Solutions for Feelings of Loneliness

Solutions To Feeling Lonely
Solutions To Feeling Lonely

What do you do when you’re feeling lonely and isolated?

Have you ever been in a crowd and noticed how everyone else seems to be having a good time while you feel left out?

You want to feel like you belong, but you don’t know how to stop feeling alone and lonely.

You may even feel empty on the inside and out of place, unsure of how to connect.

Thoughts such as “why am I so different from those who are enjoying fun?” go through your head. Why doesn’t anybody seem to appreciate or understand me? Nobody seemed to be concerned.”

Is any of this ringing a bell?

Do you relate to being in the company of people yet feeling isolated?

Here’s the reality: You are not alone yourself.

Many people have suffered from these sentiments at times and have found it difficult to find a solution to feeling alone and lonely.

When you are alone, you may feel alone and detached, and you may be unable to find a solution to your loneliness and isolation. Indeed, you may believe there is no remedy for you. That is not correct, I tell you.

When you’re stuck in a loneliness cycle, you may believe you’re the only one who feels this way, yet statistics reveal that half of the population feels lonely on a regular basis. Younger individuals between the ages of 16 and 25 seem to be more vulnerable to loneliness than older people, despite the fact that loneliness affects people of all ages, and the majority are embarrassed to confess it.

Feelings of isolation and loneliness are door openers

Feeling alone and lonely might encourage you to seek help. You are well aware that some individuals prefer solitude as a form of self-discovery and spiritual development. This indicates that being alone is not the basis of the issue. Aloneness is a symptom of fundamental awareness.

That is why I argue that loneliness and feeling alone are door openers. As you become more aware of your sensations, you will learn that there is a force inside you that is impeding your progress and leaving you feeling empty, alone, and lonely.

Any of these emotions might indicate a sense of isolation and loneliness

• You are uncomfortable thinking about being alone.

• You crave connecting with others

• You are unable to find meaning in life

• You lack happiness

• You are disappointed that your relationships do not fulfill you

• You feel numb inside

• You are unable to feel much of anything other than emptiness • You shop for items to avoid the lonely feelings

• You are often bored;

• You feel as if you don’t fit in with others; and

• You have a strong need to be occupied.

Here is a list of some of the causes of feeling alone and lonely that are not the genuine cause:

• I don’t have a relationship

• I can’t find love

• My pals are dull

• I despise my work

• No one wants to be my buddy

• I’m broke

Loneliness Can Be Caused By Being Alone

This is what Krishnamurti had to say on the subject. “What a weird and terrible thing loneliness is!” We never allow ourselves to come too near to it, and if we do, we flee as swiftly as possible. We will go to any length to avoid or conceal our loneliness. Our conscious and unconscious focus seems to be on avoiding or overcoming it. Avoiding and overcoming loneliness is equally futile; though suppressed or neglected, the pain, the problem, is still there. You may be lost in a throng and yet feel absolutely lonely; you can be very engaged, but loneliness sneaks up on you quietly; put the book down, and it’s there. Amusements and beverages cannot drown loneliness; they may momentarily mask it, but after the laughs and alcohol wear off, the terror of loneliness returns.”

Most individuals experience loneliness from time to time when they are alone, but loneliness is more pervasive and follows you like a shadow.

Also, be aware that you may be feeling alone and lonely for no apparent cause. Sometimes lonely emotions appear out of nowhere, and they may dissipate within a short period of time. If it continues, you must go further.

What Is the Root Cause of a Feeling of Aloneness and Loneliness?

You are more than a physical robot, and having a spiritual soul connection might help you overcome emotions of loneliness. When you are disconnected from your soul, you will have a sense of emptiness and will want to fill that void with material pursuits.

This alienation is often camouflaged as a never-ending and elusive pursuit of happiness. This leads to a need for more of everything in order to fill the void of lack.

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The majority of individuals do not have a strong connection with their soul, and as a consequence, they feel something is missing. That is what motivates individuals to buy more. The ego-directed mind only knows how to look for answers in the physical domain, and it concludes that if it had more control, more relationships, and more goods, it would feel more full and happy.

The apparent flaw in this line of thought is that it does not work in the long run.

People who are motivated for more of everything to fill their lives are making useless efforts to fill the void left by a soul detachment. That is often the driving force behind people’s desire for more money, power, control, goods, relationships, fame, attractiveness, and knowledge. All of these factors cause the majority of individuals to seek answers in vain.

Animals and very young toddlers seldom show indications of loneliness because they lack a fully developed ego. As a consequence, kids are able to be significantly more present in the moment than most adults and do not suffer loneliness in the same manner that adults do.

No matter how lonely you feel, your spirit is always there and waiting for you to connect. Loneliness arises as a result of your alienation from your soul. When you are detached from your soul, it is difficult to know where and how to achieve contentment, which encourages individuals to chase physical things endlessly.

Everyone has been indoctrinated and conditioned to behave in specific ways from infancy because everyone has been encouraged to conform and fit into tidy little boxes created by parents, teachers, and society.

Because few individuals were trained to look internally, most people spend their lives pursuing exterior goals, attempting to heal their inner wounds with external distractions…always thinking that the next thing or method would cure their issues.

What exactly is the distinction between suppression and repression?

Suppression is the active and purposeful control and avoidance of your responses, while repression is the unconscious denial of your reactions.

Of course, none of these strategies of distracting yourself from emotional discomfort is long-term beneficial. Whatever is pushed out of your consciousness will find a way to come back to the top.

Negative and painful habits clog your lifeforce energy, wreaking havoc on your physical, mental, and emotional health over time. These consequences may go unnoticed for a time, but not permanently.

What might happen is that you get so used to feeling this way that you believe it is normal. It’s not typical, to be sure. In fact, it insulates you even further and keeps you separated from your spiritual source, which might ease your sorrow.

This is why you may struggle to experience or comprehend your emotions and behaviors. As a consequence, you may feel that your life is boring, listless, and unfulfilling.

Instead of being happy and content, you get only little pleasure and satisfaction from your relationships and interests.

What to Do When You’re Alone and Feeling Lonely

1. Make it a habit to connect with your heart and soul

Connecting with your soul is not a common habit, yet it is not difficult. Because your soul is your authentic self, connecting with it and incorporating it into your daily life is a fairly natural process.

The length of time you have felt estranged from the soul and how firmly you are involved in the exterior components of your life are obstacles to your soul connections.

It does require time and dedication to pave the path to removing impediments and developing a new sustainable soul-centered reality. I guarantee you that whatever annoyance the procedure may seem to be is insignificant in comparison to the concrete rewards you will experience.

You must investigate how it feels to connect with your “soul.” When you first start out with this exercise, you may be disappointed by the lack of immediate results, but if you stick with it for a few weeks or months, you will succeed. With each effort, you will overcome more hurdles and grow closer to soul unity.

If you want me to assist you personally, send me an email and we can schedule some sessions so that I can help you grow faster.

2. Be Determined to Find Solutions to Feeling Alone and Lonely

Anyone who has achieved expertise in any field has done it through hard work and perseverance. Your level of devotion will determine your level of success.

Follow any uplifting themes you find inspiring. Whatever makes your heart sing is what your soul wants you to do. Your journey is unique to you, and your soul is your most reliable and efficient guidance. It will lead you from one thing to the next until you are ready for it to take you to the next stage of progress.

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Here’s how to do it: Close your eyes and place one hand over your heart center. Ask your heart what it wants for you right now. As you continue to do this over the next several months, realizations and solutions will come to you.

If you don’t seek out soul connections, your feelings of isolation, unfulfillment, futility, and other ego reactions will persist.

3. Express Your Emotions

The more you can recognize and articulate what you are feeling, the more effective you will be in removing what is obstructing or bad.

Here’s something most psychiatrists aren’t aware of: Negative emotions may be significantly decreased and, in many instances, eradicated.

Traditional therapies for mental and emotional discomfort rely on coping strategies or retraining the brain’s function via behavioral change.

The enlightened viewpoint realizes that negative responses are the result of a negative ego that generates subtle-energy patterns that may be reduced and finally eliminated.

This later technique begins with acknowledging, identifying, and describing the emotions and underlying experiences of being blocked. Many individuals aren’t used to doing this since our society instructs us to avoid, ignore, or conceal certain elements.

Vulcans are trained to repress their emotions in the Star Trek series, and as a consequence, they are stern and unfeeling. This is promoted as a more advanced and better method. It is also terribly inaccurate.

One explanation for this is that many unpleasant emotions, such as fear, rage, and guilt, are very powerful and harmful. Those who do not grasp subtle energies are left with little alternatives, so they resort to professionally authorized medications, coping tactics, or denial. Those who attempt to fix the situation on their own sometimes resort to drinking, disputes, or compulsive habits.

4. Recognize that your reactions are not your true self

“You’re an intriguing species,” Carl Sagan writes in his book Contact. An intriguing combination. You’re capable of both lovely dreams and terrifying nightmares. You feel lost, shut off, and alone, yet you’re not. See, despite our efforts, the only thing we’ve discovered that makes the nothingness tolerable is each other.”

The popular belief that humans are a mix of good and bad components, and that the answer rests in interacting with other people, is exactly why most individuals never solve this quandary.

You may have unpleasant responses and sentiments, but they are not your true nature. They are subtle energy patterns that you have gathered throughout your life, and the good news is that you can get rid of them.

Once you’ve broken free from these habits, you’ll feel the way you’ve always wanted to feel: happy, content, competitive, and at peace. Those are qualities of your soul or actual self. As a result, when you have an unpleasant experience, you may be certain that it is not caused by your soul.

When you proclaim something to be false, you detach from it, and the subtle patterns lose their power to draw on your lifeforce energy to perpetuate themselves. They deteriorate and finally vanish.

When your inner space is clean, you will feel at ease with yourself regardless of who you are with or if you are alone.

5. Imagining Your Inner Truth

Visualization is another technique to reconnect with your soul’s sense of inner strength, empowerment, and closeness.

The simplest approach to accomplish this is to shut your eyes and envision the soul’s light at the middle of your chest, spreading throughout your body and aura. Use the picture of a golden ball of light the size of a baseball that is beaming light all through and around you.

Hold the picture in your mind while telling yourself, “I feel the love and light of my soul.”

As you continue to repeat that remark around every minute in a meditative condition, you will see your energy level rise. You’ll experience a warm glow and a brilliant boost in frequency as you enter lovely and serene states. You may not notice this change the first few times you do it, but if you persevere, you will succeed.

Remember that being divorced from your soul is the root cause of unpleasant feelings and loneliness. As you begin to reintegrate, you will notice a difference in your life experience.

Alternatives to Feeling Alone and Lonely

1. Be Kind to Yourself

You may not see much of a change after a few weeks of hard work. Remember that it takes you a lifetime to create the way you feel and perceive, so it may take months to reach the degree of mastery you want.

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Avoid being disheartened since you are still experiencing unpleasant emotions. Don’t berate yourself for slip-ups or relapsing to old habits. That occurs to everyone until they reach a point of clarity.

Make a plan for yourself to practice cleansing and increasing your awareness on a regular basis. It is advisable to choose a location and time that you can devote to your practice. Typically, early morning or early evening are the optimum times to assist you to start the habit.

2. Be Gentle and Kind to Yourself

When you are alone or feel alone, it is all too easy to slip into the trap of self-criticism. You could catch yourself telling yourself that you’re a slacker, that you’re not good enough, that you’ve made a mistake, or that there’s something really wrong with you. The mind may be like a runaway train, catastrophizing and telling you that you’ll never succeed.

Recognize that they are only mental energy and voice recordings that you do not need to possess. In reality, you may confront them, tell them to let go, and replace them with a positive opposing remark.

For example, if your thinking tells you that you will never achieve or have intimate connections, challenge that belief. Declare that it is not true and that it is an outdated program. Replace it with a positive statement such as, “I am a kind, loving, and an intriguing person who deserves healthy friends.”

Your own mind may oppose you and declare that it is not true at the start of this exercise. However, as you continue with this exercise, your brain will gradually reorganize the way it processes ideas, and the positive words will find their way into your subconscious mind and become part of your identity.

A particularly effective approach to reinforce positive affirmations is to say them while staring in the mirror. Take a few deep breaths, concentrate on your eyes, and repeat the positive affirmation loudly in front of a mirror.

You may have some opposing voices and replies from your own thoughts in the beginning, but continue for many minutes and follow each affirmation with, “yes, this is my reality.” This affirmation of your affirmation will assist it in sinking into the depths of your mind until it becomes a self-belief that you embrace.

Spend 5-10 minutes doing this every day for at least 3 weeks, or until the positive thoughts are completely adopted, which may take months.

My Radiate Warmth & Charisma program may assist you in reinforcing positive creative and appealing energies, allowing you to feel at ease with people.

3. Create a strategy for meeting others who share your interests

Determine what subjects interest you the most and look for clubs and activities with others who share your interests. To begin, choose two or three topics of interest that pique your curiosity. What things do you believe you can devote your time to that will pay off?

For example, if you like animals, you may volunteer at an animal shelter. Alternatively, look for animal care and training lessons. Exploring your creative side via painting or music lessons is another option.

Spend extra time snuggling with your pet if you have one, or consider obtaining one if you don’t. Cuddling causes the production of happy hormones, which might improve your mood. Local shelters generally offer a decent selection of pets to pick from.

4. Work on Healing Childhood Wounds

Loneliness is one of the most common adult issues that began or were reinforced in childhood. You may re-parent yourself and begin the healing process after you identify the underlying ideas about what occurred. This inner kid lives on in your subconscious mind and has a strong influence on who you are now and your life experience.

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