Developing a Life That Is Less Confined (4 Simple Steps)

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I’ve worked with a lot of folks who wish they had more breathing room in their lives—more time to relax, have fun, read, think, practice self-care, and socialize with friends and other people they care about.

The difficulty is not in the fact that it is difficult to generate extra time; rather, the difficulty lies in the fact that it is extremely difficult for certain individuals…

The obstacle is that regardless of how much time we have, it is quite unlikely that we will feel as if it is expansive, relaxing, cheerful, or fun at that time.

We have an infinite amount of time to come up with ideas… However, the reality is that throughout that ample amount of time that we already have, we will most likely have an experience that is quite similar to what we have already had.

If you take a sabbatical, you will most likely experience some spaciousness for a short period of time.

However, after this brief period of time, restlessness and fears will begin to take over, and you will start to create a lot of things for yourself to do, as well as the feeling that you need to be productive, for instance.

Whatever it is that you’ve previously experienced… is probably going to be what you continue to experience no matter how you organize your life.

The actual spaciousness that you seek is not to be found in reorganizing your life, although doing so might be useful. It all depends on how you choose to interact with life.

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Let’s have a look at the several ways that you may do that.

An Expansive Perspective on the Way Life Is

No matter what we are doing, we always have the potential to feel hurried and stressed out by it. On the other hand, we can perceive it as open and tranquil. Alternately, we are free to participate in the activity in whatever capacity we want.

For instance, when you’re out for a stroll, you could be anxiously checking your phone for new messages while also experiencing the stress of all the things you still have to complete.

You may also take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the openness of the stroll, experiencing great awe at all the wildlife that is around you, and sensing the liberation that comes with being outside and being alive.

At any given time, we have the ability to feel expansive. You may have the sense of it being roomy whether you are writing, replying to messages and emails, cleaning dishes, chatting with someone, participating in a meeting, being bold and motivated to accomplish something, or any combination of these activities.

The important thing to keep in mind is that you do have a choice. You have the ability to make a conscious decision at any given time to either feel tense and hurried or wide, roomy, and at ease. You have the ability to pick the experience that you have at any given time.

If you practice being present in each moment, you’ll be able to increase the sense of expansiveness you have throughout your whole life. You go from always having the sensation of being hurried and falling behind to experiencing life as plentiful, liberating, and far more serene than before.

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The Procedures to Follow

The question now is, how exactly can you put this remarkable method of making space in your life into practice? You can have it all for the cheap, low price of $500… just joking!

As you read this, give it a go at practicing right now.

  1. Take a few moments to relax, sit motionless, and allow your awareness to spread forth in order to experience a greater sense of expansiveness.
  2. Allow yourself to take fuller, more expansive breaths so that you may experience a more spacious and nourishing sensation.
  3. It is important that you give yourself permission to feel as large and roomy as possible so that the rest of your life may feel similarly.
  4. You need to give yourself permission to slow down for a little while if you want life to seem less rushed and more wonderful.

This is the type of exercise that you can perform wherever you are and with whatever you are doing.

You do not need to complete all four of these stages, but you should experiment with whatever enables you to experience feelings of expansiveness, freedom, serenity, and space in each moment.

You could feel less hurried if you moved just a little bit more slowly.

Try to take pleasure in each passing second.

Try to picture yourself in a vast, unspoiled stretch of space where you are free to pursue whatever goal you choose for yourself.

Imagine for a moment if you were able to live your life with a greater sense of openness and freedom.

Thank you for reading my blog post.


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