Shamanic Healing: How Does It Work? (Quick & Easy Guide)

what does shamanic healing means?

The shamanic voyage, which is also known as a “soul flight,” is when a shaman purposefully leaves their body and travels into the spirit worlds in order to obtain insight, reclaim lost souls, and engage with shamanic spirits.

They do this in order to accomplish these goals.

Traveling Through Shamanism

When we go to sleep each night, each one of us experiences what is known as a “shamanic voyage.” When we sleep, our souls go outside of our bodies to experience other dimensions.

One may say that this is a voyage into the spirit realm when one is “unconscious.” When we are exposed to traumatic experiences, our souls temporarily depart from our bodies in an effort to safeguard ourselves.

A select few of us have the capacity to leave our bodies voluntarily, despite the fact that our souls may depart from our bodies for a variety of reasons. The practice of shamanism may be helpful at this point.

Many shamans must first go through what is known as a “near-death experience” before they are able to consciously depart their bodies and start on what is referred to as a “shamanic voyage.”

When the time comes for the shaman to leave their body at will for the sake of shamanic healing, the shaman will have some experience of what it is like to leave their body, which will make it less likely that they will be startled by the experience.

It is necessary for the shaman to initially achieve a “trance-like” condition before he or she may successfully initiate a shamanic voyage. It is possible to put one’s mind in a more peaceful condition by using certain music or drumming that is designed to imitate the frequency of the earth, or its “heartbeat.”

Before entering another world, the shaman is required to take a number of further steps, including setting an “intention” for the trip, communicating with spirit guides, and ensuring that they are adequately protected.

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Any number of reasons might motivate a shaman to go on a trip, including shamanic healing, connecting with the afterlife, locating a lost soul, or even just to meet their spirit and power animal.

Spirit Animals

The concept of spirit animals, also known as power animals or totem animals, is deeply ingrained in the mythology surrounding shamanic treatment.

It is often thought that every person has a spirit animal that watches over them, advising them on how to live their lives and keeping them safe from harm and evil spirits.

It is also thought that the animal would provide anyone with its one-of-a-kind abilities as well as its considerable knowledge. For instance, a person who identifies with the hawk as their spirit animal can have exceptional vision.

A shaman is able to enter the spirit world and “rescue” a spirit animal for a client in the same manner that she is able to “retrieve” a lost soul if the client’s spirit animal becomes separated from them or leaves their side.

It is widely held within the shamanic tradition that a person runs the danger of being sick and experiencing overall misfortune if they do not have any spirit animals by their side.

3 Levels

When you go to the unseen “spirit world,” you will learn that there are three different levels, or “worlds,” namely:

The Subterranean World

In the lower realm, our forefathers and the spirit creatures that they guided may be found. This realm has a strong connection to the outdoors and exudes an earthy vibe throughout.

A shaman may access this realm by passing through a gap in a tree or by submerging themselves in a body of water.

Additionally, here is where our thoughts and ideas are written down and developed further. One may conclude that the lower world is emblematic of what is known as the “collective unconscious.”

The Center of the World

The terrestrial plane and the intermediate world are quite similar to one another. It is a realm that exists on several dimensions and is rife with a wide variety of thinking forms, extrasensory sensations, and concealed energy.

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During a shamanic healing ritual, the shaman will go to the middle world in search of the solution to the question of how to help the patient recover from their condition.

Because there are so many “layers” in this planet, it is regarded as being difficult to travel through it.

The Realms That are Above

The higher realm is almost identical to heaven in every way. This is the dwelling place of angels, spirit guides, and other celestial entities.

Their advice would often be seen as being more “philosophical” and less “practical” than the advice offered by mentors from the lower world.

During a shamanic healing session, the shaman will often visit this realm when it is necessary for him or her to channel “divine instruction” in order to treat a fatal sickness.

How the Shamanic Healing Process Operates

When it comes to the practice of shamanic healing, the shaman works in close cooperation with spirits, who are sometimes referred to as “helping spirits” in the spiritual worlds.

They will “summon” these spirits in order to cure a person’s soul, which will then allow the person to experience genuine physical healing in this dimension.

In order for the shaman to make contact with these spirits, he or she will need to go on a trip while in a trance-like condition.

The more experience and instruction a shaman has, the simpler it will be for them to achieve this heightened level of consciousness and power.

It is possible for the shaman to ask their spirit allies to retrieve the patient’s lost spirit companions, guardians, guides, and animals in addition to invoking shamanic healing by drawing “power” from the patient’s oversoul.

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People who have gone through a traumatic experience that has altered their course of life, whether it was physical or psychological, may have suffered the loss of a portion of their soul or sustained damage to their “spiritual force field.”

Because of this, they are more likely to suffer from mental diseases, bad luck, and sadness. These are the types of individuals who might benefit the most from a session of shamanic treatment.

Shamans have the ability to go to the spirit realm and cure their souls there, either through their own efforts or through communication with spirit guides and animals.

Is It Possible That Shamanic Healing Could Help Me?

A shamanic healing session might be very valuable to you if you are feeling “lost” in life, if you have just been through a significant traumatic experience, or if you are searching for some insight on what to do about a challenging circumstance.

A shaman’s role is minimal; they only facilitate communication between you and your spiritual allies, who reside in other worlds, and watch out for the wellbeing of your soul during the whole procedure.

There is a possibility that you may experience some bodily feelings, but know that this is being done for the sake of your spiritual well-being.

As an alternative to seeking the assistance of a shaman, there are some who choose to become self-taught in shamanic healing practices.

The reality is that everyone is capable of going on a shamanic healing trip; all that is required is the proper training to enter the appropriate condition and the knowledge of what to do after you have arrived in the other realms.

It is possible for thousands of individuals to “astral project” themselves into the spirit realm, but only a shaman can go into these other worlds with the aim of healing and the knowledge to do so.

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