The No.1 Secret Weapon Used By Great Personalities

Spirituality Information – the No.1 Secret Weapon Used by Great

Even though it’s the most idiotic term in the English vocabulary, millions of people nevertheless use it every day, despite the fact that it causes them to actually suffer.

We have been encouraged to manage our inclinations, our temptations, our wants, and sometimes even our aspirations ever since we were children.

This advice has continued throughout our lives. Today, I am going to disclose an alternative term that has been a well-kept weapon in the arsenal of all the fantastic people who have ever walked the face of our planet.

Common desires that many of us have acquired over the course of our lives include things like smoking, drinking, having casual sexual encounters, gambling, chewing tobacco, and so on. At some point in our lives, we will feel the need to rid ourselves of them.

But it simply won’t go away for some reason. We make an effort to exert control over them, but they push back with increased power and speed, which ultimately leads to our defeat.

We will never be able to rid ourselves of all of those so-called undesirable behaviors and routines. The more we work, the less successful we become, which ultimately leads to frustration.

This is something that I discussed with my spiritual guru. Vish, you need to choose your words extremely carefully because they will reflect who you are.

Every one of us is harboring a satanic spirit that lies dormant. The second you utter the word “control,” that monster springs to life and begins to rip you to pieces.

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No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to keep your impulses in check. So this is what I really do. When I find myself thinking about these temptations, I replace the term “control” with the more enticing “manage.”

Permit me to illustrate with an example. Imagine that you have a sexual drive, and it is getting worse every day, but you are unable to break free of it.

What would you do? Every day, despite your best efforts, you are unable to keep it under control. The reason you are unsuccessful is because you are trying too hard to deny the desire that you have, and this is why you fail.

Every time you use the term “control,” the devil that resides deep inside of you awakens, smacks you upside the head, and tells you, “Come on, my boy, have sex; it’s fun; never try to control me.”

You are being overrun by a more powerful personality that is inside you, and you have no control over it. When you want to have sexual encounters in the future, try out this experiment.

Tell yourself or your thoughts anything you want. It’s true that I have a strong desire to have sex right now, and I’m okay with it.

I’m not going to say that I don’t believe it, but I’m going to put off answering that question until  tomorrow. You only have to say it and see what develops.

You will learn to regulate your sexual impulses if you use these phrases rather than the ones you have been using up until now, rather than having them controlled by you.

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When you utter the words “postpone,” the sleeping devil that is inside of you does not awaken. The devil will be content so long as you do not exercise control over it.

You have already won the first round just by agreeing to put it off for one more day. You manage to outwit the devil that is inside you.

You put it to sleep and continue working on developing your persona in the meantime. Nobody in our world has reached a point where they have perfected the skill of suppressing these compulsions and desires.

Every great man and woman has acquired the ability to regulate their passions rather than be controlled by them. When you do this on a daily basis with the sincere aim of improving yourself, you tap into a force that subtly and gradually eliminates the devil that resides inside you.

It is a clear indicator of winning against temptations to have the capacity to delay giving in to them. Because of their strength, these words are able to conjure enchantment.

Never make an attempt to exert control over anything; this strategy will fail in the long term. Master the art of management rather than control.

If you apply this strategy to any temptation that you want to conquer, you will find that it is quite effective.

If you have faith in these time-tested and scientifically validated practices and put them into action on a regular basis, you will see tremendous improvements in your health.

Awaken the dormant giant inside you and put an end to your demons once and for all today.

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