both as a compliment and a complement. The more we recognize this connection, the more apparent that life has a single blueprint in common.

The Flower of Life is remarkable because it overlaps seven circles. It resembles the growth of a tree in that: starting with its roots, it grows branches and finally produces fruits or flowers.

2.) Sri Yantra

Since the Sri Yantra is a sacred symbol from Hinduism, it has been traced back to the meditation syllable, Om. This shape is perfect in terms of its visual representation.

The Sri Yantra is made up of both masculine and feminine energies and cosmic energy. It’s the ultimate source of power, creativity, and energy.

The Sri Yantra has nine overlapping triangles. Four of them point upward; they hold all masculine energy and power. The other five are wave-forms that can be seen as feminine in energy and reflect the power of all that is eternal.

The down-pointing triangles look like the divine feminine, whereas the up-pointing ones represent masculinity.

3.) Metatron’s Cube

The Metatron’s Cube is an ancient symbol from spiritual and religious beliefs.

Metatron’s Cube is believed to have mysterious healing and unifying powers associated with one of the Archangels in Christianity.

It also protects life by distributing energy to beings in need. Metatron, or the Guardian of the Universe, is true to his name that he created this Cube that defends the universe.

This icon represents the earth, fire, water, wind, and spirit. These five platonic solids make up every aspect of our universe.

4.) The Seed Of Life

The Seed of Life is a symbol that signifies creativity, beginnings, and growth. It features seven circles instead of flower petals.

Some people have speculated that this sacred shape, complete with seven circles, represents the seven types of chakra and the other as the days of creation. This pattern is frequently seen in various churches and temples worldwide, with six circles with one in the middle. 

One circle overlaps another for each day of creation, so all days are intertwined.

Creating the universe was a complicated process: one cannot exist without the other. So, when you see, at the center of this image, a culmination is completed by every piece coming together.

5.) The Hexahedron

One of the five Platonic solids is Hexahedron. In ancient Greece, this was considered to represent earth and can be used to build a stable base for progress.

The Hexahedron has always held energy that brings light to all beings, especially humans. It is said to be the meeting point of body and spirit.

If you need consistency and stability, this cross is your symbol.

6.) The Tetrahedron

One of the other regular shapes is the Tetrahedron linked to fire and is famed for representing passion, drive, and dreams.

The Tetrahedron means health in more than just the physical sense. Because of its proximity to the sun’s power, it’s also seen as a source of healing energy.

7.) The Icosahedron

Representing fluidity, change, and movement, the Icosahedron is the third of our Platonic Solids. This sacred shape symbolizes water, perfect for your project.

It releases soothing energy that helps us heal and look at the bigger picture. The Icosahedron is trying to tell us it’s time to trust the flow of life.

If you try to go against the tide, you’ll find it challenging to live a fulfilling life. No one is greater than the force of nature.

8.) The Octahedron

You might have noticed that there are some shapes that we can’t see – they’re called Platonic Solids, and the Octahedron is one example of these! The Octahedron has eight identical faces, and it’s the symbol of spiritual awakening. It’s best associated with this specific feeling rather than any others.

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This Octahedron pendant will rev up your energy and clear troublesome energy. It’s associated with the air element and can protect your energies like Metatron’s Cube.

9.) The Dodecahedron

The Dodecahedron is the final Platonic Solid. It is considered a symbol of spirit and represents the mysticism and abstractness of the universe. It has been deemed as the ultimate cleaner of energy in the universe.

It helps cleanse a room, person, or situation. It can also bring people together and even have relationships with other lifeforms.

10.) Eternal Knot

The eternal knot is not just a mystical symbol. As you might expect, Infinity also has a lot of big ideas. It could be a symbol for the endless flow of knowledge in the universe and other infinite concepts like human potential.

Some people see the intermingling of religion and politics as a significant issue. But for other religions, like Buddhism, the endless cycle of birth/death/rebirth is always at play.

The eternal knot is a sacred symbol that has been linked to the concept of time for centuries. It has come to represent growth, cyclicality, and change over time.

11.) Star of David

The Star of David is made with two triangles facing upwards and downwards to create an even more powerful and balanced symbol.

This six-pointed star symbolizes the three core beliefs in Judaism – God, humans, and Torah’s teachings.

People in Judaism generally believe that the soul can only be cleansed by submitting oneself to the teachings of the Torah. Without it, their connection with Him is not steadfast.

As an overall symbol, the Star of David displays how we coexist with God and our various attempts at helping it.

12.) Hamsa

The Hamsa symbol is most commonly found in Middle Eastern cultures.

This geometric symbol may represent a bearer of prosperity, happiness, and good health!

Many interpretations of what the hand is trying to say, but the most popular belief is that it is a sign of reverence for God.

13.) The Torus

The Torus is a sphere-shaped symbol of balancing the harmony of spirit and matter. It works by rotating energy from a single point so it can flow to and from.

The Torus symbolizes how energy flows from matter to soul and vice versa. Balancing the flow of energy inside and out can lead to a harmonious and peaceful life.

Uncovering the Sacred Geometry Interpretations

Meditating with powerful symbols, such as those sacred geometry symbols, is a great way to lift your spirit and become more aligned with your higher or true self.

It’s essential to understand the meaning behind each symbol before you use it. For example, you can balance your chakras using the Seed of Life.

You can buy a Seed of Life card or draw the shape yourself. Color each circle with the colors of your corresponding chakra.

Some people find meditation with sacred geometry symbols really powerful. Do you want to try using crystals as well? As you get to each circle, tap into its chakra energy.

Please share your favorite sacred geometry symbol with the rest of us!

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